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A Crawler

Able to go from 0 to 7 months in 3.5 seconds.

Remewin has mastered crawling.
Objects she finds particularly interesting:
The surge protector on my laptop. Candy wrappers Board books Cords Pacifiers & Mirrors

Who I Am #6

A moment when I achieved absolute happiness was...

One of the most wonderful philosophies of my religion is the concept of eternal familes, which is a sure knowledge that families are forever and can be together well beyond this life.
The first step towards this (besides baptism and such) is to be married for time and all eternity. This takes place within the walls of holy temples.
Unfortunately as life and choice go, Ralexwin and I made the decision to not start our marriage off this way. We were married in a church and the Bishop who performed the ceremony pronounced us husband and wife 'till death do us part.'
It was a bitter sweet moment for many members of my family. Knowing what I was missing out on.
Ralexwin and I at that time were not prepared spiritually for the further commitments of the gospel of Jesus Christ. We were young and unsure of our own faith and beliefs and therefore chose to put them aside.
Life went on.
We went to church as often as we could but were fairly cas…

Plinky Prompt: 3 Words

List three words that would describe your family.



Grumpy Mom

Grumpy mom so full of woe Where did all my slumber go?
Turn off the light!
Please close the door... I'd like five minutes more to snore.
Grumpy mom so full of woe Where did all the shampoo go?
Turn on the light!
And close the curtain I want a minute to be a woman.
Grumpy mom so full of woe Where did all the naptimes go?
Quit flicking the lights!
What do you need? I only want some time to read.
Grumpy mom so full of woe Where did all my ME time go?

Kissing You

*Homework: Did he kiss you, or did you kiss him?

I wish I could say that when Ralexwin and I first kissed it was like fireworks lighting up a summers night. That in that moment I knew he was the one. I'd like to say that he said something dreadfully romantic and I swooned and smiled. I'd like to say those things but I can't.

Nope. After Ralexwin kissed me he said, "You made that to easy."

Ah, romance.

Ralexwin and I met the first day I moved into my first apartment. He was dating my roommate (not anything serious). In fact the first night I lived there I got the distinct privilege of third wheeling with him and her on a date.

But one of the first thoughts that ran through my mind when I met him was I wonder if he's the man I'll marry and if the truth be told I was never threatened by her and him. It only lasted about two weeks anyway.

Ralexwin and I became immediate friends and soon enough we were taking classes together. I hung out with him nearly every d…


On my fridge I have this jean pocket with magnets on the back of it. It's a really cute idea that a friend gave me as a going away gift when we moved here. The pocket is, obviously, supposed to be used for those little things you need to keep track of.

My pocket was a little over stuffed so I decided to clean it out. Out came the pens and the random scraps of paper. Out came a gift card I didn't know I had (score! $10 to spend at Wal-Mart) and the small pile of library 'book bucks' Vicbowin has been saving up.

I was a little surprised at how much was stuffed into the thing, thinking how ridiculous it was to save junk.

Then way down in the very bottom of the pocket I found a memory.

It was only a small one, a tiny blip in the life of a sweet, gentle little girl, but it was a memory that made me smile... even four years later.

The memory comes in the shape of a tiny image printed onto a piece of paper and taped on both sides in an attempt to protect it from water. I have…

Run-Away Jury

Tomorrow (which is actually today for you reading this) I have jury duty.

Yep. Lil' ol' me.

It starts early and ends late and will be the first time that I have not nursed Remewin for a full day (that is if I get picked for the jury... Ralexwin says I won't because I'm to radical. Me... radical.)

Soooo. As part of my 'Who I Am' series I thought I'd show you a bit of my humor... if you haven't picked up on it already.

On Facebook they have these things called "Flairs" which are really just an excuse to mindlessly wander around cyberspace. I don't have as much as some, but I do have a few. (You'll see them, just wait). Well the other day I was looking at them and laughing at the funny ones when I realized that I have a fairly morbid sense of humor.

I hadn't noticed that about myself until that moment and, well, I found it noteworthy (for posterities sake of course):

I know, I know I'm a big nerd.

To Read or Not To Read... Are We Confused?

Vicbowin has always wanted to be a zoologist . Okay, there was a time she wanted to be a crane driver, but that was when she was little.


She told me last night that she was thinking it would be fun to be a librarian. This was a revelation that came as no shock to me since my oldest girl child is an avid reader.

No, no. Avid is an understatement. Voracious would be a better word.

They are having a reading Olympics at school. If the kids read 250 minutes a week they get a gold medal.

On Monday she read 120 minutes.

I was wondering if there was a platinum medal she could go for.

But there's a problem...

You see I've been trying over the years to build up my supply of children's and young adult books so that my kids will have good books to read.

The problem is SHE'S READ THEM ALL!

Yes.... all.

You want a list? Okay.

