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Morning Loves

I miss the days when I didn't have to send my children off to school.

I miss being able to ease my morning grumpiness away with cuddles on the couch and kisses on the cheeks. The days where I could while away my mornings with the cozy warmth of my babies wrapped in my arms.

Now when I wake up grouchy it's only exacerbated by the shouting and the threatening and the whining and arguing until my orneriness has quadrupled in size. Now I get mornings where I send my kids off for their day feeling bad about all the negative things I've left planted in their little brains and I wish for the days when they were still all mine to hold and love and adore.

But now my life is 'clean your room!' and 'flush the toilet' and 'stop yelling at him.'

I really, really miss my cuddle bugs and I can't, for the life of me, figure out how to get them back.


Amy said…
This is one of the prime reasons I decided to homeschool. It seems to me that once you send your kids to school a large portion of your time with them is confrontational. Yelling at them to get ready for school or to do their homework. Now we don't only get to cuddle away the grouchies on the couch, now we get to do math there too. :-)
Jessica Bair said…
I find it enjoyable to take each of the kids out individually. It doesn't have to cost alot of money, or any money at all. Tonight Bianca and I went to Pizza Hut and had dinner buffet. Then we went to K-mart and just browsed, put things on our wish list, and bought orange and blue nail polish (even though the Bears aren't going to the Super Bowl she still supports them). We both had a good time reconnecting with eachother. Another thing I do at least once a week with each bedtime I will snuggle up in bed with one of them. We'll sing songs, chat and laugh. It only lasts about 15 min but the kids LOVE to do this. They ask all the time "mom will you lay with me tonight?" I feel like all this kinda makes up for the grumpy mornings. I emphasize how much I love them even if I do yell. I had a mom that yelled and got grumpy but I NEVER doubted that she loved us...even as I screamed "I HATE YOU!!!" She always gave us lots of hugs and was very comforting to us during hard times. Your kids will remember the good times and laugh at the bad ones. That's what my brothers and I do.

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