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Socks, Underwear and the Washing Machine

I hate laundry. It's like the never ending pile of horror.

And it has migratory patterns. At the end of the week it is on the floor in the basement then slowly basket by basket it makes its way up to my bed. None of it ever seems to make it into closets and drawers but when the unlikely does happen and the clothes are divided (and conquered) there isn't enough room.

Plus, there never seems to be enough laundry soap or dryer sheets and the reminder bell must be broken because I never hear it.

The most common refrain heard on any given weekday in my house is "I don't have any socks!" or "I can't find any underwear."

I've decided it's best for the health of all my children that they wear their siblings socks and undies at least once a year. Ralexwin thinks it's mean to make Albowin wear his sisters socks or to make Vicbowin wear her brothers underwear. It's not like I'm making them go to school in damp clothing (which I did as a child) besides--No. One. Is. Going. To. See. It.

I think I should go through and throw everything away. All we really need is 3 pairs of jeans and some t-shirts. Well, and some church clothes and socks and underwear. Of course you also have to allot for seasons so that's 3 pairs of shorts and 3 long sleeve shirts.

*&^%!--I think I just listed off the contents of my closet.

Why oh why did Adam and Eve have to cover themselves. They had no idea what they were getting themselves into when they discovered clothing.

Iyawin agrees with me, you know. He strips down to his skivvy's any chance he gets. Of course then he puts the clothes in the hamper and ends up in a new set by days end--and can I say? Why is it so hard to use the same towel more than once? How many steps does it really take to walk back into the bathroom and hang the thing up?

Everyone complains when I wash the blankets twice a month but no one seems to be bothered by the towels being washed twice a week.

I live in an unending nightmare of wrinkled clothing and dirty underwear (not mine).

I think I'm going to make the kids start doing their own laundry. Who cares if they are 7,6 and 2. They should be suffering the consequences of wearing 3 outfits a day... not me!

Yes, yes. That's what I'm going to do. Today when they all get home from school they are going to find a new Cannwin. A woman free from the oppression of laundry. Free from fabric overload.


But right now I have to go... I can't find the baby--I think I lost her in this pile.


Lisa said…
cannwin said…
Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.

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