Magyk by Angie Sage Flyte by Angie Sage Physik by Angie Sage
Harry Potter #1 Harry Potter #2 Harry Potter #3 (I won't let her read the rest until she…

Post #400 Today... And It's Some Kid's Funnies

At McDonalds. Vicbowin: "Did you know that brown people used to not get payed for the work they did?"
Me: "I did know that, it's very sad isn't it."
Vicbowin: "I wonder if that girl got paid for helping us."
---- New Variation on an Old Game:
Iyawin: This little piggy went to Walmart
--- Unsure How Dad's New Career is Going to Go:
Albowin: Once upon a time there was a boy named Josh* who wanted to be a lawyer, but no one liked lawyers so he had to move away.
--- Age Confusion:
Vicbowin: We're not little kids anymore!
Albbowin: Yeah, we're 7 & 8!
--- Let's Just Clarify Something:
Vicbowin: Boys fall in love to fast.
--- Self-Destructive Behavior
Vicbowin: I wish I had glasses cuz they make you look smart.
--- Self-Destructive Behavior Part 2
Me: "I feel so fat!" **
Vicbowin: "Mom, saying that sort of thing doesn't make you look very good."

*No clue where he came up with the name Josh. ** I don't usually say that sort of th…

Dandelion Wishes Blog Swap

I've decided to join a blog swap as a way of investigating the pen pal idea again. It sounds like a lot of fun (Ralexwin is going to kill me).

So I guess I'm supposed to post her widget on my sidebar and maybe on this post as well.--overkill is never bad is it?--

Then I make some sort of sworn statement to actually mail my package out. 

"I, Cannwin, hereby promise to spend money I don't have in hopes of buying the friendship of an unknown person via the internet. I also promise to give money to the USPS so that perhaps next year they won't raise the price of postage." 
Then I have to link it all back to her. --I hope I got that all right... we shall see--

A List

It's been a while since I posted any of the fun sites I've found so I thought (since it's a lazy no school day) to post some today!

Various: I've run across some discussion on facebook about people worrying about their digital footprints. This site is a great place to look for yours. You just put in your name and it will do an in depth search of you (or anyone you feel like stalking). It's very interesting... (also can I suggest searching yourself--or username--in google images. You'd be surprised what pops up.) my favorite food site I go here first when I'm looking for a new recipe. this is a free image altering website. It's fun. It's where I made 'Jack' on my last post and where I did this picture: my -current- dream bicycle.

Blogs: a catch all site of crafting projects. another catch all crafting site.

abby's blog- this is the blog of a 16 year old girl wh…

Plinky Prompt: Write a short story without using the letter 'L'

This is Jack. 
Jack used to be a mound of crisp white snow, but one day a horde of kids came by and started to push and pack and stomp that snow. They turned it and mashed it and wadded it. Jack thought it hurt just a bit, but because he didn't have a mouth he didn't cry out. The kids were happy and that made Jack happy too because the truth is that snowmen are meant to make kids happy.
Then a scarf was put around his neck. It was very feminine and Jack was just a bit embarrassed by it. But the kids were watching him so he kept his mouth shut. 
Then a boy wandered over and pushed off his head.
'That was rude.' Jack thought, but he didn't say anything.
The other kids started in on the boy. The boy began to cry. This made Jack sad. He was okay to having his face in the ground if it meant that someone was happy, but they weren't happy... they seemed mad.
To bad they hadn't given him arms yet.
Then Jack heard a voice. It was a mom's voice and Jack was content. If …

What Are Little Girls Made Of

Vicbowin is sick today. She woke up and said no thanks to breakfast, that's what tipped us off. So she gets to stay home and lay on the couch and be sick.
Albowin watched from the kitchen as I talked to her about how she was feeling. Five minutes later he announced that his tummy hurt. I was the mean mom and made him go to school. (I'm confident he'll forget about the tummy ache).
Iyawin is excited to have his sister home and is enjoying watching episodes of Rainbow Brite with her on YouTube. I think they are both wrapped together under the jean quilt (blankets are one of the best perks of Winter).
Remewin is getting her first tooth so she is a grump. Here's the funny part though... it's not a front tooth. It's the pointy one third back from the front tooth. I almost didn't catch it when I went to inspect. Poor thing. I always feel bad for them when they teeth. She has been sleeping incredible amounts of time. The last two nights I have put her down for a nap a…


I was thinking this morning, as I lay there trying to convince myself I was still asleep, that an entire life story can be told from the perspective of beds. (I have random thoughts don't I? That's why I picked the blog title I did).

When Ralexwin and I first got married we had a full sized mattress on the floor. That's it. There wasn't even a box spring but we were content with what we had and there was rarely a complaint about it.

When I was rather far along in my pregnancy with Vicbowin, I expressed a need for a higher bed (since getting up off the floor was difficult). So Ralexwin and his brother bought an entire queen sized bedroom set off a guy for $200. It was very old and outdated, but it served it's purpose.

Later on in my life, when Ralexwin was off enjoying himself in Iraq, I upgraded to a king sized bed. Which is the same bed we have today.

