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Appendices, Derbies, and Other Such I-E-S's

This last weekend I went to my first ever Demolition Derby... you know, those red-neck American things where people have an excuse to hit each other's cars.

I wish I had more pictures than this but I used SuperFreak's camera and not my own.

Who is SuperFreak?! You may be wondering....
This is:

SuperFreak is obviously not his real name... but it fits. lol.

Anyway, SuperFreak was driving in the Demolition Derby with the above car. This would be a before image, it's not so pretty in the after image.

I had a lot of fun though! Now I want to drive a Demolition Derby Car.
You know there was only one girl in the whole thing (okay maybe there were 2)! That's unacceptable.

Women need to stand up for themselves and do cool things like crash cars together. I mean if we are as "bad" at driving as everyone keeps complaining we should be pretty kick-a** at a Crash-Up Derby. Right!?

Well... that's what I think at least.

Anyway, the other interesting thing that happened this last week is that my sister had an emergency appendectomy. (Do you suppose that's meant to be capitalized?)

When my brother texted me to tell me she was in getting her appendix our I laughed loudly.... an actual LOL.

So, naturally I called him. Evidently they couldn't figure out what was wrong with her and had to do a CTscan to determine that it was her appendix.

My sister quoted our mom as saying, "You two... always doing the same things."
Neither her nor I is sure how we feel about that statement, there's a list of similarities that are not exactly positive.

As for the rest of my reality. I started school... again.

Last week was my first week and boy-howdy was I exhausted. My schedule leaves very little breathing room and if I'm not at school in class I'm typically running around taking kids to school or doing errands.

And my back-pack weighs a bajillion pounds.
This girl, from one of my classes last spring, told me she bought all of her books on Kindle (or Nook or something) and I about died of jealousy. How much lighter would my bag be!!!!
I knew I should have bought an iPad instead of a laptop.

I'm so doing that next semester.... if I can afford it.


Rob-bear said…
Glad to know you have SuperFreak in your life. A guy with a beard can't be all bad; getting to look like a Bear, which is good. (Well, it looks like the start of a beard, but Bears have notoriously bad eyes, so one cannot be sure.)

Demolition derby. Cannot understand the appeal. Why demolish a perfectly good car? If it's in running condition, it is perfectly good. I think. But what does a Bear know?

OH, surprise Appendectomy? For Emarfar? I had that done when I was a kid. More difficult with age. So much for her "help" right now. More like you be helping her.

And IES? What's that? I know IUD and IED, but not IES. Must be something you have in the States that we don't here in Canada. (BTW, I also know ei-ei-o.)

Blessings and Bear hugs.
heather said…
I've done my fair share of demolishing cars out on the roads. Enough that for awhile my family called me "Crash." -yeah. Though I have proven to be quite good at wrecking cars, I'm not so into it! ;)

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