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Gender Communication

I figured it wouldn't hurt to take a class about communicating with men.

This served two purposes for me...1) I've decided to go into feminist or gender studies in school (political science emphasis or something) 2) I think my communication with men is somewhat lacking.

So we have been talking about gender stereotypes in media. Our teacher showed us a video called 'sexism sells: but we're not buying' from the women's media center (or whatever it's called).

I want you guys to all watch it but I'm not sure how to add a video to this post (using my blogging app).

So... Someone go find it on YouTube and link it here so we can have an awesome discussion. :) it's pretty shocking.


Other than that I am doing well. It's weird somedays when I think something like 'it'd be really fun to _____' and then I realize there's absolutely no reason I can't. I'm still getting used to that.


Rob-bear said…
Gender studies and communicating with men. This is good; seems to meet some needs for you. (Anything about communicating with Bears?)

I haven't seen the video of which you speak, but having work in "the media" for a lot of years, I think I probably understand most of what it is about. Sadly.

Your hair is awesome! Please don't mess with it. I think it puts some fire into your life!

And about the "it'd be really fun to _____"; so, go do it! (Especially if it costs nothing, or next to nothing.)
Claire Wessel said…
Here's the original one you are talking about:

And a relevant counterpoint:

I can talk about gender stuff all day long. And just because I find this part lacking in most discussions on the subject, I'll start by saying that the biggest problem in gender relations is women hating each other. Men don't do that crap. There isn't a "girls club" like the men have professionally or in any other sphere. Why is that?????
Cari Hislop said…
Before trying to understand men (or anyone else) you first have to understand yourself! Has your sister ever give you the Myer's Brigg personality test? If'll find the book Please Understand Me by David Keirsey in the University Library. It has the test in it. Jen gave me the test when I was 19, and I'm so glad because without it I'd be lost in the context of understanding either myself or other people. You learn your type then you learn how your type interacts with other types. It's one of the most phenomenal interpersonal tools I've ever come across (thanks to your sister). They use this in prisons! This isn't some cracker box test. This cracks open some basic differences in people and can help us understand why we don't understand each other. Take the test! Give it to your kids. Have a Myers Brigg party and give the test to everyone you know and then discuss who you all are. You'll be amazed! I've given this test over the years at a number of Enrichment evenings. Knowing who you're dealing with (in all aspects of your life) and whether they are concrete thinkers or intuitive thinkers is priceless! I gave this test to my husband before I married him. I'm glad I did. I thought he was one thing when he was another. All the test does is reveal how a person sees and interacts with the world. This has helped me not only to understand other people (especially the annoying ones) but also to love them.
Rob-bear said…
Supporting comment to what Cari is saying, from an INFJ Bear.

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