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Yes I Can(nwin)!

I saw this totally adorably blog post yesterday and thought I'd steal it. :) It's the list of things I can do (or can't).

When I read the post I thought of a comment one of my bestest friends made when I told her I was making a quilt out of old Army uniforms.

"You're like a pioneer!"

Heh. Well, not quite.

Things I can do, but would rather avoid at all costs.

1. I can drive across the country non-stop. I'm not convinced I could walk it, but given the right motivation (certain death if I don't) I'm sure I could try.

2. I can take my car into a man-zone when it needs it's oil changed, but I'd rather make someone else do it.

3. I can clean the toilet....(see title of list)

4. I can change a dirty diaper with only a little water and a paper towel.

There are also those things that I just know I can't do:

1. I can't get the lug-nuts off a tire without bouncing up and down on the lug-nut remover thing.

2. I can't tell you what the real name of the lug-nut remover thing is without looking it up.

3. I can't tell you the easiest way to find two-2 digit numbers that equal 137. Alright, I couldn't until two days ago when my friend showed me so I could help Vicbowin with her homework. (137-X=Y)

4. I can't seperate the words 'segregation', 'discrimination', 'prejudice', and 'stereotype' in my mind. No matter how hard I try! Inevitably I use the wrong one.

And then there are those things that I can't do, but I'm sure I could do if given the opportunity:

1. I can't fly an F-16 fighter jet, but....

2. I can't speak a foreign language.

3. I can't travel indiscriminately.

4. I can't seem to get past 130 blog followers.

Hmm, so what can/ can't you do?


I can't sit in my chair without someone wanting to sit on my lap.

I can't feel good about shooing them away.

I can write in spite of the noise of a temper tantrum.
And I don't think I'll ever reach 100.
Shawnie said…
I can comment on your post and follow if that will help your goals. Cute post - format and all.
Heather said…
I can simultaneously bottle feed triplets.
I can't make rice krispie treats.
Love the post.
Cannwin said…
@Heather I've never tried feeding triplets... but it sounds VERY intimidating. :)
Cannwin said…
@Shawnie I love multi-tasking bloggers. ;)
NatureGirl said… those jets kid!
Cannwin said…
@NatureGirl Sadly I am too blind for such things the military would never let me into one of their planes, but perhaps they have f-16's in heaven.

As a matter of complete blogger snooping I see you are a follower of Bountiful Baskets in SE ID... so is my mother. She's fairly obsessed and speaks of it with such zealousness that I'm a bit afraid she might need to get out more. :)

I'm wondering if you happen to be in the same area as her, wouldn't that be ironic.

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