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True Me Tuesday

I've been slowly acquiring some new, nice clothes (one clearance sale at a time) and I must say I'd forgotten how much of a difference nice clothes can make. It's been quite a while since I spent any time in a clothing store (for myself) and most of my 'law school' wardrobe has come from Wal-Mart. But not lately and it seems to have made a difference.

I feel so much more feminine when I like what I wear. I feel like putting on some light lipstick and doing my hair a bit. I've been really amazed at how refreshing it's been to feel pretty--even in a pair of sweat pants or a hoodie.

Also it's nice not to have to dig through my drawers and grumble every single morning. I can just grab and know that whatever I pick will look nice, without alteration.

I think I've learned a great lesson about myself and perhaps about looking nice in general. Looking pretty takes keeping up with your wardrobe.

On that note, today Remewin has her 18 month old Dr.'s appointment, Vicbowin is at home feeling 'sick,' but harassing me nonetheless, and the Mischievite is living up to his name.

The best thing to happen to my munchkins of recent though is that Albowin announced to his dad last night that he's a member of the PG-13 club that "some girl with a blue shirt" made at school. The rules? You have to have seen a PG-13 movie. Albowin proudly announced that he has seen Harry Potter 4. I'll bet he didn't mention the part about how he was so scared I finally helped him make his retreat to another room.

So what makes you feel pretty? Or handsome? What gives you self-confidence?


nightowlang said…
For Christmas I got a black trench coat, boots, and "skinny jeans" and actually feel like an adult! I'm lucky in that I have a friend in the music biz who is a compulsive shopper and gives away a bunch of her stuff--I just can't spend money on stuff like that.

Also getting my hair done (about $20 at Great Clips) makes my week.
Gr8Life said…
I grew up getting hand me down clothes so when I was old enough to have a job I would spend my money on clothes. And if I ever have any extra money (to spend on me. I have 4 children & a husband) it will generally go to clothes, make-up, lotion, perfume, cosmetics, or some sort of potion that is suppose to make me age less quickly. (I'm 36 getting up in age) For me I wear make-up everyday and if I don't I just feel ugly. But I feel really pretty if I also have time to fix my hair and put together in my mind the "perfect outfit" for that day. Accessorizing my outfit is not something I do well so if I happen wear some earrings and a necklace that work I'm sure I look amazing and if I think I look amazing (even if I don't to others) that gives me confidence. I don't know why exactly my confidence comes from make-up, clothes, & accessories it is really kind of sad if you think about it to long. And something I do very rarely (not even once a year) is going to a salon for a pedicure. I LOVE pedicures I wish I could do that everyday!

Also I want to mention I LOVE to read your blog! You talk about such a variety of subjects that I never know what I will read about when I come to your blog.
Cannwin said…
I absolutely agree. Whenever I go out on dates with my husband I dress up nice and put heels on (I love heels and jeans) and I just feel fantastic. But other than that and Sundays I rarely take the time to do more than stick on some eyeliner and soft lipstick, that's okay with me.

When Ralexwin is done with school what I'm really looking forward to is a good hair cut and dye job. Maybe I'll even go so far as to get my nails done.

It seems like women do an awful good job of sacrificing their all for their families and I'm a perfect example. I've even started cutting my own hair. (eew)

And Gr8Life, thanks for loving my blog! I love being loved. :)

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