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Funny Kids

(Background) I'm trying to get everyone out of the house in the AM when the baby comes to me with a missing shoe (at least the fifth one of the morning).

ME: Where is your shoe!? You just had it.

2 year old: I nuh no. (translation: I don't know)

ME: Alright everyone look for his shoe too.

(5 min later)

Me- at the end of my rope: BABY! WHERE... IS... YOUR... SHOE!

2 year old: I... NUH... NO!!!


(Background) I'm trying to get 6 y/o to read to me.

Me: I think that says 'thirty butterflies'

Him (exasperated): No! That says ten.

Me: Oh, ten butterflies.

Him: NO! There's no 'b' ... see it's got an L-E-G- and S... That spells legs, not butterflies. See... ten legs! You really should know that Mom.


This one doesn't need background.

7 year old daughter: Maybe the reason your heads been hurting so much is because of how much you yell.


6y/o: Being angry is bad, when you're angry you get screws.

Me: What?

6 y/o: At Guidance, when you are ang…

In 50 Words

My dear friend Cari suggested this as a blog idea and I loved it.
Nothing to Blog About?

Why not try writing a story using no more than 50 words...I came across this 50 word writing contest a few years ago and wrote a few, but never remembered to enter the next year. The story has to have a begining middle and end!

To make it easier/harder I'll give you a word you have to use (though of course I won't cry if you ignore this suggestion entirely) Your word is; castle
So I did it! It was fun and made my husband laugh. I think I'll have to try this again. Okay, ready:

Betrayal(not part of the 50 words)

Raya's scream woke the castle. People streamed into the throne room to gape at their mutilated king. A gap formed to admit the prince.

"We must find the murderer!" Raya sobbed.

He smiled coldly, "So we can thank him."

In rage she lunged, oblivious of the bloody knife he held.

I think we should all do this, so if you like to write.…

Someone Drag Me Out Back and Shoot Me!

No post today. Cannwin is busy dying... of a sinus infection and stupid insurance.

Don't Get to Excited Now.

Headline for today:

Justice Ginsburg likely will be dead in 9 months

Hmm, well gee that's nice. I'm glad Justice Ginsburg and family can have a nice peaceful time together before she passes away.

Oh, wait... they won't be having a nice peaceful time, the bets have already been placed the horses are chewing at the bits and pawing at the dirt.

Don't anyone get to excited or anything we wouldn't want it to seem that we were waiting for her to give up or anything.

Sometimes headlines kill me. Really was there not a more appropriate way to break the news. Perhaps something to the effect of:

Family Mourns News that Justice Ginsburg has Less than a Year to Live.

Politicians Rally Around Grieving Family at News that Ginsburg Won't Recover

But no... we get beauties like:

SHOCK: Senator says Justice Ginsburg likely will be dead before year's end...

It makes me glad my family suffers from an accute case of anonymity. Heaven…


Ralexwin has been working hard on a 20 page paper that needs to be ready to present in front of the South Dakota Supreme Court. *gasping for air* I can't even imagine, the thought of it gave me nightmares for a week. So, loving wife that I am, I've been trying to help him clean it up a little bit. I have to admit though, that I get a little lost when I come across phrases like:
"given the totality of circumstances, a trier of fact could not find by a preponderance of evidence that consent was given."


I said to him then, "Dear, I think this might be over my head."

"No it's not honey, you're an excellent writer."

"Yes, but I didn't even understand that.... Is it in English?"

The poor man had to break it down for me. Here I am trying to help him while he does some other work and he has to translate. I can't even tell him if it's written well because I can't understand it!

*sigh* I guess I'll learn something …

Do You Want Some Cheese with that Whine?

I'm depressed, great welled up tears spilling onto my already soaked pillow depressed. The kind of depressed that is usually accompanied by music... Hey where's my music?

*soft forlorn song begins to quietly play*

Much better.

Ten years I've waited for this. TEN YEARS. And what happens now? I can't go. Nope, if there was any hope of making an appearance it's gone now. And why is it gone, because I've got this tiny creation who just might have waited a millennia or so that has decided to pick the end of July as his/her moment of appearance.

*throwing myself back on the bed*

Ten years! I'll bet no one will even remember me in 20.

The cosmos is out to get me again, it likes doing that you know. It thinks it's funny. Well I don't and I was rather looking forward to my High School Reunion.

But no... It's been scheduled for July 25th and I've got this bundle of love promising to make it's debut 3 days later.

So, *sniffles* I've got to stay…

Cleanliness is Next To... Hey! Don't Just Toss That On the Floor!

Do you see this pile? It's the garbage that I swept out from under the kitchen table. It's huge! Compared to the amount of space involved this pile should be a contestant for the world record.

Now I've begun to wonder and I've come up with two theories.

