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Close Quarters

The problem with having 2 rooms to call ones own (especially when downsizing from 3,000 square feet) is that you have to endure a LOT more crap from your kids.

Like right now the Mischievite is singing annoying loud renditions of Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star just to get at his older brother who has been grounded to the bed for being a little punk.

So me... who has the entire second room to myself, but must leave the door between the two open... can feel my frustration level climbing by the second.

Of course blogging about it makes it all a bit more humorous.

Like when Albowin shouts "BE QUIET!" at his brother. Who then says, "I'M SOOOO QUIET!!!!"

heh heh heh

Maybe it's just because Albowin has been an ornery little cuss for the last three days that I have zero sympathy for his current plight.

It's one of those quotable things "If Albowin ain't happy, ain't no one happy."

I swear... some days I'd like to go back to the time of whipping posts and wooden paddles.... just saying.


Saimi said…
Ah the joy as I know the feeling. Our first home was 1800 square feet, and trust me when I say that we felt every small inch. Luckily we had a huge back yard.
Ashy said…
I know I knew the days of wooden paddles... It was called The Stick, and it sat on the fireplace and man, if it was coming your way you shaped up. Not that I'm advocating that, haha! Things will look up soon!

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