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24 Hour Cannwin

My days are so crazy right now that sometimes I wonder how on Earth I'm actually keeping up with it all. I get up at 7AM and go, go, go until at least 10PM.

But just telling you that isn't going to give you a real idea of what I do. So I'll lay it out for you.

My alarm goes off and I stumble out of bed rubbing my eyes and shuffling to the kids rooms. I don't get the opportunity to hit the snooze button because if I'm not up and moving within 5 minutes of that alarm we are all late.

We HAVE to be out of the house by now if we are going to have any breathing room for our schedules. Which really means if we aren't all yelling at each other all the way to the Irish Twins school then we need to be in the car by now.

When we typically leave the house.

When the Irish Twins usually make it to school and barrel out of the car.

When their school starts.

Drop the Mischievite and Remewin off at their babysitters house.

My first class.

My free hour in which I get to do awesome things like apply for food stamps or look for jobs.

Second class.

Class gets out at 11:50. I have ten minutes in which to sprint over to my friends class before it starts and say a quick hello before then starting the long walk up to the Mischievite's babysitter's house.
I pick him up and we both walk over to his school.
This leaves me just enough time to come huffing and puffing (and sweating profusely) into:

Third Class

Class gets out and I sprint to my car (have I mentioned the elevators are ridiculously slow here on campus?), go pick up Remewin from the babysitter and then drive over to the Irish Twins school and sit in traffic until I am close enough to the building for them to hop in the car.

Kids hop in the car... usually yelling.

Pick up the Mischievite from his school.

Take Vicbowin to Gymnastics... sometimes run to the grocery store.

Try to convince Albowin to do his homework.

Pick up Vicbowin from Gymnastics.

Put the little ones to bed and beg the older two to work JUST A LITTLE BIT FASTER on their homework.
SuperFreak usually stops by around this time of day (which makes it the best part of my day).

Irish Twins finally buckle down, finish their homework and go to bed leaving me with enough quiet time to do my own homework while SuperFreak sits next to me and chats.

Finish Homework, say goodnight to SuperFreak, crash into my bed.

Scoot over so Remewin can crawl into bed with me.

Scoot the other way so the Mischievite can crawl into bed with me.

Wake up and shuffle to the kids room. I have to be out of bed by 7:05 or we are all late.


In my Spanish class the other day the man sitting behind me complained to his neighbor:
"I didn't get the homework done. I've just been so busy lately, there really isn't any time for me to breathe."

The woman who sits next to me, and myself, both rolled our eyes.

She has 5 kids, I have my 4. We are both single mom's.

Both of us got our homework done.

PS. SuperFreak doesn't have children... he thinks that what I do is this close
 to superhuman. I think he's a keeper.


Rob-bear said…
Sorry you life is like this. Crazy. Busy.

Glad I am retired!
Ashy said…
I really admire you for trying to go to school AND have kids. I don't think I could ever do that... I mean, I'm sure I could adapt, but I would just fall apart in the end. You're crazy amazing :)

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