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First Words

I have this theory that's been evolving in my head for several years. I'm pretty sure it's accurate, at least with my 3 munchkins.

The theory is this--a babies first word has everything to do with their personality and how they will be when they are older.


My daughter's first word was "Hooray!" She'd throw her little under 2 year old arms up in the air (maybe she was younger, I can't remember) and shout "Hooway!" It was very cute and very her, because my daughter is a genius that blows us away sometimes. She learned how to write her name at 3, learned how to read at 4 and when she started kindergarten she was at a second grade reading level.

She also listens to conversations like a super spy. You have to be REALLY careful what you talk about around her because she's always dropping little gems on you like, "If you have a baby in your tummy mommy, does that mean you guys did that thing?"


"Mom, if that's th…

Happy Thanksgiving

So today's the big day. I'll bet no one even reads this today but since we had our Turkey festivities yesterday (I have to work at 3PM today) I've got a little extra time on my hands this morning. I was going to post a picture of my table spread for you all to see, but I'm not feeling well again. Which brings me to my thankful for's:

I am thankful for my sister's who make me so happy.

I am thankful for my husband who stays by my side even when I'm off my rocker.

I am thankful for the fact that I don't have any money locked in the stock market right now.

I am thankful for my house.

I am thankful for my children... all four of them.*

I am thankful for thanksgiving dinner.

I am thankful for books and the ability to read them.


I am thankful for blogs, because I really have found satisfaction in this simple task.

Have a great day of thankfulness and family everyone!


*Woah... if you didn't catch that I said four children not three. …


One of the "ideas" I was raised listening to was that poor people were dirty, if you were unclean you were poor (or if you were poor you must be messy) and if you were clean you were wealthy. (This became a bit of a problem with those who believed this way -one in particular- when I was 17 and came down with a nasty case of head lice.)

This blatant stereotype is so grossly inaccurate that it paints the believer onto the same canvas as the ignorant and prejudiced amongst us. I've been thinking about this a lot lately... since I'm poor and most of the people I know are poor* and I've come to two simple conclusions.

1) The reason the poor are depicted as messy or unclean is because they have no room to store things! When you own a large house and have closets and spare rooms to shove all of your excessive earthly belongings people may well think you are cleaner than you are. When you live in a small house or apartment with your spouse and children and/or roommates the…

Haircutting 101


Step one: Make sure you have the right scissors.

Step Two: Make sure you have all the proper equipment.

Step Three: Be sure to pull your own hair back, so it doesn't get in the way (oh, and it's always good to wear your favorite shirt... for good luck).
Step Four: Be sure the victim... er, I mean client... can't see.

Step Five: Close your eyes and pray.Step Six: When you think you might be done open your eyes and inspect your work.

Note: If the hair looks really bad, go to the stylist and blame it on your spouse.

Yuck, I'm Sick Again...

I have this great post topic but I feel so under the weather you'll just have to wait. Ever get those chills that leave you piled under five of your biggest blankets wishing one of them was electric? That's me today, it hit me at church (which is probably the worst place to get sick at) and I had to suffer through the remaining hour in my coat and scarf not remotely interested in singing or learning. So here I am, lying in bed with everything but my arms, neck and head covered wishing I was asleep or feeling a little worse (so as to justify my husband not going to classes tommorrow). I'm sure I'll endure but until then here's a picture of a shirt I made and have been meaning to post.

This was an old tee-shirt of my husbands that I found when we were unpacking (we actually have no clue where it came from) and I loved the pattern on the front so I confiscated it and it's been sitting with my sewing stuff for a few months waiting to be dissected.
I obviously have tw…

Travel for Two

England is magnificent in a way that seeps into every nook and cranny. Even the stones and the stairs are worth photographing. I liked the country as a whole, but I loved Scotland the most--Edinburgh to be exact.

