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Kids Say the Darndest Things

Son (5 year old) before school one day:

Mom: "You love Dad, huh?"

Son: "Yeah, except he makes me do chores, then I don't."

Mom: "But he plays Starcraft with you sometimes, then do you love him."

Son: "Well, yeah, but Starcraft is so hard."

Daughter at the doctor's office:

"Dr. K is a nice doctor and he's really good at his job. I bet he's a good painter too."

My daughter, after she started a topic on politics (she's 6):

Mom: "Well, I don't know about Obama, because I just don't feel right voting for someone who is okay with abortion."

Child: "What's abortion."

Awkward silence.

Dad: "It's when someone kills the baby inside the mommy's tummy."

Child: *Gasp* "Auntie is going to vote for Obama!"

Mom (and auntie's sarcastic older sister): "Why don't you call her and tell her how you feel about that?"

Child: "I will."

Mom and Dad then proceeded to laugh hysterically in the next room as Auntie tries to explain why she'd vote for a person who 'kills babies.'*

*That would be the 6 year old's words.

A child at my nieces bus stop:

Child: "My brother is mean, he's always getting me in trouble."

My sister: "Yeah, I'm sorry about that."

Child (hanging his head): "I wish I was single again."

My daughter, listening to my iPod:

In a very loud voice: "Mom, there's a lot of people named Unknown Artist."

Again my daughter after watching her dad and I kiss:

"Some people call those messy kisses, or saliva kisses. They think they're gross, but I think they are so sweet."

And last one by my daughter:

"Mom, can you tell me how clouds are made? I mean what's their life-cycle?"


Lisa said…
I love when you post your kid's quotes. They are so funny.

My kid doesn't talk just yet, but I say the darndest things to her.

"Hannah! Quit licking the dishwasher!"

And many others related to licking gross things. Floor. Rocks. Window sill...
Sara Crandall said…
My newest one is with Megan when we were at church last Sunday.
Megan looks at my stomach, leans over and says "mom I really think you are going to have a baby." I kind of laugh and say, "no it is just food." Then she pinches my stomach and says "yep I think I feel a leg."
cannwin said…
LOL! Kids are so funny. I had a little girl ask me if I was going to have another baby the other day. I said no and she says, 'well it looks like it'

*groan* guess I better get back on that diet bandwagon. ;)
Kiri Levie said…
Boston is such a cutie!

Adalyn is full of little comments lately that keep me laughing. Yesterday I asked her if she wanted to go outside and play in the water and she said "And get baptized?"
cannwin said…
How cute! I love what little people say and do.

And Boston just blows us away sometimes. We bought a Scholastic Illustrated Dictionary at a garage sale last weekend and the girl has been reading it! Yes, yes, my daughter reads the dictionary.

Then she says things that make us just gape at one another, like, "Did you know that blood isn't a liquid? It's lots and lots of tiny red blood cells."

Did you know that? I didn't? I mean I guess if I thought about it makes sense but she's 6 for heaven's sake! Shouldn't I know a little more than her!
TerĂ©sa said…
I love them all. Especially the Obama one. Kids are smarter than people give them credit for. ;)

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