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Simple Please, Just Be Simple!

Halloween kills me. I know some people (Polly) love this holiday but really, I hate coming up with costumes, and I loathe buying them at the store. Yet, I do. Every year.

So why can't the kids come up with something simple like, "Mommy, I want to be a ghost!"

*sigh* Wouldn't that be nice.

Instead my daughter has these specific creations she just MUST have. Two years ago she wanted to be a 'Warrior Princess.' Complete with bow and arrow and sword and cape and green leaf designed skirt so she could be invisible in the leaves. I'm sure this was brought on by her father's tales of the prince and princess that go about on their valiant steeds and have wild adventures (her and her brother).

Last year she insisted on being a 'Sparkle Fairy.'

"No, Mom, Sparkle Fairies don't wear white, that's a Snow Fairy. So there I was left trying to sparkle her out. And on Halloween night she looked like a wild collage of orange butterfly shirt, homemade wings, ballet skirt and striped colored tights.

This year she wants to be an 'Egyptian Princess.'

Will it ever end!?

She toyed with the idea of being Cinderella, pre-ball night, and for two glorious minutes I envisioned wrapping her in rags... then she changed her mind.

So, Egyptian Princess it is. I bought gold fabric ($1 a yard at Wal-Mart), and some white stuff and I'm wondering if I can rig up sleeves or if I'll have to use that tee-shirt pattern again.*

Then my son wants to be the Hulk... how do you keep a kid warm when what he wants to be is a green man with nearly all his clothes torn off? Well, for that matter, how do you keep a little lady warm when what she wants to be is a woman who wanders around in see through nearly nothings!?

When is Thanksgiving? I think I'm ready to wrestle with that turkey.


* I use this pattern for EVERY dress up costume she has... I have yet to figure out how to make sleeves any other way.


Polly Blevins said…
For the Hulk you could use a green turtle kneck because it can be his green skin. Paint niples on it if that makes him happy! :) It is a good thing you know how to sew because that is going to come in handy with Boston. Victoria told me that one time she was telling Boston a princess story and all Boston wanted to do the whole time was describe her clothing. Victoria loved it because she loves fashion too. I hope Sage isn't so percise because I'm not any good with fashion and I don't care about it. HAPPY HALLOWEEN!
cannwin said…
hmm, a green turtle neck is a good idea. Boston is a nut. We have the biggest fights over what she's going to wear and then I just give up for several months and let her wear what she wants.

She's started this "everyone will laugh at me" thing that drives us nuts. She's a mini teen and it honestly scares me a little. But I love her dearly and I wouldn't change it for anything in the world.

As it is I made her this costume with a gold cape and she's mad that she has to wait for Halloween to wear it. Hahaha
IB said…
Great post. You capture the silliness of halloween and the earnestness with which the kids approach their costumes. A quick story:

A few years ago when my son Max was 5 years old, or so, he had his heart set on being Spiderman for Halloween. Easy enough, I thought. I picked him up a costume at the Target store on my way home one night after work. He was asleep when I got home, but I was delighted with myself knowing he'd be thrilled when he awoke and donned the suit for the first time. Max has always been a healthy-big kid. A fact I've always overlooked is that he's off the charts when it comes to size in his age group.

The day after I bought him the costume, I got a voicemail from him at my office. He had been crying and his voice cracked as he barely choked out the words, "Da-addy I broke it. I'm so-orry! What do I do-ooo? (sniff, sniff)Spiderman is broken!".

Apparently he had indeed been excited about the costume and no amount of explaining from my wife, that the suit was 2 sizes too small would talk him out of putting it on. Of course, once he got it on he split it right down the backside.

So, I stopped what I was doing and I went to Target again. And I got the largest Spiderman costume they had, which fit him just fine. I was hero that day. It cost me a little time and $18.00. It was worth it.

Keep writing, you are good at it!
dbaker said…
Hi! very well said.
Winsor said…
Polly is so creative. I love Halloween.
SerKevin said…
What a great story but... I have to come clean. Halloween is my favorite holliday and I usually end up going all out.
Last year I did the most detailed costume ever, full Hollywood style prosthetic.
It took four hours to apply and one to remove. I'll have to make a post to my blog tonight with pictures so you can get a look.
This year I'm not going to by able to go all out... I'm still dealing with the mess of losing my home to hurricane Ike.
cannwin said…
losing your home in a hurricane can sure put a damper on the holiday spirit. I hope you come up with something worth while though. When I was a kid my neighbor always came up with these wild costumes that no one would have thought of in a million years (he was the really smart kid that got a perfect ACT later on) One year he was a tree and boy did he look like a tree. Another he was the Empire State Building while all the rest of us were pirates and princesses.

Maybe you should be a weather map this year. ;)

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