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Bad Mommy-ing

Today I made my children ride their bikes to school. It's currently 28*F.

Today I left the gate to the stairs open when I went down and Remewin fell down them... all the way down them.

Today I woke up to discover that the Mischievite had gone #2 and not wiped, I considered not caring.

Today I told Albowin that I didn't care if his brother called him 'a girl,' what I cared about was that he wasn't getting dressed.

I'm not sure when the last time Remewin had a bath was.

I made my kids wear the same pants to school today for the third day in a row.

Yesterday the Mischievite spent 90% of his day watching movies, while I played board games with our local missionaries.

I don't have a pumpkin, or candy, or finished costumes for any of the kids.

The Mischievite took scissors to Remewin's almost done Halloween costume and I yelled at him and made him cry.

Today I considered calling Ralexwin and yelling at him for not folding laundry (I didn't though because I recognized how unfair it was).

I'm not sure anyone brushed their teeth before leaving for school.

I'm not sure what they ate for breakfast before leaving for school.

I think my baby has a dirty diaper and I wish I didn't have to care.


Saimi said…
I think mommy needs some mommy time and a little Calgon!
Oh I would totally yell about the costume! Grrr!

After a day like that...tomorrow has to be some degree better, right? Good luck Cannwin Mommy!
Lind Family said…
This post makes me feel a little better about myself. I'm glad I'm not the only one who has days/weeks like that.
Myya said…
Oh my gosh it is days like these that make you want to lock yourself in the closest or better yet just go back to bed & wake up hoping things will reset themselves & not be so bad. I'd start by going to buy myself a latte or mocha or something, you know totally not worth the money but soooo worth the enjoyment of it. Ohhh or cheesecake. Cheesecake makes the world better LOL.
Cannwin said…
Cheesecake sounds wonderful.
Mad Scientist said…
Oh my. LOL! I so have these days. Especially, the one about not caring the other kids are picking you because I care about you not getting dressed.

Mad Scientist

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