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Will and Testament

I have a friend who seems to have dropped off the planet recently. Last night as I was thinking about her I mused in my mind... I wonder if she is dead and that's why she hasn't blogged lately.

Then I was reminded of my own blog and I thought to myself 'if I die I hope someone who knows me and realizes how much I love my blog would have the where-with-all to post something for my readers.'

But maybe they don't know these things so I ought to tell them. Do you think if I post my will on my blog (you public) it makes it sort of legal?

So is it morbid to announce what I want to happen to my left-behinds on here?

Well, I'm not remotely feeling morbid, nor depressed, so don't panic.

First, if Ralexwin and I die together my children are to go to his oldest brother (and his wife). If they die in the same accident.... well then you've got bigger problems to worry about since they live in Texas and we live in South Dakota.

Second, I would like someone to tell my readers of my untimely demise. I've grown quite fond of them and feel it's only fair to let them know they can stop waiting for me to write another post. (Besides, maybe their sorrow will thrust my writing into the spotlight and I'll be a posthumously published.)

Thirdly, I would like all my books to go to Ralexwin. Oh, wait, they already would.

Fourthly, I would like my headstone to be a bench because there are far to few places to sit in the family cemetery and someone ought to do something about it.

Fifth, do not under any circumstances cremate me. ::shiver::

Sixth, if the choice is life support or death, I choose death. You can wait one year and that's it, after that if there doesn't seem to be any hope of my living without machines please pull the plug. ::double shiver::

On Wednesday
Since I own very little and have no finances that aren't connected to my spouse you don't have anything to worry about in that aspect. If for some reason you are unsure of what to do with it sell it and give the money to my kids. If a fight ensues I absolve any rights to the arguers and hereby declare the object in question the property of ... someone else.

That should about sum things up for me. Short and sweet and to the point. I don't think I have anything else that I need to worry about.

What about you? What would you want your family to do if faced with your death?


Saimi said…
Party! No mourning and crying, just live it up and continue on. We'll all see each other again eventually.

Although my horse and dogs better get cared for as if I was still around or I'll come back an haunt the family for sure!
Great idea for a post. I didn't find it morbid at all. Quite sensible Cannwin.

I like how you would solve arguments. If only that could happen more often after family members pass away.
Lisa said…
I like the bench idea.

Bury me somewhere pretty and not in a cemetery. I don't need a fancy casket. A cardboard box is fine with me.
Have a potluck with lots of pictures of me and my family. I had a good life and I documented the whole thing.

Enjoy me moving on to the next phase, not sad because I died.

Don't wear black.
Myya said…
I didn't think this was morbid at all. Kind of great actually. I love the bench idea!
Claire Wessel said…
I was thinking about my will today in the car. My biggest concern is always what would happen to my kids. I should really write one. Anyways, I don't want to be buried. Either cremate me or donate me to science. As cheaply as possible please.
Jennifer said…
I love it - anyone fighting loses what they were fighting about. So speaks the experienced mother! :)
Cari Hislop said…
I like the seat idea too, but I think instead of a bench I'd want a sculpted stone chair...something elegant...with my name and some personal thought or advice on the seat of the chair. I rather like the idea of it sitting there gathering moss over the years, though back in the land of reality some yobbos would probably steal it and use it to break into a shop or throw it in a shopping cart filled canal. Maybe it would be more helpful just to have a tree planted over me and call it good!
Cannwin said…
I can see it now... a beautiful moss covered chair, a young woman sitting there reading a book and dangling her legs over the edge (this is a very strange woman since it's a cemetery, but hey, their peaceful). Her toes almost touch the ground and your eyes are distracted by the garish massive chain bolting the chair to the nearest headstone that reads "Take my chair and I'll haunt you until the end of time.'

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