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Holiday Hiatus

Chitty Chitty meets Cannwin

Have you ever seen Chitty Chitty Bang Bang? I honestly hadn't until I was an adult with children.
Now we watch it all the time, and one of the things I've noticed is how cute some of their props and costumes are.
So, I'm going to do another set of Theirs Vs. Ours links. Ready?
Links to making your own rompers: Growing Home Online (the one above) Dana-Made-It Intstructables

Can I just say how much I love smocks? Remewin has just one that I made... I need to make some more.
Links: Prudent  Baby (shown here) Madquilter

Links: Jane Avion (shown here)

Link: Brown Paper Packages (shown here)
What do you think? Living in a movie sounds good to me.
Now, I'm off to quickly clean my house before my play-daters show up.
Remember, I'm on vacation through the end of the year, but I'll try to pop and leave some Christmas love for all of you.
Happy Holidays!

Best Blog To Follow Recipient

I have been up since 5 AM.

With 4 children.

3 of which got up at least once during the night.

The oldest 2 had to get ready for school.

And the 1 me that there is wants to take a nap.

Oh, and there are 0 days left to vote for your favorite blog.

Congratulations to 'Goddess in Progess' for winning the title of Best Blog to Follow. Now she can put this beauty up on her blog (if she wants) and we should all go on over and click the 'follow' button she has ready and waiting.

As for who this lady is, well, Heather just had her first child, a beautiful baby boy. She likes to be healthy and is in the process of starting an e-group for all of you who want to be healthy with her!

She's a gem and once sent me some essential oils to reduce my knee and shoulder pain. I loved the stuff! Well, still love the stuff, but my roommate stole it and is now holding it hostage in her bedroom downstairs. (When she leaves for Christmas I'll steal it back.)

So go... enjoy!

How To Catch A Fairy

Now, depending on the philosophy you adhere to, your fairy will do one of several things:
-Grant you wishes.
-Lose her wings.
-Turn into some nasty, angry little thing.
-Teach you all  about fairies.
-Or die.
I think I'll go with wish granting.

Worst Boss Ever

Last night I had one of those nasty dreams where everything in the world is going wrong. In this particular dream it involved working at a cash register... that I couldn't remember how to work... with a line of people in front of me (as the girl next to me flew through customers)... and with my boss standing behind me going through some of my journals and informing me how terrible my handwriting was. At some point in my dream I turned to her, said some spectacular words and quit.

I woke this morning with a great idea for a blog post. "The Worst Boss Ever"

What with school and work and my lively social life my schedule was full I went to school every morning at 6 AM--ish and got off work every evening at 11PM--ish. I would have loved every minute of it were it not for my boss.

She was the most intimidating woman I have ever met and she must have thought I was the dumbest person she had ever met.

She only allowed me to work the cash register on the slowest day of the week…

For Your Information

Lots of little, yet important, things to discuss today... so pay attention.

1) I have come up with a great new blog theme for me to do:
This is something I've been mulling around for a bit, and I would love your participation. What are some things you've heard about Mormons that you would like clarified? Do Mormons practice polygamy? Do Mormons believe in Jesus Christ? Do Mormons really have horns that fall off when they leave Utah? I'd love to answer these in a safe, fun atmosphere.

So you can post your questions in any comment, anonymously if you'd like, or you can email them to me by filling out my contact sheet here.

2) Don't forget to vote for your favorite blog on my sidebar (if you read me somewhere besides blogspot, you'll actually have to make an appearance to do this--I'll make it easy... here's my link.)

3) Just under my 'follow me' button I've added a new gadget. It's usefulness shall be determined by you guys. It's …

What You Ought To Know

11 Things You Didn't Know You Ought To Know: (Also known as Cannwin's Bored List)
1. The Cranberry, Blueberry, and Concord blue grape are the only native fruits of North America.
2. 10 inches of snow is the equivalent of 1 inch of rain.
3. Hippopotomonstrosesquipedaliophobia is the fear of long words.
4. Pearls will dissolve in vinegar.
5. Lettuce is from the sunflower family.
6. Cashews and poison ivy are related.
7. It is unlikely that you will actually sink in quicksand. If you relax you will actually float to the top, like in water. 8. Benjamin Franklin never patented a single one of his inventions.
9. The Influenza outbreak of 1918 (ala Edward Cullen) killed 500,000 people in 8 months.
10. Salt is the only rock that can be eaten by humans.
11. You can now vote for your favorite blog in my sidebar.

Little Cindy-Lou Who

As a mom I have some pretty powerful bragging rights that I'd like to lay claim to today.

I have the cutest bug in the world.

After Vicbowin was born I wasn't sure I'd ever get another girl. Ralexwin's family genes lean very strongly toward male babies and the odds were overwhelmingly against me.

Then Albowin came along, followed by the Mischievite and I began to lose hope that I would ever be able to give my daughter a sister.

Imagine my joy when the doctors announced that my newborn child was a girl. I nearly cried.

"A girl!?" I breathed, as they handed that sweet, messy bundle to me.

A girl. A sister. A daughter.

