Internet--The Most Expensive Need In the World!

Summer has been fantastic. I spent my weekends wandering around Southern Utah with friends and trying my hardest to avoid the scorching summer sun.

Sadly, I didn't have the internet on all my excursions.

Or at home either.

Stupid internet.

So, on Monday I'm headed back to school, I'm excited...
I'm taking Spanish, Intermediate English Composition, and Math.

Oh and Library Science (which I fully plan to test out of in the first week of classes--someone lecture me if I don't please).

Anyway. I'm hoping to be able to blog more often from school and my laptop because I will have more access to the internet than I currently do. 

I seem to always be apologizing for non-blogging lately.

I'll stop doing that.



And I met someone.

He makes me smile.


Rob-bear said…
Summer having fun, with friends. An excellent way to spend the lazy, hazy, "dog days" that happen with regularity.

Glad you're getting back to school. I don't recall your sharing your marks from last term, but, then, Bear's memory isn't the greatest.

Internet connection. Not something you need every day. Especially during holidays.

And you saved the best for last. Somebody who makes you smile. Great news!
Yes.I.Cann said…
I got straight A's. It's sort of my goal to get straight A's... well not sort of, it is.

When the divorce was happening I got a B in one class but beyond that blip my grades have all remained in the A range.

I'm quite proud of that. :)
Rob-bear said…
Well done, Cannwin! A straight-A (almost) gal!

Congratulations. I hope you keep it up!

Blessings and Bear hugs.

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