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Hello and Welcome!

Today I get the privilege of being noted for my hard work and dedication.

Okay, really I contacted them, but still... I'm being featured!

Our words of wisdom does this blogs of note thing that I just had to get in on. So here I am... in on it.

Now that I have your attention why don't I get to work. By the time I'm done you'll all be scrolling my sidebar looking for the follow button... which only the truly sincere and dedicated readers do. :)

My name is Cannwin (not really but it's all you'll get out of me).

I am a 30 year old (I finally said it. Whew) South Dakotan, with a scoop of stubborn and a pound of sarcasm.

My formal education ended with a high school diploma and I have spent the last decade teaching myself about anything and everything that peaks my interest. I read voraciously and, it's possible, addictively--my husband got me a book light for our anniversary this year--and I adore writing.

Some oddities about me...

*I once lost all hearing in one ear from too much earwax (totally gross).

*My father lives in Africa (that's not really about me).

*I have a slightly crooked toe from when, as a kid, I tried to jump over a creek and broke it (to show off).

Now onto the good stuff. Which blog posts should I show you.....

There are three in my bio (sidebar) so I won't give you those ones. Hmm.

For more posts you can scroll through my sidebar. --->

Hope you all enjoy and welcome!


Saimi said…
I did read you post over at MMB and you summed up us Mormons rather nicely! Although I have to admit, my horns do surface sometimes.

I like that you have a scoop of stubbornness and touch of sarcasm I feel closer to you already HA! You sound just like me!!
Katherine said…
Stopping by from WOW. Congrats on being featured! I love your description of yourself. Hilarious.
hey, coming from WOW to congratulate you for your BON! I am also a sarcastic creature who can make a tough guy say: you are the only woman in the world I'm affraid off... yikes! off to read more ;) have a great weekend.
Mamarazzi said…
gonna have to go read a little. THEN i am going to go and clean my ears.

Cannwin said…
Mamarazzi, the doctor told me to let the hot water run into my ears when I was showering. Just tip my head and let the hot water gush in.

My mom always told me to never let water into my ears so I'm having a hard time trying to do as the doctor told me... but so far I haven't dropped dead from water in my ears. :)
I'm also hopping on over from WOW!I really enjoyed reading some of your posts, especially the one about cleaning houses,I have spent many hours/years earning my cleaning degree in that line of work,I hope to retire from it one of these days and pay someone else to do it for me!!
Lora said…
congratulations, a few days late :O) you are my kind of blogger, as i've noticed the mention of anthropologie in the post below this one AND you have a healthy shot of sarcasm. yup, my kind of girl :-)

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