When Ralexwin graduates from Law School we are planning on taking a foreign trip together (this will be a first) and we're both excited. However, we've decided we'll probably steer clear of Europe and go somewhere truly fascinating. He wants to go to Israel and although I think that would be cool I informed him that I don't want to get shot or blown up. I suggested India. ;) We've still got some time to knock out the specifics (and save up the money) but India would be amazing. Anyone have any suggestions on where to go? I'm not really into the South America thing, there's to many wierd bugs down there, but anywhere else is open for discussion.

To do:

This is something I'm submitting to another blog which is here. But since it's my list and I just loved how many random things I had to do on this particular day so I'm sharing. Enjoy!

-Oh, and where the heck did you all go!? Have I lost my following? My google analytics thing says I'm down 46% YIKES! Give me a shout out so I know you're still here.-

Tuesday-Tell-All--on Wednesday

Tell us about the last book you read.

Hmm, the one I'm almost done with? Or the one I just finished? How about I just tell you about a book I have read recently that I really enjoyed.

"These Is My Words," is a book I've stumbled across several times in the past few years but had never picked up and read. Finally my little sister (emarfar) ended up with a copy of it that I gladly stole from her just before I moved to South Dakota. (hehehe) And do you know what I found out? That book is incredible! I was riveted, I fell in love with the characters and their daily plights, I couldn't put it down. I consumed it in less than a week.

So what is in this book that I find so captivating? It's the journal entries of a woman growing up in the Arizona territory and according to the back of the book it is based on a woman in the author's family line.

Sarah is the woman and she's got this man that's in love with her that she's absolutely oblivious to. Jack …

The Kids are at it Again, Here's Some More Unbelievable Quotes.

-Backstory: We've got this fireplace in the front room that I'm learning all kinds of neat things about, like that it has this underground ash dumping spot directly beneath the fireplace (accessible through a trap door in the bricks on the fireplace floor). It also has two chains that extend down from the chimney with the letter's 'O' and 'S' on them.

7 y/o Daughter: Mom, what does the O and S stand for? Or does it spell Os? What's Os mean?

Me: There's no such word as Os and I'm not sure what the O and S stand for, maybe they are the manufacturers signature.

Daughter: What are the chains for?

Me: Well there's a big plate up in the chimney that when it's open lets all the smoke go outside. When it's closed all the smoke would fill up this room.

Daughter: Hmm, maybe the O and S stand for OPEN and SHUT.

Me-feeling rather stupid: Honey, you're a genius.


My daughter asks this of anyone she see's typing: "…

Talking Politics

The interesting thing about being around Law Students all the time is that the only thing they ever talk about is law. It's not like hanging out with undergrads, who actually have lives outside of school, no these are the people who spend every waking moment studying, thinking, and breathing legal mumbo-jumbo. We play games and they argue the rules like it's a court case. If there's a lull in conversation it's taken up by class assignments. When they come over for a casual visit there's inevitably an argument about politics or the Supreme Court. I love it, but I have to admit they're all a bunch of nerds. ;)

This is one of my favorite people here in South Dakota. She moved here from Utah at the same time we moved from Montana, we immediately hit it off and she actually makes me feel I'm part of the conversation (even if I'm not the Law Student). So here's to Melissa may she be the top in her class.

Tagged. (I love being tagged)

Here's the rules if you feel like playing along:
Each player starts with eight random fact/habits about themselves.Okay so here's my list:

1. I have a terrible habit of shouting "In the name of everything Holy!' when I'm mad at a car in the road. I imagine this isn't the best phrase to be using as it pretty much covers all the bases of damnation. I'm working on it.

2. When I was a kid my friends and I used to shoplift... frequently. (this is something I feel pretty bad about now)

3. I have two manuscripts in their second drafts and about 5 others in their first drafts. No luck on publication yet though.

4. I'm a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints, more commonly known as Mormon's (but that's not our name).

5. I try to hide my clothing addiction from my husband. When I buy something I will take the tags off and bury the bag. It never works, he always notices when I've bought something new.

