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Worlds Most Stressful Career

I am at a peak of stress in my life right now, or maybe it's just my week. Even writing a blog post today is an exercise in self-control and inner-calm.

I have no idea what to do for So You Think You're Crafty in two weeks. The project is due next Thursday and what I thought I was going to do turned out a complete disaster. Last night I dreamt about it, I tossed and turned and rolled and writhed and woke up with entirely too much stress.

Yesterday the real estate agent called to tell us that the people who visited our war zone wanted to see it again tomorrow. No pressure there. All I have to do now is clean the house to pristine condition in a way that doesn't make me look like a complete moron for not having it clean the last time. I would like to call this 'constructively clean,' which is a balance between perfectly clean and getting clean--like a still shot of a family in action.

Then, of course, the Mischievite is refusing to get better which is a stresser of its own. This morning I had to put his 102*F self into the bath to wash off all the diarrhea that had not made it into the toilet (oh, yes... lovely, I know).

Ralexwin is going to be mostly gone this weekend too. The weekend we had allotted for packing (convenient of him, isn't it?).

So, the question becomes at what point do I get to hold the trophy for 'World's Most Stressful Career?' I'm sure it's out there somewhere, shifting from one mom to another, sitting on mantle pieces throughout the world and then graciously bequeathed to another mother in a years time. There is one out there somewhere right?


Meaghan said…
I believe in you! You have strength to do it and if you need any help, I'm here :)
Polly Blevins said…
That is so exciting that they want to come back and look at the house again! I hope it pans out for you.
Jill said…
Oh I know the busy feeling! Although I don't think my life is anywhere near as crazy as yours right now. If it makes you feel any better about where you're at with your next project for SYTYC, this past Tuesday my husband asked when the next round's project was due. I was like, I don't know, I'm guessing soon? Looked it up and realized it was due in 2 days... I quickly made a trip to some thrift stores. I'm a little more on top of it now :)
Cannwin said…

Whew. I'm so glad I'm not alone! 'What was I thinking!?' has crossed my mind a few times this week. :)

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