1. My children have some major issues with food getting into their mouths.


2. I'm a terrible mother who hasn't worked hard enough at keeping her house clean.

I can't decide, but I do keep coming back to the fact that it matters very little how clean the house is at 3PM. Because at approx. 3:45PM there will be snow boots and back packs and folders and coats and whatever little gems of school yard trash my children decide might be of value strewn from door to kitchen to bedroom. Whose fault is that? Mine for not teaching properly the importance of cleanliness? Or theirs for not particularly caring?

Admittedly, I'm not perfect, but am I just fooling myself into a false comfort of 'not perfect' when in …

Hello? Can You Hear Me Now?

I got a new phone for Valentine's Day. I'm so excited! It pretty much just rocks. I've never had a nice phone before.

It also has video which is fun as well. Especially when it's been years since we've been able to record our kids. Let's see if I can upload something....

*Chorus of Angels singing*

So this is the Iyawin. When I say "Say I love you," you just might be able to hear him making kissing sounds. Oh and that would be my 'mommy' voice, I'm not usually so hmm, sing songy.

Hmm, okay my phone is called a Palm Centro and although it has the capability of using the internet Ralexwin says we can't afford it. *sigh*

So, short blog today but my battery is rather low and I think that that-there cutie is into something.

Have a great day!

The Fantastical

So on Saturday I was at work chatting amiably with my shift replacement when suddenly the world stopped moving and the universal heart skipped a few beats. Perhaps you noticed, it wasn't the sort of thing one misses.

It wasn't my fault really, I was, in all honesty, the innocent bystander that Fate chose to thrust into the center of this ghastly struggle. There I was casually placing my things back into my bag, mindlessly cheerful at my release form the ranks of the underpaid (at least for awhile) when the guy who was relieving me sighted my book.

"Ooh. What's that you're reading?" He asked.

"The Earthsea Trilogy. You read it?"

He shrugged, " Never heard of it."

"Oh, it's Fantasy. " I supplied as I finished stuffing the book away.

"Ah, the fake stuff." He mocked.

*cosmic heart skipping*
*sudden lurching sensation felt across the globe*
*Tolkien and Lewis roll over in their graves*
*Cannwin nearly passes out*

I sm…

Friday Finale

The kids are off
The kids are away
It's time for me to enjoy my day

But my throat is sore
My back is aching
I think my cell phone might be breaking

My mood is rotten
My temper is short
For my blog I have zilch to report

No funny stories
No clever antics
Just a mom whose frizzled and frantic

So enjoy the weekend
Enjoy the sun (if you can find it)
Then come back on Monday for more blogging fun


However for a good laugh go here.

Wuv, Twue Wuv.

I need a shoe box. Well really I need two shoe boxes. From now on I'm saving shoe boxes because this is just ridiculous. There are five of us in this house and not one shoe box.

I save silly things like piles and piles of their old school work--all stuffed into one drawer--but not one box that will satisfactorily make a valentines container.

Ralexwin comes up with this great idea, "Use the diaper boxes," he says.

A diaper box can hold up to 100 and some odd diapers.

Can you imagine my child walking into class tomorrow carrying that? Seems a bit hopeful don't you think? Like something straight out of Charlie Brown.

"Please!" I wail to my husband, "You need to help me with this. I've got to work all night tonight and I'm not going to be able to help them make anything. Will you?"

"Oh no!"

I give him my puppy dog eyes.

"Honey, if I have to help them make Valentine's boxes I'm going to make them decorate their lunch pales…

More Medical Profundities

As you will know from my last post the baby and I made a visit to the doctor yesterday. And my dear Dr. told me the most interesting thing I've heard since I was informed that having lots of babies could kill me. ;)

As you may also know the main reason the bambino and I were in to see the doc was because the baby has a cough again.

So our Dr. K takes a look at him asks a few questions and says to me.

"He sure has had a lot of respiratory problems this year. Is this typical or is it new?"

"Oh, it's new, last winter he seemed to be fine, that I can remember."

"Hmm, well I'm a little concerned that we might be looking at something asthmatic. Especially with the other symptoms you've been telling me about."

(he does a lot of coughing after we put him to bed at night... regardless of whether he's sick or not)

Dr. K continued, "So is there a family history of asthma?"

"Yes, well, my sister has asthma but she wasn't diagnos…

Cough, Cough, Cough. Wheeze, Wheeze, Wheeze.

We've decided the baby is our "sickly" child. He was at it again last night *rolls eyes* coughing up a lung or two and making everyone's lives miserable, including his own.

The poor thing, it's like every respiratory ailment that floats along the air see my baby and makes a b-line straight for him. So I'm off to the doctor again today for him. It was supposed to be his 2 year old well child checkup but since he had a fever all night long I'm thinking that they aren't going to be to apt on giving him any shots.

What a long night!!!!! I can't believe how exhausted I feel. I think I got maybe an hours worth of sleep in all and that was between more than one bed. Iyawin keeps going from happy, cheerful baby to utter grump. I think he's just as tired as I am.

So anyway, lots to do today.

