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52 Photos #29

I like being 31.

Uh Oh

What do you  mean there's 3 days 'til Christmas!?
(ps. she sooo doesn't know I have this picture... no one tell)

Christmas Traditions

Christmas is coming, the goose is getting fat (has anyone ever eaten goose for Christmas?) and we are about to have 40 people descend upon our house for the holidays.
Oh... did I mention that little Remewin has Hand, Foot and Mouth Disease. Also known as Herpangina (and let me tell you how fun that word is to say in a crowded room).
Right... so if you are about to come for a visit let me just tell you what Herpangina is:
Open sores (similar to canker's) all over inside of the mouth and down the throat... they are on the gums, on the tongue, on the cheeks and the lips and the roof of the mouth and on the outside of the mouth.
High Fever for days on end-- like 4 or 5 days.
Did I mention the open sores all over inside the mouth and down the throat?
It's pretty much just agony and I haven't the slightest idea if my others have caught it because it's a herpes complex virus (like cold sores) and 95% of the population is immune to it.
So.... if you are coming he…


Remewin cut her hair again today... that'll be the fourth time.
I'm gonna have to boy cut it now. :(

52 Photos #28

Me... just before LASIK surgery and pumped up on Valium.


Today I go in for LASIK surgery at 3PM.
I'm super duper nervous.
They made me watch this video showing what they would be doing to my eyes. I wanted to inform them afterward that their video was LESS likely to make people want the surgery.
Then the doctor tried talking me into getting 'custom' LASIK which is about $1000 more an eye. After telling me how much better my eyesight would be and how much more advanced the technique was and how absolutely happy I'd be if I spent that extra $2000 (yes, I only have two eyes), then telling me how my eyes aren't something I really want to scrimp on. He asked me if I wanted to go ahead with custom LASIK.
I graciously declined and made sure he understood I was opting for the scrimping surgery that wouldn't bust my bank.
He then smiled and said, "Well, with your prescription there really isn't going to be that much of a difference in vision if you go for the conventional surgery v custom."
That's the …


Yesterday I went in for an eye appointment where they dilated my pupils and numbed my eyeballs.
3 hours later this is what I looked like.
The yellow tear was an unintentional part of the picture. I hadn't realized my tears were yellow (from the numbing drops) until the photo was taken.
My friends think I look creepy.
I think it looks pretty cool. :)


I'm going to go to college. Full time even.

I haven't gone to school full time since I was 19 years old.

The problem is that I have these dang kids that I need to find a full-time sitter for. I also have a husband thats looking high and low for a job anywhere he can find it. Plus there's the issue of exactly when I'm going to manage to do any homework I acquire... between chores, kids schoolwork, dinner, running a house yada yada yada.

It seems as if maybe going to school at 19 was slightly simpler but maybe not as exciting and fulfilling as it is now.

52 Photos #27

Big girls wear DORA PANTIES!!!!
Not quite as fun as her Rapunzel panties that she keeps telling people about.
"I got Tangled panties!"
Yep... I haven't corrected it yet because I think it's so dang hilarious.


You know how every once in a while you get some news that makes you want to just scream and throw things.
(oh, you don't? That's just me?)
Well, I got some of that this week.
So forgive me if my mood and blog posts go from perky to black in .02 seconds.
That's just how it is around these here parts sometimes.

Super Mom

I'm off doing Super Mommy tricks... like raking leaves.
See you tomorrow.

Periodontal Disease and Cannwin Naivete

Yesterday I learned about this thing called Periodontal Disease... and really all I have to say is this:

Why the HE** hasn't anyone ever mentioned this to me before now!? How did I miss this one? Seriously? My dentists have all failed me.
I mean, I've gotten the lectures about flossing just like everyone else, but I seriously thought that was just because flossing prevented cavities. I had no idea it prevented the decay of my jaw! The loss of my teeth?! The prevention of horrible super un-sexy breath!
Okay, okay... call me a complete moron. After all I am 31 years old. I should have picked up on this by now. But I didn't!
I'm going to lose all my teeth! I'm going to die one of those old miserable people with no chins and gummy lips!
Now, I'm not saying that I have Periodontal Disease, I'm just saying... I don't floss (well, I do now!). Never have! I feel like maybe I'm swimming upstream now.
Wow, I'm absolutely terrified about this. I'm jus…

52 Photos #26

Conversation between Albowin and me at the eye dr.
"Oh look! Harry Potter glasses! We should buy these ones."
"Why not!? You'd look so cute in Harry Potter glasses."
"No, Mom."
"Well, try them on and I'll take a picture."
"Smile for me!"
"Why not?"
"I don't like smiling."
(Obstinate child.)

How To Get Beat Up By Twilight Fans

Everyone keeps asking me if I'm going to go see the new Twilight movie and I gotta tell you... I'm not.

I enjoyed the books! I've even read them more than once (really not that big of a recommendation as I typically read books more than once) BUT the movies suck people!

Like really suck.

Like, seriously Stephenie, couldn't you have held out for a better budget? JK Rowling did and her fans aren't nearly as psychotic as yours are.

Here's the thing--I've seen the first two movies and you know what? I swear I've never laughed so hard in my entire life!

I mean can't breathe, stitch in your side, pee your pants and nearly vomit sort of laughing. I get together with my girlfriends and we watch them for the sole purpose of laughing our rear ends off.

So when people ask me if I want to go see Breaking Dawn with them I say, "You really don't want me in the theatre with you. I'm likely to get us both beat up."

Imagine it! A room full of sque…