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Back To School Blues

My Irish Twins have gone off to school once again. I thought that I was excited but I'm not really. I miss them desperately, and not just because I have to do their day-time chores now.... I miss the sounds of their voices bouncing off the walls. I miss their smiles and laughter and love.

They grow so fast and it absolutely kills me. I want to stop the clock and just enjoy them for a little while longer, but I don't get too. I don't get that luxury so I guess I'll just have to take lots of pictures and give them lots of love and hope that one day they'll let me babysit my grandchildren. :)

Jenny Matlock


Kat said…
Oh, take lots and lots of pictures and enjoy every second. They grow so incredibly fast. Mine is about to fly the nest for good. She was home for her last semester while student teaching, but is starting her new job in Dallas on Monday. I will most definitely be blue next week :) Thanks for stopping by, that last photo is my favorite too.
Teresa said…
Time really does fly by quickly, so, yes, take lots of pictures!
Jo said…
wonderful blue post ... it's back to college up here ... where did my baby girl go ...
JDaniel4's Mom said…
You are so right about time flying. It sounds like you had a wonderful summer.
Ah, great idea for Blue thursday.
I have Irish twins too, 15 months apart. How far are yours?
My name is PJ. said…
A fresh take on blue...and a touching one!!
myorii said…
Aww, I don't like it when time flies too fast either. There's just never enough time in a day to spend with the kids and once they get older, they'll never have time to spend it with us. Take lots and lots of pictures and enjoy every moment of them :)
Cannwin said…
Yanet- My Irish Twins are a little closer than yours... They are 1 year and 2 days apart. LOL
Tina said…
What a nice reminder to treasure the moments we hae with our kids. They sure do grow up fast!
Sue said…
Oh, they'll let you babysit one day. I guarantee it!


PS. Cute kids.
Nora Johnson said…
Such cute kids - great post and great site too!

Happy Rainbow Blue,


btw My Rainbow Blue link is here for you!
jeff campbell said…
Such a novel idea for your blue post...many are having the back to school wife and son included...Peace and blessings
It seems like once they get in school the time just flies by so quickly. Enjoy every moment you can.
mrs. c said…
I guess I am just nerd because I love school. This is the start of my 27th year of teaching and I still get excited when I see those shiny faces look up at me!
Jenny said…
I am getting a second round of the back to school blues with our Grands!

Not seeing them every day really hurts my heart.

And I want them be happy and go off into the world, but I want them to stay with me, too.

I hope your blues turn into smiles in a few weeks!

Thank you for sharing this poignant post.

I get blue but then I am glad for them to have another year of discovery and excitement. Joni

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