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Day of Independence

Tomorrow is our countries birthday yet again. Usually during holidays I like to think back onto past ones and reminisce.

I'd rather not do that this year.

This year will be different than any year ever before in my life. So I am going to have fun with my kids and my friends. I will enjoy the hot summer weather and endure the wailing of my over heated children. I will possibly barbecue and eat watermelon and watch fireworks and just live.

Then it will be back to school on Thursday. I'm almost done with the semester. 6 more credits almost done with. WOOHOO!

Did I mention that I made my decision to study feminism official? Yep. Well, as official as I can make it at this school. I declared that I am seeking a Bachelors of Arts in English with an emphasis in gender issues. The nice thing is that because I am so early into the process of school I can hand pick all my elective credits to go with my emphasis. I am excited. :)

In other news: The other day Albowin declared that "Boys don't wear dresses!" To which my stubborn Mischievite retorted (as he wrapped a piece of fabric around his waist), "Well this boy DOES!"

In gymnastics Vicbowin learned how to do a Kick-Over... which means she can go down into a bridge and then kick her legs over her body. She is very excited about this. So am I because it means that for the first time she came out of her pre-team practice with a smile on her face.

And it's possible that's about it.

Happy Holiday!


Jamie said…
So fun to hear about the kids! Addie is having an awkward phase as she has hit 5'2" and 99 pounds...I chuckled to think of her kicking her lanky legs like vicbowin ;) precious girls, they are getting so big! Enjoy your holiday,Amiga, and good luck in school ( I am sitting here looking at my norton anthology of literature by women, now it will remind me of you).
Rob-bear said…
I hope you have a wonderful 4th of July. Sounds like you are planning to do some important things.

Your children are marking milestones in their lives. Cute to hear those things.

And you, you are moving ahead, too. Important decision, what you want to do next. I hope you have fun.
Ashy said…
Woohoo! Go Vicbowen! I was in gymnastics for a couple of years and I could never do that! And the Mischevite is so funny. I hope your fourth is so much fun!! Love and hugs :)

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