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The Anti-Love Letter

 So, it's February and since everyone is going to be blogging about all things love I thought I'd go ahead and write a bunch of anti-love letters.

Dear Old Navy,

I don't love you. I know that I keep coming back to you, but the truth is I think you're cheap and I'd rather be with Gap, but Gap asks too much of me so I keep falling back on you.

I imagine that you don't mind too much. You never seem to mind when I show up at your door, but I just thought we ought to make our relationship clear. I'm really a Gap girl, you're just my fall-back. I hope that doesn't hurt you too much.




Dear Gap,

I know we've had this on again, off again relationship for years now, but I have to tell you something--I went and saw American Eagle over Christmas and I'm considering leaving you for AE. Will it crush you? Is it possible that if things don't work out with AE you'll let me come back?

I hope so.



P.S. I finally told Old Navy about us.


Dear American Eagle,

I'm really enjoying that Christmas present you gave me. Do you think we could see each other again sometime soon? 


What do you think? Anyone want to submit an anti-love letter for me to post? It can be to anyone or anything, and it can be as anonymous as you want. Just remember to keep it fun. You can send yours to me via my contact form.


Gr8Life said…
Why do you hate Old Navy is it because the close shrink by at least 3 inches in every direction after 1 or 2 washings? That's what I hate about them but like you said the price is right.
Gr8Life said…
I spelled 'clothes' wrong I don't don't know why because I do know how to spell it.
Cannwin said…
I hate it when I spell something wrong like that. It makes me feel so stupid. Especially when it changes the entire meaning of what you're trying to say.

What bugs me about O.N. is how when you wash their tee-shirts they always get bubbly in the front and back because whatever sweat shop workers they use in China clearly don't know how to lay out a piece of fabric.

Ooh, was that not P.C.? Sorry. ;)
heather said…
I could write the same letter, just switch O.N. to Wal-Mart and GAP to Target!

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