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Something To Blog About

I can't come up with anything to blog about today. It's been a long week and my creative mind has been momentarily stymied by sick kids, messy houses, broke down cars and grouchy family members

We had a real estate agent come over yesterday... which I wasn't informed of before she showed up. The house was in utter chaos. Cereal and dishes were strewn across my kitchen counters. Bits of paper and whatnot were pointedly not vacuumed on my carpet. Remewin even had the audacity to have a phenomenally stinky diaper at just the right moment. Oh, and did I mention I was unbathed and in my pajamas (sans bra) at the time--which was 1PM.

It was a mortifying experience that I imagine some people will think was my own just reward for not getting ready. These are the people who don't stay at home with kids, yet love to have opinions about what should occur during those obscure mothering hours of day.

Yes, well... I suppose it's time to admit it.

I watch soap operas and eat bon-bons all day long. It's the real reason I've gained 50 pounds since having Remewin.

Except, I'm a generation late... now it's computers. Right-- I surf the internet and eat Oreo's all day.

I mean, really, what stay-at-homer actually does chores?

Who are we fooling, with our excuses of 'the kids JUST dumped that out,' or 'I swear I've cleaned 4 times already?' They all know it's an act.

Maybe we should start a Mother's Anonymous group. We could sit around and talk about what we truly do with our days.

"Hi, my names Cannwin and I sit on my @#% all day long. That's why it's so big."

Ooh, was that a little vent? Did I just vent?


Michelle said…
Funny and painful. Does it really do us good to uncover our secret day lives? :)
Polly Blevins said…
There is nothing wrong with people from Idaho....they just drive painfully slow.
Meaghan said…
I was toying with how to say this but I can't think of any other way than the truth:

You are probably one of the most amazing people I know. I totally enjoy going over to your house, even though you might tell me how messy it is, but I don't even notice. I think you are beautiful and fantastically pretty. I enjoy your laughter and your humor, along with your wisdom when I need it most. Your heart is always open, just like your door and I can't imagine being here without you. Next year is going to be so hard without you and your family plus M. My point is, I look up to you like crazy. I aspire to be someone like you when I grow up.

Sigh... There's my rant.
Cannwin said…
((hugs)) What a great thing to say! Thanks so much Meaghan you just boosted my day up! I will miss you desperately as well. Maybe you should just transfer to a Utah school so we can still be together.:)

Thank you for making me feel better.
What a great post! But seriously...we should be honest one of these days. Like a good day and a bad day.

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