Vicbowin and I wasted no time in buying Remewin's first dress. We've taken every opportunity to primp and coddle and spoil this little delight in our lives and Remewin seems to grow brighter with our love.

But don't assume that she is immune to the fourth child syndrome. We torment her as equally as we adore her--and we video tape it all…

To Bid Adieu

In the Church of Jesus Christ we have a three-fold mission that we aim to accomplish (as a whole)--proclaiming, perfecting and redeeming.

Proclaiming the gospel (missionary work) is, therefore, very important to our faith and is an expectation and duty of every male member. At 19 years old each young man is expected (but not required) to serve for two years in a location unknown to him until about 2 months before he leaves (almost anywhere in the world).

Likewise, women in our church can experience the same fulfillment of proclaiming the gospel, but it is not obligatory for her.

Since men are expected to go and women may choose for themselves it stands to reason that there are a lot more male missionaries then female.

As members of the church, having missionaries serving in your town or congregation is exciting. Especially if you take the opportunity to get to know them. It's equally exciting for us women when we get to have 'Sister' missionaries in our area.

Today my dea…

Oh Christmas Tree

After much wrangling with schedules my family all managed to be in the same room together (pre-bedtime) for more than an hour.

This gave us enough time to put up our Christmas tree and get in a much needed family picture.

We haven't had a family picture in a few years. We're not one of those families that's ever paid more than $50 for a photo shoot (although I always wish we would). So a family photo is a big deal for us and I was immensely pleased to only have to click the self-time twice to get this one.

It's nice that our kids are at an age where they can appreciate and understand when their mom says, "Smile!"

Do you ever look at family pictures of yourselves and think--'Wow. That's all mine.'

As I was tweaking this photo I kept thinking about all the Christmas cards we've received over the years with those big families we know and their cute children. I remember being the 'young family,' or the 'new family,' and never quit…

Season Finale

Today begins a torturous fourteen day stretch known locally as Finals Week.
In true David Letterman style I thought I'd give you the top ten ways a spouse can recognize Finals Week.
Top Ten
10. All the junk food in the house has suddenly gone missing.
9. You've managed to finish that 1000 page book you've been working on for 3 months.
8. The children keep asking where their dad is.
7. You've stopped cooking for anyone but your kids--Macaroni & Cheese anyone?
6.  The front door opens and closes at 1AM and 4AM.
5. Your bed is easier to make than it has been all semester.
4. Text books start piling up in the living room.
3. Your spouse starts forgetting to do things like turning off the car.
2. Conversations degenerate into arguments three sentences after 'Good Morning, my dear.'
1. Yesterday you discovered a neat game online called Bedazzled. Today you passed the all-time highest score.

How To Get More Blog Hits

Warning: This post contains discussions of my inner female organs.
I've got this pain in my right side. It's not new... in fact since the Mischievite was born it's been coming more and more frequently and pretty regularly. I'm convinced it's a re-occurring cyst on my ovary.

So last night I lay in bed tossing and turning and wondering (not for the first time in my life) why I wasn't taking pain pills.

This morning I'm sitting on the recliner, laptop pulled up to my stomach so that I can pull my legs up to my tummy as well (not very good for typing posture, but I don't care right now).

As I sat in this protective posture, wondering--again--why I haven't taken an Advil, Ralexwin and our tenant, Elizabeth, walked into the kitchen.

"Cannwin is in pain all over in her stomach." Ralexwin announces to the world at large. "She thinks it's Ovarian Cancer."

Elizabeth looks up in shock.

"No, I don't." I say rolling my eyes.

Best Blog To Follow

I haven't done a blog award in awhile... so let's do one today. Do you remember what my blog award is all about?

The Best Blog To Follow Award is a no strings attached celebration of those writers we love. I'll put a link up at the bottom where you can attach any blogs that you adore (you can even nominate more than one!). Then, on Monday I will close up the link and we'll vote on those nominated.

The winner will be emailed one of these little beauties:

And we'll all be nice enough to follow and comment on their blog. Sound fun?
It sure does to me.
You can go to my Awards page to see the past winners as well.
The criteria for blogs to be nominated are:
Small following (less than 250-ish)
Humorous Easy to read Consistent postings Relatively family friendly Someone willing to have fun with my little award
Wordpress and other blog formats welcome! 

So let's do some nominating!

The Great U. S. of A.

Some mornings when I look at my blog my mind comes up with absolutely zilch to write about. That's when I search the web for blogging prompts (like the ones you can find at

Some mornings I look through the blogging prompts and my mind comes up with absolutely zilch, but then there's the mornings where I come across great prompts like the one below and then my mind starts spilling forth it's wit:

Plinky Prompt: Describe the country you live in to a foreigner who has never heard of it.

First of all, where does such a person live? Under a rock? Who hasn't heard of the great U S of A?!

We do go by some other names sometimes I suppose--does the Great Satan ring a bell?

Still nothing?

Well, rock-dweller, let me tell you a little bit about the most powerful nation in the world.

First of all we're pretty big (land mass wise, not in stature), about half the size of Russia, but then again if you haven't heard of the US then who are we fooling--you haven't…