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Friday Photo

Movie magic!
This is us playing with the webcam embedded in my new laptop.
Once the kids figured out it could do fun things like this it took me a bit to stop them from using elbows, knees, teeth, etc. to get in front of each other.
No, they weren't that bad.... no one actually used teeth.


Yesterday the Mischievite wasn't getting ready fast enough for me. I kept telling him to get dressed and he just sat there on his bedroom floor, in his undies, with his back to me.

"Hey!" I finally said, after a good 10 minutes of asking. "Get dressed you!"

So the Mischievite turns to me, wipes his fingers on the floor and says, "Oh, sorry mom... I was just having my booger breakfast."

AAAAHHH! I swear boys may be the death of me.

True Me Tuesday

I am currently having what some people would call a 'crisis of faith.' Which actually translates into I haven't been to church in 7 months and I'm perfectly happy with that. My faith in God has not changed or lessened in any way. My faith in my church has definitely hit a road block.
Now here's the clincher. It's always really bugged me when people stopped going to church because someone offends them.
Really? Is that as far as your devotion and faith goes?
Yet I have found it so incredibly easy to lay the blame on others for my own inactivity in my religion. I could blame the horrible rumors that I KNOW are out there about me (I've heard them, it's not me just being paranoid). I could blame the teachers at church who I completely disagreed with even before my separation and subsequent divorce. I could blame those few extremely close people who utterly back stabbed me and left me to fend for myself in a most un-friendly, un-christlike fashion. (Not you M…

Friday Photo

The kidlets went hiking with Ralexwin last weekend. This is the picture he emailed me. They are getting so big!!!


Over the weekend I went up to Bryce Canyon with some pretty awesome people I know. It was fun, but not the story I want to tell you.

On our way up we noticed this car driving up the frontage road so fast that it past us on the freeway. This is really saying something because I-15 up through Utah is an 80mph road.... I usually go 85. So this guy was going at least 90.

And the frontage road wasn't paved.

So, we're watching him and making all sorts of comments about how he's catching just a bit of air every time he goes over a bump, or how we're just waiting for him to skid. Then I say "I've never actually seen a car accident."

It was like I jinxed the poor shmuck, because right then he skids. Dust envelopes his car and for a moment all we could see was the cloud of brown, then we saw him. FLIP-FLIP-FLIP.

We're pretty sure he went front over end first and then side over side. We were mesmerized! And neither of us thought did anything but watch for the sp…


I'm going to try going back to some very basic blogging tactics I used years ago to kick start my writing. Probably not all of these but a few of them like: True Me Tuesday or finish up my 52 Photos series or Kids Say the Darndest Things.

The problem with my 52 photos, or any photos for that matter, is Rosa and I had to part ways recently... so the pictures will be a bit grainy as they will be from my iPod, Blanca.

Any other ideas you have for me? Or blogging themes and memes that I used to do that you miss?
I miss you guys very much. I am working on getting back into the swing of blogging every weekday.

What To Do Next

I'm sitting here in the brand newest cool building on campus waiting for my class to start and doing several things.

1) Watching the construction workers outside my window... very fun. ::wink-wink::

2) Thinking about my impending weekend, I think I'm going to Bryce Canyon to watch some friends run a half-marathon. I've never been to Bryce Canyon.

3) Trying to filter out all the things I might find fun to do as a career from those things that I think would be AWESOME to do as a career.

I know we've talked about this before, but hey this is my forum so I get to talk about whatever the holy he** I want to right!?

So here's what I know:

Feminism makes me feel alive and full of purpose.
Domestic Violence prevention and support is something I feel I'm pretty knowledgeable about.
I love to write and am in the Bachelors of Arts in English program.
I want to get a Bachelors in either English or Women's Studies.
I want to get a Master's Degree in either Women'…

Should Be Doing Homework

I'm sitting on my bed at 10:40PM not doing homework. I ought to be writing a paper... but its near the end of the semester and my pile of homework should be doings is getting long and tiring. So I thought... 'I ought to blog.'

Independence Day was crazy and consisted of several vomiting children. I think I should go through all past holidays on here and just count up which ones involved the stomach flu because I seriously think I'm jinxed.

Albowin actually threw up in front of about 40 people right in the middle of the fireworks show. That was a first for me, I've never actually had a child throw up in public before. But it's passed through our house now (knock on wood) and moved on to some other poor souls home.

Anyway. Now I feel guilt about not doing homework so I will go. Perhaps I will have more to talk about tomorrow.

This blog post seems strangely lacking. :)

Survey Says

In my Gender Comm class we have to do a research project on a topic that has significant weight within this field of communication. My group has decided to do a survey regarding popular opinions about date rape.

Obviously this survey will be full of heavy material including very explicit wording. So please don't take it unless you are 18 or older.

If you feel you can handle this topic I would appreciate the help very, very much. I will leave it up for one week.

You can go to the below link to participate:

Thank you.


Long Term Commitment

This morning... after what promises to be one of the longest, most horrendously drawn out Fourth of July's in my life... I was laying in bed with my darling Vicbowin and talking out through some of the anger we had been experiencing the day before.

We had spent a lot of our time yesterday yelling at one another and, as it always does, this had worn us both out pretty good. So I was laying there, loving my girl and cherishing our quiet moment together when I had a very profound thought. (That I'm now going to share with you).

Parent-Child relationships are long term relationships. They are complete investments of our time, energy, love, and support for, hopefully, an entire lifetime. Yet for some reason we never once question whether the relationship will end.

There is never a point when we say, "I am so tired of not being loved by you in the way that I need. I'm sure I could find something better somewhere else." It's never even considered. With children you…

Day of Independence

Tomorrow is our countries birthday yet again. Usually during holidays I like to think back onto past ones and reminisce.

I'd rather not do that this year.

This year will be different than any year ever before in my life. So I am going to have fun with my kids and my friends. I will enjoy the hot summer weather and endure the wailing of my over heated children. I will possibly barbecue and eat watermelon and watch fireworks and just live.

Then it will be back to school on Thursday. I'm almost done with the semester. 6 more credits almost done with. WOOHOO!

Did I mention that I made my decision to study feminism official? Yep. Well, as official as I can make it at this school. I declared that I am seeking a Bachelors of Arts in English with an emphasis in gender issues. The nice thing is that because I am so early into the process of school I can hand pick all my elective credits to go with my emphasis. I am excited. :)

In other news: The other day Albowin declared that "Boys …