These thoughts were running through my head as I listened to the giggles from my four children lined up down the b…

Give Up

8AM: Albowin: Mom, what would happen if the Earth bumped into another planet, like Pluto? Me: It would probably be pretty bad for us around here.
3:30PM: Albowin: Mom, I asked Ian in my class, cuz he knows lots about space and he says that Pluto would be vanquished.
I've given up guys. I checked my email today. No one tell the missionaries. I just couldn't do it anymore. Remewin is teething and grumpy, it's cold outside and I had 77 messages in my inbox. What more do you want from me!? A woman can only take so much.
So what did the Grumpy Cannwin find when she checked her email? At least 3 letters from friends and family who I have evidently offended recently.
See. Evidence that me and the internet need each other. I'm just not a happy person without it. So I will be spending the next hour responding to comments and catching up on blogs. If the missionaries get wind of this 'day early resignation' I'm coming after someone. :)

The Anti-Internet Week

Things I've done (or that have happened) whilst being grounded from the internet:

*Read a book and started another.

*Made underwear for the boys (who were so excited you'd think I'd made them out of gold thread).

*Helped Vicbowin make a tutorial for her blog.

*Was informed by Vicbowin that she likes me better when I'm grounded from the internet.

*Started putting together a puzzle.

*Cleaned and purged Vicbowin's room of stuff.

*Made a couple of hair-bands for the girls.

*Noticed the speck of dirt marring the ceiling in the living room.

*Came up with a name or two for random blogs I'll never make.

*Wrote half of a poem (should I post it?).

*Discovered that there is something wrong with my 'mass storage device' which probably is why the USB ports on my computer won't work... Marc!!!! save me.

*Realized I missed some of the 'Made for Boys' theme over at

*Made a snow man with the kids.

*Had a snowball fight with the kids (I totally lost).


Who I Am #5

I most value... my relationships and my beliefs. (I'm on the left)
It may not come as much of a surprise to some of you that I had a rough childhood. By the time I hit my teen years I was pretty angry and spent a lot of time undermining the relationships I had. The irony of this self-destructive behavior is that it winnowed out the weak friendships and showed me who really cared about me.
As a consequence of those experiences, and many subsequent ones, I have learned to cherish the relationships that I have. I love making friends, I love meeting new people, and I love building the foundations of lasting relationships.
It's funny to me how far spread my friends are (helped monumentally by the internet). I have some in Minnesota, Illinois, West Virginia, Montana, Arizona, Utah, Idaho, and many, many other places. Each and everyone of these friendships is a gem in my treasure chest. Each as valuable as the next.
Equally important to me is my family, it goes without saying that of thos…

Who I Am #4

In my ideal world I would most want to have... a faster metabolism.
Hahaha, I'm so funny.
* In my ideal world I would love to have more knowledge. I would love to have more books (a library full like Belle in Beauty & the Beast). I'm a lover of intellect and a well debated topic and in my ideal world I would have the education and mind to keep up with the greatest of philosophers.
* In my ideal world I would love to be debt free. Not that I have much, but when you spend as many years as we have doing the school thing it sort of adds up. There have been brief periods of time when we were free of all but a mortgage payment and I can attest to the fact that it is one of the most freeing feelings possible.
* In my ideal world I would love to fly. In any form. When I was a kid I wanted to be two things; a lawyer and a fighter pilot. I find it ironic that I've done neither.
* In my ideal world I would love to sleep more, eat less, and have hair that grew faster.
* In my ideal world I wo…
Dear World Wide Web, I miss you. I know you probably don't care--but there it is. I'm lonely for you and I was wondering if you felt the same. Is it possible that we could come to some sort of arrangement? I know you have a lot of other people vying for your attention I was just hoping I might be special. Do you miss me?
If you feel the same just give me a sign, something... anything to show me you notice me.
Forever Devoted, Cannwin

Who I Am #3

I usually approach problems and life ... in one of two ways; either I go full force & head on or I shut down and hide in my room (it depends on the problem).
My mom and sister like to laugh about how similar to my aunt I am. She's quite the feisty woman and not prone to sitting by and allowing injustice to happen in front of her. They say I am like that.
I suppose I might be. I do have a tendency to get in the middle of things. Like today for instance--I was dropping off Vicbowin at school and saw this boy swing a punch at another kid and holler "Give me back my hat!" The first thing that registered in my head was the look on the hatless boys face, that look that seems desperate to gain control of life again.
I have to admit, I became that mother everybody despises. That mother that gets out of her car to scold someone else's kid. Yep, that was me today. I walked right up to the fence and told those boys to move along (they were all supposed to be inside today for re…

Anything But The Blog!

On Friday I went with our local missionaries to teach a lady (we'll call her LeeBee) about the Gospel. While we were there we discussed helping LeeBee to quit smoking. One of the missionaries came up with the idea that if she gave up smoking for 10 days then we would all give up something in our own lives.

It was a great idea and I got a good laugh at watching them come up with harder and harder things to abstain from (one missionary had to give up her watch... it was a very hard moment for her).

I smiled, feeling like a grateful observer, until one of the missionaries perked up, "I think Cannwin should give something up too."

The other missionary agreed and a list of possibles ensued.

"I'll give up cooking." I said gravely. They didn't fall for it.

"I'll give up diaper changing!" ... nope...

"I've got it," The younger missionary pipes in, "your blog."

My face must have paled because everyone laughed.