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Yesterday was a monumentally trying day.

I woke up at 4AM because of Remewin.... bless her little rotten soul... and it all went down from there.

My glasses broke (Remewin), which required me to dig around in my makeup case for that last pair of contacts. Which meant that I had to go to the store for contact solution (and eye-drops because my eyes dry out lickety split with contacts in).

Then I forgot to buy that one thing I'd been meaning to get for a week (ear buds to replace the ones the Mischievite ATE after his older sister left them lying around). Which meant yet another night of no Netflix.

But that was okay, because that box of checks came in the mail FINALLY.... after waiting for two weeks.... but then I had to use the checks. Not the most fun part.

Then, Albowin and I needed to have a little sit down concerning the completion of his Bobcat for Cub Scouts. This requires a conversation with your child about sexual abuse. Which isn't such a big issue for me to talk about, until Albowin said-- -- -- Prepare yourselves. Go ahead, swallow before you read on--

"Are babies made when the daddy pees in the mommy?"

::clears throat::

And did I mention that I cut my bangs yesterday, that went surprisingly well and I was pleased with the job. It did, however, get mixed reviews with my kids:

Mischievite: "Mommy, your hair makes you look creepy."

Vicbowin: "Your hair looks different, what did you do? Get younger or something?"

Albowin: "Woah, Mom I didn't even recognize you."

My kids were just full of little gems of speech yesterday.

Albowin announced that he wished he was dead (because I made him turn off the television).

Vicbowin decided that since I couldn't hear what she was saying I clearly needed to know how to spell as well. ("I said rope, Mom! R-O-P-E"-- yes, feel free to add the sassy tone).

My Mischievite swore up and down that he'd do anything in the world if I'd just buy him some gum:

"Anything Mom. I promise."
"You'll clean the toilet."
"Well, no."
"Sorry then."
"Okay I will!!"
"FINE! Then I'm not going to clean the toilet for you!"

Then, to top off a fantastic day full of positive reinforcement, The Mischievite got a hold of his sisters library book (see section on ear-buds) and tore it to shreds! Well, okay, that's not entirely fair... he only tore about 10 pages, and it was all at the back, so not that big of a deal.... right?

I think that maybe I'm going to take up my caffeine addiction again.

PS I suppose I did have a few good moments, like when I realized how fantastic I was looking and got a some quick pics (see above).


Polly Blevins said…
I was thinking the same thing when I looked at the picture. It is a great picture. I think that is hilarious about the birds and the bees talk. I don't know if I would have found it quite so funny if it had been my kid though. ha ha ha
Lisa said…
You do look great. That was the first thing I thought when I saw the post.

Good luck cannwin. I think of you often when I'm having a rough day alone with my kids. You are in inspiration.
Cannwin said…
thanks lisa! I'm glad I can inspire someone. :)

Polly, I did something I haven't done before, I sort of avoided the question. I gave him as minimal an answer as possible and then moved on. Maybe if I hadn't been trying to tell him about sexual abuse I would have gone into it but as things stood, it was the last thing I wanted to talk about just then.
mandi said…
Ditto on the fantastic looking! And I think skirting the birds + bees question with a minimal answer is perfect. That conversation, when you're ready to really have it, requires more than a shoot from the hip sort of response.

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