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Medical Ventilation

Vicbowin has this problem. It's a medical issue, something that's been affecting her since she was an infant. She'd die if I told you about it so we'll call it 'slurping.'

So, like I said, her entire life she's struggled with this and I have been patient with the medical community... sometimes excessively so... this weekend I've decided I'm done with patience and I'm trying a new tactic. I'm going to call it 'hell hath no fury.'

But let me backtrack a little. Okay a lot.

Waaaaay back when Vicbowin was a baby I took her to the doctor for her 'slurping' problems. The pediatrician immediately sent me to a specialist. The specialist had a 6 month-out-schedule... so it took us a while to get in. We went once and the medical gentleman in question put Vicbowin on some over the counter medication in preparation for our next visit.

In the 6 months that followed everything in our life changed (Ralexwin was sent to Iraq) including our insurance carrier and our pediatrician. Our new lovely doctor refused to give me the referral I needed to go back to the specialist and told me to just keep Vicbowin on the over the counter 'slurping' medication.

Fast forward 5 years ish and we were living in Montana. I brought up the whole issue to our new pediatrician, who promptly took Vicbowin off the medication 'A' and put her on medication 'B.' Well, that worked for about a month then I put her back on 'A' because clearly the doctor wasn't paying attention to my daughter.

Fast forward AGAIN a year and we were living in South Dakota. New doctor, new medicine. Except that this doctor seemed to actually care about Vicbowin and had her in every few months to check on her progress. He even went so far as to say there was no excuse for my previous doctors to have allowed the 'slurping' issue to go on as long as it had.

Things were on the upswing and by the time we left SD Vicbowin was slowly being weaned off of medication 'C.'

Then we moved here.

Vicbowin was in the emergency room this week. She was screaming and sobbing and hurting so I took her to the emergency room (where she promptly stopped crying and acted like nothing was wrong). An hour later, when we left the hospital with nothing but a huge bill, an over the counter medication 'D,' and a referral to a doctor, I was so angry I was in tears.

The PA we saw at the hospital barely spent 5 minutes with us. He acted as if it were the most ridiculous reason to come into an ER he'd ever seen AND (wait for it) he kept his eyes glued to the television screen (that had been on when we came in) the entire time he talked to me. Better yet! The doctor he referred me to isn't taking new patients!!!!

The only thing he said that was of any value at all was 'Has anyone ever done any investigating as to why her body's doing this?'

The answer... NO. I have spent nine years going from one stupid **** medicine to another by one stupid **** doctor after another.

So today I have an appointment with a doctor I found on my own. I almost feel bad for the man, because he has no clue who we are and yet he's going to have 9 years worth of explaining to do because I am DONE.

If he says, "Well, lets get her on some medicine." I'm going to say, "Like hell."

If he says, "All she really needs is....." I'm going to say "Bull****."

If he says "You need to be patient." I'm going to say, "You be patient when your daughter screams in agony at least once a month for nine years and see where it gets you."

If he says "This is the sort of thing that takes years for a body to recover from." I'm going to say, "Next doctor please."

Because honestly, if doctors are there to help, then who **** am I working with?


Anonymous said…
Why does using bad language signify that a person is really upset. Is it just because a person seldom uses such language that it emphasizes they are really upset when they use bad language or is it just that when people are upset they just don't control themselves so it is a sign of lack of self-control? Also is it a sign to others that it is okay to use bad language but "only if they are upset."
Cannwin said…

Swearing is a means of releasing pressure, sometimes there isn't any other way to express just exactly how you are feeling.

Besides, I didn't swear, I asterisk-ed which is entirely differently.

And I have never thought hell was a swear word... it's a place.
Polly Blevins said…
I think some dr.s need a reality check that they are employed by the people who go to them. If I don't understand something I ask questions until I do or am so convinced that they are probably right and then I go home and search it on the internet. I think if more people would not let the professionals off with just a diagnosis, they might be more inclined to listen to the patient because they are going to have to explain themselves. I am not saying you don't ask questions I just wish more people would.
Ashy said…
Poor Vicbowen. I say don't give up. Pester the doctor. Having him say "I don't know" is almost better than, "Well, this medication should fix it." Tell him up front- Here's the deal. This is what has been happening. I'm not dealing with it anymore. Either you know what it is or you don't. Which is it?
Melissa said…
Again?! Poor V- hug her for me and tell her I love and miss her.

Winsor6- I really think you missed the point... Maybe next time

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