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30 Blog Post Ideas (Part 1 of 4)

Can't think of anything to blog about? Try one of these:

1. Write a list of funny things your kids have said.
2. Do a series of short stories about your relationship with your significant other. How did you meet? How did you feel about him/her when you laid eyes on them? Were you attracted to them or wished they'd drop off the planet--what changed your mind?
3. Make a list of your favorite sites and why.
4. Personify an object or situation.
5. Keep a 24 hour journal... post it the next day.
6. Make a happy/sad list.
7. List things that you find strange.... like pink flamingos in front yards.
8. Write an essay from the theme- 'the written word is my drug of choice.'
9. Create a photo series theme. Such as 'The Understated.'
10. Write a story in 50 words.
11. Make a to-do list.
12. Write a love-letter to your favorite object. (your computer)
13. List 15 books that have stuck with you.
14. Create a photographic alphabet. Use poladroid or picnik to alter the pictures to your taste.
15. Write a poem.
16. Create a newspaper article about yourself.
17. Describe a moment in your life with an illustrated photo.
18. Confess something (nothing to confessional.... something like 'I'm actually a Democrat' or 'I don't really like Christmas').
19. Create a discussion topic for your commenter's (this is best done on Friday's when your readers have all weekend to talk about it).
20. Use a recurring theme. Monthly theme's (that change every month and you can fall back on), daily theme's (Tuesday tell-all, wordless Wednesday, funny Friday).
21. Write an advertisement for yourself.
22. Discuss why people should read your blog.
23. Compose a letter to your readers thanking them and encouraging them to spread the word.
24. Write an entire post without using the letter 'L.'
25. Make a photo-journal titled 'A Day in the Life of _____"
26. Discuss--in a educated, controlled manner--a political situation.
27. Make a post out of what would have been a comment. Link to the blog you're commenting about.
28. Tell your readers what your favorite chore is and why.
29. Retell your first memory.
30. Write about the scariest moment in your life. Write about the happiest moment.


Mrs. Perkins said…
All great ideas! All yours? I am always impressed that you keep it fresh and full of new literary ideas, instead of the same old chit chat.
cannwin said…
Why thank you. I think I get bored of the 'same ol' chit chat' so I imagine everyone else does too.
Lisa said…
I so needed this. I'm starring this in my reader. I will be referring to this for many posts to come. I get so stuck on what to blog about besides my kids.

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