I need a topic to blog about anyone have any ideas?

Baking Soda Disaster

Whilst trying to come up with a proper blog for today (before my battery ran out) I heard a little sound. The sort of sound that makes any parent of a toddler jump up and run into the other room.

The sound of the refrigerator being opened.

I was to late, the damage was being done as I turned the corner.

There he was my 2 year old in all his glory dumping a box of baking soda onto the carpet. *sigh* So I'm afraid my mornings blogging enjoyment will have to be cut short today. Unless one of you wanted to come clean up the ensuing mess?

Otherwise I'll see you all tomorrow with (hopefully) some better blogging luck.

In the meantime does anyone know anything about a lawsuit against project playlist?

I Like to Sing and Dance, I Like to Sing and Dance

When I was a little girl I thought that everyone in the world broke out into song except my little sliver. I'm not entirely sure where this idea came from, perhaps from movies like "The Little Mermaid" and "Beauty and the Beast." However I came to such a conclusion it bothered me.

So I took it upon myself to rectify this discrepancy within my life (I was a very dramatic child). On my way home from my neighbors house I would often start singing "skipity doo da, skipity a! My oh my what a wonderful day." Then I'd do a few turns on the road, spin a couple of times and continue on walking.

I knew all the songs to "The Little Mermaid" and would sing them at any time, breaking into song in the bath tub or on the walk up the hill from the bus stop.

I was fairly convince of my innate ability to break champagne glasses. I was a child genius who just hadn't been discovered yet.

I even went so far as to make up my own songs in hopes that the birds …

Bills, Bills and more Bills

So remember when my baby boy ended up in the hospital (just before Christmas) because he was so dehydrated from throwing up?

We got the bill yesterday. It's one of those doozies that literally takes your breath away just seeing it.

Thankfully the insurance paid the majority of the bill. Still I have to wonder why on earth it cost so much!?

When I delivered the little tyke (2 years ago) it cost me less than this and there were two of us.

I will qualify this bill by saying it does have my Electrocardiogram on it, which cost about $1,700 (ouch), but that leaves $4200ish for an overnight stay with IV's for el bambino.

This would be the issue I have with our health care system... right here. The problem is that people who can barely afford to live still have to fork out extreme amounts of cash for medical services. The medical community ought to be seriously reprimanded for what I see as a callous disregard for the hardships of those they work with.

I mean what other industry do you go i…

On The Menu For Today

So I need a shower, but instead I'm here using up the little battery power I get in the AM's when my dear Ralexwin switches his charged battery for my used up one. (I really need a new charger... I'm going on month 4 here).

Today Ralexwin is nervous about his first class so he left early to get a little more study time in. Why is he nervous? Well, there's this professor (we'll call him B) and his GA (graduate assistant) is in his last year of law school. We happen to know said GA and also happen to know that he will be putting in a good word for us with Pro. B when the time comes for reviewing applications.

Ralexwin, feeling a surge of innitiative, went and talked to Pro. B (who also happens to be the Family Law Professor) and mentioned that he was interested in family law... as well as the GA position. They chatted and now our dear Pro. B knows Ralexwin by name.

Good job! I think.

Fast forward a week or two and there is a case in class today that has to do with family…

Now You Get to See my Nerd

Alright here's my confession...

I grew up on Star Trek. Yes. I know all the character's. I know all the storylines. I know it all. I remember the crisp call from the house on a warm summer's evening, "Kids, Star Treks on."

I've even been to opening nights of the movies.

When my husband was doing some training for the military (away from me) we would talk on the phone and our conversations would often go like this:

Me: "So, what are you doing?"

Him: "Watching Star Trek on Spike TV. Did you know they have a channel just for men?"

Me: "Hmm, that sounds a little dangerous. Which Star Trek?"

Him: "What do you mean?"

Me: "Original? Next Generation? Deep Space 9?"

Him: "Oh. Next Generation."

Me: "What's the episode about?"

Him: "Well so far theirs this blond girl... her hairs really short and she's on this planet with this glob of black stuff."

Me: "Seen it. Her names Yar and she's…

Terrible Tremendous Two's

My littlest one is dos (that's two in spanish) today. I'm so excited and sad. They shouldn't be allowed to grow up this fast.

Okay, okay maybe I was really happy when his older brother grew up a little more and past the terrible two and the torturous three's (seriously three year old's have always been worse in my house) but with my little Iyawin I'm sad because he's been a gem of a child so far and I hate to see him grow up. I mean look at him...
He makes me want to snuggle up in a warm blanket and just read him stories. He makes me want all of them to just STOP!

Please quit putting mom through this because she just adores every one of you and she wants to remember every moment.

But I suppose I am excited for him to talk more, and to potty train. And I am excited to see him learn to read and enjoy the books he carries around with him. And maybe he'll want to join the army someday, unlike his older brother who wants to be a crayon maker.

Whatever it is I hop…