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Charlotte Fire

Yesterday afternoon around 4PM I received a text from my brother that said;

FYI Wildfire up Mink Creek there's a  very real possibility mom's house is gone. She's gone to town.
Now, my family isn't anything if they aren't dramatic so I sort of thought maybe we were working on over exaggerations here (see 'Someone Else's Blood'). I should have known that if my brother was the one texting it would be serious.

It was very serious.... it IS very serious. Apparently (from what I've been able to gather) the fire started around 2PM, from fireworks, in one hour it had spread 250 acres--that would be because Southern Idaho is the most dry, juniper filled, sage brush over-run... I digress. The fire went directly over the area I grew up in. DIRECTLY (this image is past my mom's house)
Imagine getting a call saying that the neighborhood you live in was on fire and the next door neighbors house had already burnt down and you pretty much have what happened to …


I am typing this on my brand-new-very-own-bought-it-myself computer. She's silver... so in honor of all the other names I have for my electronic devices (Blanca is my ipod-touch, Roja was my camera that I no longer have) I have decided to name this little lady Platty.... for plateado which means silver in spanish... and is the color of my girl.

Today I scrolled through all the blogs I follow for the first time in 6 months. It felt fantastic! Like I finally came home or something.

So now I can sit here and write til my fingers go numb and be at one with my words again.


Oh, and she takes pictures and has a built in webcam (hint-hint Meaghan!):
(This is me trying to figure out how to work the webcam)

I am a happy single lady today.

Buying my own computer was super scary, but I feel empowered by doing so... that's sort of funny I suppose.


I have a half hour before my first mid-term of the semester. I am trying to distract myself... not from the first test but from the second one that I feel woefully unprepared for.

I'm extremely nervous. Feeling slightly sick. Cannot wait for the day to be over.

I have been having trouble writing lately and I think it is because I have become extremely closed off during the last 6 months (ye, it's really been 6 months!). I keep getting comments from people who say things like "I feel like you are hiding things." or "You seem really distant."

Some days I want to say to them, "NO DUH!" My walls have grown so high I'm not sure I can scale them it will take me a lot of time to move past all of this and be able to truly (if ever) open up to people again. That's sort of what happens when everyone you know (not exagerating) leaves you to fend for yourself. You learn to do exactly that... fend for yourself... not expect help and when you don't…

Drumbeat Carries On

Life is plugging along for me and mine. This week my kidlets are with their dad at a family reunion, the timing is pretty perfect since midterms are this week for me and I could use the extra study time.

I have a car that hates me... I've decided to name her Bane (have I mentioned this). My friends say I ought to just buy a new one, but that really isnt an option so she and I plug along together waiting for her to give up and fall apart in the middle of the road. I should meet people who can teach me about how to fix cars.

Love you all. :)


Gender Communication

I figured it wouldn't hurt to take a class about communicating with men.

This served two purposes for me...1) I've decided to go into feminist or gender studies in school (political science emphasis or something) 2) I think my communication with men is somewhat lacking.

So we have been talking about gender stereotypes in media. Our teacher showed us a video called 'sexism sells: but we're not buying' from the women's media center (or whatever it's called).

I want you guys to all watch it but I'm not sure how to add a video to this post (using my blogging app).

So... Someone go find it on YouTube and link it here so we can have an awesome discussion. :) it's pretty shocking.


Other than that I am doing well. It's weird somedays when I think something like 'it'd be really fun to _____' and then I realize there's absolutely no reason I can't. I'm still getting used to that.

Starting Over

The divorce was finalized on June 1st. This is my official announcement. I probably won't actually call anyone and tell them and I most definitely don't want everyone calling me.
And congratulations isn't the best response... just so you know. ;)