6. When I was a child my famil…

On The Road

Two years ago emarfar decided she didn't want to live in Phoenix anymore. So one day she packed her car as full as it would go and she hit the road. Three months later she finally made it to my house in Montana. So what did she do for 3 months? She drove all over the Western United States meeting people and living out of her car. She loved it! Here is a self portrait and one of her most loyal companion.
Contributed by emarfar.

Ground Zero

Contributed by emarfar.

Night Along the Yellowstone

The Yellowstone River runs a jagged path across Montana and some of Wyoming. It bisects a little area known as Paradise Valley. It's quite the place and if you ever have a chance to visit Yellowstone National Park you should take the short drive up the Emigrant, Montana, which sits right in the heart of this valley.

This area of Montana is also the site of several movies and the home for several rather famous people including Peter Fonda, Tom Brokaw, and Christopher Paolini. It's also where we used to live and sometimes miss dreadfully. Emarfar lived there with us.
Contributed by emarfar.

My Guest Contributor Revealed

Emarfar was born and raised in Idaho and has enjoyed an adventurous life of travel. She has traveled a considerable amount of the Western United States by train, plane and automobile and has lived in California, Arizona, and Montana. Emarfar currently works as a photographer's assistant, which she enjoys immensely, and is learning everything she possibly can so that she can make a living doing what she loves most, taking pictures.

Other than being about the coolest, bravest girl I know she's also my little sister. When we were children she used to tell on me for no other reason but to get me in trouble and then as a teenager she stole all my makeup and lost it at the school. She is one of my two favorite women in the world (the other being my older sister) and if it were in her best interests I would drop everything to help her.

When she is practicing the art of photography my children and I get the distinct luxury of being her favorite models. This has led to many great picture…


Ooh it's a Double Post Day.

Wow, so has anyone been watching the weather? I mean holy moly South Dakota's been walloped. Deadwood got 36 inches and the I-90 (as of last night) is closed from Mitchell, SD west to 50 miles inside the Wyoming border. Now just how far is that? Well let's take a look shall we.
We're talking a days drive here. It's unbelievable! At work we had all these people calling and saying they weren't going to be able to make it to town because they were quite literally stuck in their houses. My friend has a guy coming to visit her on his way to D.C. from Utah. He's stuck somewhere outside of Rapid City.

This is a map of us right now... see that big blue spot? That's me--and everyone else around me.Here's another view:

So how much have I gotten here at my house? Oh, a dusting. Either the storm completely missed us or we're gonna get it tonight. I'll be rather disappointed if it doesn't hit us, I always love a good storm.

Everyone who lives in those nice o…

I'm So Glad When Daddy Comes Home...

Is everyone still there?I'm typing away! My fingers are starting to hurt though. Whew, maybe you should go check me out at

A Line of Women

This is my husband's maternal line from great-great grandmother to oldest daughter. (It is also his youngest sister, for all those of my posterity who might be wondering)

My Boys

In the great words of Seuss:

"You can learn about hoses and how to smell roses and what you should do about owls on noses. There are plenty of things you can read about but... You'll miss the best things if you keep your eyes shut."

Two of my favorite pictures

I don't know what it is... the truck, the sunglasses, the water bottle or the men... but these images just scream southern wedding to me.
(sorry to if I offend you Polly-dear)

They are some of my favorite pictures.

November Topic

As it is the month for NaNoWriMo--and I'm afraid I'll be slacking on my blogging for those coveted 50,000 words--I've decided that I'm going to do something a little different. I'll have to admit I'm kind of stealing this idea from a blog I love--abiqutie--but assure you that she's much better than I am.

So anyway, I'm going to do pictures this month. I'm just sure I'll be popping my comments and thoughts in whenever I have a spare minute but I'm also going to be typing at least 1,642 words a day on top of my English Composition class (and work, and babies, and Thanksgiving) so I was hoping photos would take the edge off a little.

Enjoy the change of pace and wish me luck on my month of novel writing!