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24 Hour Cannwin

My days are so crazy right now that sometimes I wonder how on Earth I'm actually keeping up with it all. I get up at 7AM and go, go, go until at least 10PM.
But just telling you that isn't going to give you a real idea of what I do. So I'll lay it out for you.
** 7AM My alarm goes off and I stumble out of bed rubbing my eyes and shuffling to the kids rooms. I don't get the opportunity to hit the snooze button because if I'm not up and moving within 5 minutes of that alarm we are all late.
7:50AM We HAVE to be out of the house by now if we are going to have any breathing room for our schedules. Which really means if we aren't all yelling at each other all the way to the Irish Twins school then we need to be in the car by now.
8:00AM When we typically leave the house.
8:13AM When the Irish Twins usually make it to school and barrel out of the car.
8:15AM When their school starts.
8:30AM Drop the Mischievite and Remewin off at their babysitters house.
9:00AM My f…

Appendices, Derbies, and Other Such I-E-S's

This last weekend I went to my first ever Demolition Derby... you know, those red-neck American things where people have an excuse to hit each other's cars.
I wish I had more pictures than this but I used SuperFreak's camera and not my own.
Who is SuperFreak?! You may be wondering.... This is:

SuperFreak is obviously not his real name... but it fits. lol.
Anyway, SuperFreak was driving in the Demolition Derby with the above car. This would be a before image, it's not so pretty in the after image.
I had a lot of fun though! Now I want to drive a Demolition Derby Car. You know there was only one girl in the whole thing (okay maybe there were 2)! That's unacceptable.
Women need to stand up for themselves and do cool things like crash cars together. I mean if we are as "bad" at driving as everyone keeps complaining we should be pretty kick-a** at a Crash-Up Derby. Right!?
Well... that's what I think at least.
Anyway, the other interesting thing that happened…

Internet--The Most Expensive Need In the World!

Summer has been fantastic. I spent my weekends wandering around Southern Utah with friends and trying my hardest to avoid the scorching summer sun.
Sadly, I didn't have the internet on all my excursions.
Or at home either.
Stupid internet.
So, on Monday I'm headed back to school, I'm excited... I'm taking Spanish, Intermediate English Composition, and Math.
Oh and Library Science (which I fully plan to test out of in the first week of classes--someone lecture me if I don't please).
Anyway. I'm hoping to be able to blog more often from school and my laptop because I will have more access to the internet than I currently do. 
I seem to always be apologizing for non-blogging lately.
I'll stop doing that.

And I met someone.
He makes me smile.