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D is for Disaster

A while back I signed up to get notifications from Anthropologie in my email--not because I have ever bought anything from them (too pricey) but because a woman needs to do some window shopping now and then.

Anyway, the last email I got had this picture attached.
Now... I love this skirt. I love the whole outfit, but I have to tell you for the last few days the whole picture has been in the back of my head nagging me incessantly.



There is absolutely no way she would be able to ride that bike in that skirt. It just screams disaster.

Can you imagine? Try to for a moment.

Plus, do you see the bar on that bike? We're not talking a cruiser here... this is a full hitch-your-leg-over-it bike.

I'm wondering if the photographers have ever taken a turn on a bike themselves. Because I have and I'm telling you she's going to end up with a concussion.

I suppose she could tie the skirt up to her knees as she was riding, but then you have another sort of disaster on your hands. Have you ever ridden a bike in a short skirt? Well, if you haven't may I suggest bloomers underneath.

So to the folk over at Anthropologie I just want you to make note of this. When coming up with cute poses for your online catalog may I suggest not using a bicycle as a prop, it doesn't seem to be working very well for you.

Jenny Matlock


Anonymous said…
Excellent observation BUT maybe she was just moving the bike from where her hapless husband had left it before he ran indoors desperate for the loo after his long cycle home???
Cannwin said…
possible... possible.
lissa said…
I didn't even think of that possibility, I just like that she looks like she's in the 1900 or somewhere long ago
Great observation!

I love Anthropologie also. They have the greatest linens and household stuff. You are right, though, they are pricey...
Jo said…
Yeah ... I think she is going to take a dive ... and i cant stand photos of bike riders without helmets ... it's making me anxious for her ... totally detracts me from the beauty of the add ...
Anonymous said…
this is too funny...true...
Disaster waiting to happen...but funny :D
Jingle said…
love the girl in the image.
NatureGirl said…
Funny and true. Love that store...sheesh if money were no object! TJ MAxx has a ton of hats and scarves just like that right now...get the look for a little less?
JDaniel4's Mom said…
I don't think she would have done any better with a girl's bike. I would get the skirt caught in the spokes.
paige said…
That's a boy's bike. Hmmm...

I do like the skirt, though. :)
Brenda said…
You are too funny. I have to agree there is not riding that bike in that skirt. Nothing like a walk with the bike!
Brenda said…
I am back thanks for leaving a comment on my D post. This daughter that just turned 30 did not seem to mind. She loves books also and works for a audio book store where you can rent or buy the books. She has read/listened to more books than I probably have or will read in my life time even though I also love to read.
Judie said…
You are sooooo right! That girl is out after cute guys to help her push her bike around!!
Jennifer said…
That is just so very, very funny. And just goes to point out that it is highly doubtful that people in the fashion world live in the real world. I personally am inclined toward the hypothesis that they are all aliens from the center of the Milky Way.
mub said…
I see lots of women wearing skirts on their bikes here, but they're actually riding women's bikes that are designed for it *L*
Jenny said…
You'd think with how much Anthropology charges for their gear they could afford an accuracy consultant.

I'm thinking you should volunteer for the job with payment in store vouchers instead of money!

What a fun stop on our little journey through Alphabe-Thursday.

I really enjoy the way you think.


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