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I've decided that when we are done with school and actually have money coming in I'm going to buy a housekeeper.

The problem is that when I really started to think about what I would have someone clean I realized that I needed to make a list.

This is where you come in. What would you have a housekeeper clean in your house? What do you think would be worth your money?

Here's my list so far:

*Clean the bathroom's (toilet and shower/tub)
*Wash walls & doors
*Wash windows
*Scrub floors especially corners
*Clean off shelves/ books shelves/ tops of things
*Sweep non-commonly swept places
*Clean behind appliances (and infrequently moved things)
*Deep clean tables and chairs.

I'm sure I'm missing something. Do tell me!


Anonymous said…
This looks like a great list to me. Maybe I would add a periodic cleaning of the fridge and stove, inside and out.
Meaghan said…
Have them paint your toes! ;)
Lind Family said…
This comment has been removed by the author.
Polly Blevins said…
this sounds great but your house keeper is going to cost a fortune. That list is a bit larger than what most housekeepers price for. I think it would be wonderful but then I think about the cost and decide it is not worth it. It would be worth it to pay someone once or twice a year to deep clean my home though.
Lisa said…
DEFINITELY do the dishes!!! I don't have a dishwasher and I HATE doing them! And I so agree on the bathrooms and mopping. :)
Cannwin said…

When I was a kid my mom cleaned houses and one of the big things I remember her saying was that the first cleaning is always the longest, because it's the deepest, then things aren't so bad after that. They wouldn't need to clean my walls every week. They wouldn't need to dust my fans every week, or scrub the grout. So it's not as costly as one would think.

Besides, if we live in St. George I can always just hire a college kid. :)
Lady Fromage said…
I'm so glad you posted this! I've never hired someone to clean before, but we are planning to get some help before Thanksgiving (when both of our families will be coming out to visit). Now I'll have some ideas to help me make my own list :) I just wish we could afford to hire someone every week :)
Cannwin said…
Lady Fromage,

I've decided that if I want to keep up with my house then I can afford it. Most of these things don't get done on a weekly (monthly, yearly) basis and it's one thing if I'm only living in the house for a year or two, but if we settle down and live somewhere for the next 15 or 20 years then I'm going to need some help to keep it looking like it did the day we moved in. Enter housekeeper.

But what a great idea, having someone come in before Thanksgiving! Genius.
Myya said…
Oh my goodness ohhhh how I would LOVE a housekeeper! I for sure would have them dust, clean bathrooms, sweep, mop & vacuum on their way out. Dusting, sweeping & mopping are the things that I wish were done more at my house. My mom has a housekeeper that comes every Friday. SERIOUSLY she does not need one... it is her & her husband & that is it. How much mess can two people make. I remember before kids my house was always clean. Can you tell I am a big jealous of her ha ha ha.
Cari Hislop said…
My first job when I moved away from home was as a professional housekeeper. (I enjoy cleaning other people's houses because I'm my house is just boring!) Depending on the size of the house and what the owners had requested, two to four of us would go in and clean. Have you ever tried to CLEAN a dirty bathroom in 20 minutes? That was the time limit. Soap scum wouldn't budge and the clock was ticking! We have better scum removers these days...thank goodness...not that I use them. My poor bath!

Whatever you do, don't hire family, friends or anyone you have to go to church with. You will inevitably have to tell them they've not done something properly. Hire a professional. It'll save you money and peace of mind if you need to sack them. My sister ended up learning the hard way. She hired someone from another ward to come in and clean, but when the lady did a rubbish job (or didn't do the job) my sister felt BAD about saying anything and ended up spending a fortune before she got up the nerve to terminate the situation. We all think, I'll be able to give them a piece of my mind...but then they tell you their dog just died or their old mother is in care and they don't know how they're going to pay for it...and you'll feel bad! Strangers are best!
Go through an agency that will have
insurance so if anything gets broken (as inevitably something will) they'll replace it. Hire some college kid and if she breaks your washer machine or sets your house on fire after forgetting the iron while answering her phone, she'll disappear and you'll be paying big time!

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