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Vicbowin and Co.
On Thursday, last, Vicobwin came home with the notion of making a lemonade stand. She was fairly determined to do it and since she's proven to be quite the little saleswoman I let her take the lead.

I told her that we could do it on Labor Day when everyone would be at the park (across the street). So she set about making her sign and selling her product.

On Sunday at church she informed all of her friends that she would be having one, and that they should all come. One of the boys suggested making cookies as well.

So she decided to sell cookies as well.

Her prices were a little higher than I was willing to let her charge (50 cents for a cup of lemonade, $1 for a cookie) so I made her drop them all by half... since, as the mom, I figured I knew what her target audience was willing to pay.

On Monday morning we made the cookies, carefully not licking the spoons and set up her table out front.

Vicbowin went out there with her current read--The Hobbit--and waited. At first she just scowled at every car that drove past without stopping. I informed her she had to play up her cuteness if she wanted more sales.

"Smile a little. Wave at the cars, but don't scream and jump up and down."

She made $20!

I never made that much money trying to sell the weeds out of my back yard!

People were practically handing her money! One guy bought a cup of lemonade, handed her $2 and told her to keep the change.

I thought we were in a recession here?

Maybe I should open a lemonade stand, but I'd never make that much money... I'm not as cute as she is. She has such a natural talent for selling things it's ridiculous.

I wonder where she gets that from. Certainly not me.


Myya said…
How cute! Isn't it great at how generous people CAN be.
Chelsea said…
I would definitely buy lemonade from her.
Emme said…
While I would argue that you are indeed every bit as cute as she is, there's no denying it's easier to sell lemonade at an age when you haven't grown all your teeth yet, and the teeth that you do have are too big for your face:) Who could resist THAT smile?
Emme said…
I thought about my comment several hours after I wrote it and realized it totally sounded like I was insulting your daughter! I meant that I think kids are cute when their teeth are still coming in. Jeez. Sometimes my fingers type faster than my brain processes my thoughts.

I would never insult your child. I really hope you didn't take it that way!
Cannwin said…

Didn't even cross my mind. :) I'm now chuckling to myself. I totally got it.

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