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Best Blog--Worst Diagnosis

Good morning my fine feathered friends... today I had an early appointment with an orthopedic surgeon to assess my aching knee. I have run the gamut of doctors when it comes to my knee (okay maybe not the ENTIRE gamut, but at least three) and have had zero results.

So I went in today thinking that I was finally going to get an answer to why it's been hurting me for the last four years.

Guess what?

Nothing's wrong. At least that's what the doctor said. So I'd like to know how nothing can be wrong with the knee that bothers me every time I kneel down and every time the weather changes.

He recommended I go to Physical Therapy.

I've decided I'm never seeing a doctor again in my life (other than my OB-Gyn) because evidently there is no point. They take all their pictures and bombard my body with radiation only to tell me there's nothing wrong.

Can someone please commiserate with me about this? Because I'm going to be dwelling on it for the rest of the day.


In other news:

>>We have a winner to our Best Blog to Follow poll! But before I announce who it is I want you all to prep your fingers for that right click to a 'new tab.' Because the first and foremost thing about this whole thing is to give our winner some more followers.

So whose the winner? Well, you all know and love her from last months blog trades with her. Congratulations to Evelyn at Hanging by a Silver Lining! She takes the cake.

If you don't follow her, please do her the honor of doing so now.

I hope you all enjoyed finding some new blogs to love. I know I have.

>>Also, if you haven't noticed I have this fun poll like thing in my sidebar. Go check it out and answer the question... How can Cannwin improve this blog?

Tomorrow I promise to not complain about doctors and joints. I'll write something extra chipper just for you guys!



Lisa said…
I SOOOO commiserate with you! Doctors are retarded! But my biggest beef is with the stupid insurance. I pay so much for premiums that I almost can't afford the visits! Good luck! And congrats to Evelyn!
Claire Wessel said…
have you seen a rheumatologist? If it hurts with weather changing that is a sign of arthritis and knees are very common starting point for that. I vote for one more shot with a rheumatologist before you give up. I think there is also a blood test for it. One blood draw and you might get some answers!
Myya said…
Yay I love Evelyn! Congrats to her!! I never go to the doctor (well except the OBGYN of course). Last year I decided I HAD to go because I had this ear ache for 6 or 7 days... I finally decided it was worth the freakin $25 co-pay to go. Guess what... nothing wrong. ear ache all the sudden went away like a day & 1/2 later. SO ANNOYING! Hope you find out what is going on. Wonder if it is something like arthritis???
Myya said…
I forgot to say... sounds weird but maybe check into chiropractic. I'm amazed at what problems it has helped me with & my friends with.
Cannwin said…

I was thinking about just talking about it with my chiropractor.

Maybe I will. :)


I felt so dumb by the time I was done with the doctor I hate the idea of going to another one about it.... I'll give it a few weeks to bother me some more before I talk myself into it :)
Ivy said…
A chiropractor can adjust your knee. Ben had that done a couple of times. He said the first time didn't work so well. The DR. didn't relax it first. The second time he did it with a different guy and it did help.

Your discription does sound a bit like arthritis though.
heather said…
I have an essential oil that should help with the pain. I can send you some if you want to email me your address.

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