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True Me Tuesday

If you search around the blogosphere long enough (unlike me... who has a life) you'll start to notice trends. You can hop on the 'Follow Me Friday' band wagon or you can do the 'Post It Note Tuesday' thing. You could also try your hand at 'Getting to Know You Sunday' or 'Wordless Wednesday'

There's also another one... What I Wore Wednesday (another variation). The idea is to post pictures of the things you have worn that week. The first time I saw this I thought to myself, "Bloggers are running out of ideas!"

Then I looked closer and I saw blogs where super cute women wore super cute clothes and blogged about it.

'Oh, sure... the cute ones take pictures, how very self-absorbed' I grumbled to my not in the best shape self.

Then I got to thinking about it. The problem with these types of posts IMOBO (in my own blog opinion) is that they give the impression that mothers should be perfect. Obviously if they can dress nice and photograph themselves all the while with babies attached at the hip (a hip that is visible) then they must be a better mother. It therefore stands to reason that if you do not dress like them you must be a bad mother.

I thought these things. I dwelt on it for days.

Come on.... am I the only one who came to that conclusion!?

Then I got mad and that's when I decided to do my own version of 'What I Wore Wednesday' I'll call it, 'True Me Tuesday.'

I devised a plan in which I chose a time and photographed myself as close to that time every day. Also, it's a one shot wonder thing. I get one shot to show the world what I am actually like everyday.

Why on Earth would I do such a thing to myself?

Because I want the world to realize that motherhood does not consist of being beautiful every day. I am a real person, I dress like a real person and sometimes that's not pretty.

Please note that this is a VERY HONEST blog post and I hesitated with it for quite a while.

The time I chose: 11:30AM (some days are earlier, some later... but as close to that time as I could) I also missed a day but I can't remember which one.... Remewin was sick this week so it all blurred together).

Commentary added:

Day 1: Vicbowin calls this my Peacock dress... which bugs me.

Day 2: I'm never wearing this combo again!

Day 3: A common outfit for me.... Ralexwin's shirts and my one and only pair of shorts.

Day 4: Independence Day... gotta wear red!

Day 5: We stayed up way to late waiting for fireworks. (Late being 11PM).

Day 6: I actually took two pictures of this one because the flash made my shirt see through. Oops.

So I will do this again sometime soon. Maybe next week. If you want to join in tell me and I'll whip up a little button for everyone to put on their own posts. If you don't want to be devilishly honest with me, that's fine.


Amy said…
You brave, brave woman. I would do this but most days at 1130 I'm still in my pj's which to say the least are not appropriate for film. :-) Motherhood is beautiful regardless of personal appearance (or dress).
Polly Blevins said…
Women who look cute and dress up every day...cudos to them...the rest of the world, we rock too! I usually only post cute pictures of myself (Cannwin, you have had me thow out a few pics of you because you did not like them so you know what I am talking about.) You are beautiful but maybe you should try smiling in all your photos. You have a very beautiful smile. It is my favorite of your physical characteristics.
Cannwin said…
I noticed I wasn't smiling. I'll try to work on that :)
Anonymous said…
I really like your outfit in today's photo. It looks great on you!
I would look like your saturday photo almost every day. I've thought several times recently about trying harder but I need some new clothes and can't afford them right now. Sad face inserted here.
Cannwin said…
I can't afford new clothes right now either.
Anonymous said…
Thank you for keeping it real. You might enjoy the spoof blog called seriously,so blessed. I've even heard church leaders express concern that these shallow blogs give those who are struggling the false impression that everyone else's life is totally grand and pulled together and they're the only one with difficulties.
Cannwin said…
Anon-- Hilarious profile over there. I admit to being one of those law school wives, but I'm not going to say it's fun. We're so freakin' poor that I literally don't know where the money will come from next month. My husband hates me talking about it on the blog so I don't, but the reality is we are. It's no fault of his, it's just the way it is right now.

I'll have to follow that blog, it's funny. :)

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