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52 Photos #34

Ralexwin has come home to us yet again!!! The kids are pumped and the Mischievite keeps reiterating how his dad isn't leaving again.... We'll have to discuss that one.

Well.... Now We're In It

So, now that you know my biggest secret. And now that I know that everyone already pretty much had it figured out and I really didn't surprise anyone (boy was that a waste of stress!) I thought I'd approach the subject again with some new information I was reading about in the New York Times the other day.

Yes, yes... I'm a New York Times snob... as of like three days ago even! (it's because I can get them for free at the school!)

Anyway....The CDC, last week changed the definition of rape to include a much wider range of assault.

This is HUGE!

This changes the statistics on rape considerably. Especially when it concerns males.With the new findings some statistics estimate that the number of men raped rises from 1 in 71 to anywhere between 1 in 33 to 1 in 6.

You can see the ramifications of such a definition change. Sexual assault of men is something that our society rarely talks about... and yet we see that it is as much of a problem as with women.

This is a difficul…


I feel as if I'm failing as a blogger. 4 years and then suddenly I have other things to do?

Well, I need to really schedule my time better. I'm going to work on that today and by next week have a fantastic working blog/school plan.

Dont think I've forgotten you!

52 Photos #33

I bought a new iPod. I shall name her Blanca, because she is white. She will be Rosa's bestest friend. This is a picture I took when figuring out how Blanca works. Isn't Vicbowin just divine!? My girl is gonna be gorgeous!
Ps... I'm typing this on Blanca!

Discussion: Feminist Freedom

Yesterday a friend of mine and I were discussing the trials of generations that came before (mainly during the Black Death because that's what I'm studying in Art History) and she said to me, "Wow, we think our trials are hard."

And it struck me, in a moment of epiphany, exactly how good we have it. So, lets stop for a moment and think about how much better women have it then they used to.

We can vote, we can own property, we can control the rearing of our own children, we can have any job we want, we can go to any school we want.

Why can we do all this? Because someone who came before us fought tooth and nail to give us that right.

So how do we use it?

In the Revolution the soldiers fought for our rights as Americans to be free and today we use that right to make our own decisions. It honors them for us to act upon their sacrifice.

In the Feminist Movement... and during the Suffrage time thing.... women suffered for our rights to have the freedoms we have. So how d…

Back to the Grindstone

School's back in session today.
Someday's do you secretly smile when you wave goodbye to your kids in the morning?
I do.

I Am The One

POST WARNING: If you know me personally this post is about to rock your world so either don't read or sit down.

“It takes two people to speak the truth: One to speak and another to hear.” – Henry David Thoreau

We've all been in on a class or discussion where at some point the teacher points out that 1 in x number of people will have such and such a thing occur in their life. Have you ever been in a situation where the instructor makes ten people stand up and says "One of you will have ________ experience." (I have no clue where to put the question mark in that sentence... so lets just pretend it's there).
Some of the more common statistics out there are things like:
1 in 8 women will be diagnosed with Breast Cancer in her lifetime. Cigarette smoking causes 1 in 5 deaths in the United States. 1 in 3 children are now considered obese.
Well, there's some other statistics that you might not know about. Some that are a little more shocking. Like:
1 in 4 women will be the …

52 Photos #32

On Monday I started college officially. I had four classes and tried my darndest not to look over-eager.
Vicbowin told me I looked too pretty to be going to school.
My friends husband said I looked too nervous.
But no one said I looked too old, or too eager, or too out of place.
In fact, I'm pretty sure that the only people who even noticed my existence were the other people my age. Like a silent acknowledgement that we aren't alone on campus--even if that realization is coming from a professor.
It's been nice so far.
In fact, I'd go so far as to say, I LOVE IT!

What Is Your Greatest Regret?

When I was a child (a teen really) I told everyone that I didn't have regrets. That life was a journey and every choice we make leads us in the direction that takes us to where we currently are.... if we were to regret, we would be saying that we do not appreciate where we are in life.

While I still logically believe in this, I have grown and the choices I have made have had far more greater consequences than those of my youth.

Ironically, however, the choices of my youth (and experiences) weren't anything easy... so the choices of my adult years sometimes seem fairly overwhelming.

So what, as a 31 year old, is my greatest regret? Well, I have two great regrets really. One is so personal that I'm not sure I've ever shared it with anyone... so obviously, I won't be sharing it with you either--not today at least.

My other one, however, is a little easier to talk about.

I regret not taking joy in every moment. In my life I have learned, very thoroughly, how to live i…


I started school yesterday... again. I'm really good at starting school, not so good at the finishing it part. It was a little stressful.
Okay, a lot stressful.
But I've now been to all my classes and think I can handle it. 
Well, except the homework.
I'll need to figure out how to handle that.
So far so good though!

Mountain Moving

I recently overheard a conversation about a man who had suffered a serious accident (pronounced dead twice) and walked away with only minor physical disabilities. The problem was that the man had been suffering from a debilitating depression ever since (15 years-ish).

As is frequent in conversations of this sort, the topic of mountain moving came up. It was suggested that he had been saved from death for a great purpose within this life and he just needed to recognize his divine purpose.

This is where I piped in. While not trying, in any way, to devalue the faith of those talking I tried to make them understand how dangerous that sort of talk was to the poor man.

"Imagine," I said, "if you had been told for nearly half your life that you were capable of moving mountains and yet, no matter how hard you tried... you just couldn't manage to move one. How do you think that would affect you?"

See, the thing is... I know how this feels... I know what it feels like t…

52 Photos #30 & #31


 For Christmas Vicbowin got a doll and a pocket knife. It was such a funny combination that I had to take a picture.... so I said smile and got this. My daughter scares me just a little.
This is what the Mischievite got for Christmas... Hand, Foot and Mouth Disease. Ouch Now you see why I haven't been around.

Life Issues

Terribly sorry for the extended and unexcused absence... just busy dealing with life issues like: super sick kidlets prepping for my first semester of school dealing with Christmas etc.
I shall return soon my darlings.