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The Long Hours of Sleep

Last night was one of those nights when I feel like I've been caught in some sort of time warp. You know what I mean, it's when you go to bed a little early and then spend the entire night wondering when morning will come.

Now it wasn't because I couldn't sleep, I was sleeping very well indeed!

Until my husband's study session ended and he came to tell me he was taking our friend home.

Until my son (who was in bed with me) woke up screaming "EWW, Gross! No, Gross! Yuck! Yuck! Yuck!" and ripped me out of my sleep.

Until my husband came to bed and stole the pillow out from under my head, citing that I'd taken his.

Until I had to go to the bathroom (thanks to this growing life form in my belly) once... and then twice... and then three times.

Or until I tried to roll over and the (what I've been informed are) ligaments that connect my uterus to my body began to cramp up, again (imagine charlie horses in your hip area).

Each time I would fall back into a wonderful blissful slumber that lasted about an hour, yet by 6 AM, when the garbage truck woke me up, I was pretty dang convinced that I'd stumbled into the Twilight Zone and the night was never going to end.

So when I woke up this morning I was a bit of a grump. Which everyone noticed. So I made a special effort to kiss the husband extra times before he left, and put "I Love You!" notes into the kids lunch boxes. Now it's down to me and the munchkin man and I'm wondering what I ought to do today to pull myself out of this black mood. The clouds obscuring the sun aren't going to help me on that front so I guess I'm going to have to come up with something on my own.

*sigh* I guess that means I'd better clean something.


Jessica Bair said…
When I have a night like that, I pop in a movie, get my young man some crackers and juice and proceed to snooze on the couch with him beside me. I love having a babysitter that I don't have to pay. I know....I'm a horrible mom. But somedays, that's just what the kids get.
BS5 Blogger said…
Hi! That cramp sounds a bit tricky. What are Charlie Horses?

Take care!

cannwin said…
What are charlie horses? Hmm, wow, that's one that's hard to explain... You know those muscle cramps you get in your calves sometimes (especially when you were growing up) and they just feel like someone stuck their knuckle right into the center of your muscle and twisted.

(These are the ones that you have to try to push your toes towards your knee to get to go away).

That's a charlie horse.

Now imagine that in the area of your muscles and ligaments holding your hips in place and you've pretty much got what I've been dealing with... not very fun. But they go away quickly.

Was that a good explanation?

As a side note to all:

I did manage a three hour nap (wow, I know) whilst the bambino slept and when I woke up the sun had come out and the world was much, much better. I do love my sleep.
Anonymous said…
A charley horse is a popular North American colloquial term for a painful bruise of the quadriceps muscle of the anterior or lateral thigh that commonly results in a muscular hematoma and sometimes several weeks of pain and disability.
cannwin said…
Sean! How exciting to hear from you, I'm totally happy now.

Except your answer makes me feel like a schmutz. I hardly have bruising or several weeks of disability... it just feels like I ought to.
Lisa said…
I hate nights like that. Hard to to recover from. So sorry.

A shower and dessert usually help.

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