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Grey Hairs and Acne

I am turning 28 in 14 days and I'm not sure what stage of life I'm in. Sure I'm a mother with three growing children, but I hardly consider my marriage of 8 years (in 23 days) 'young.' Nor do I consider it old. The same goes for myself; many people my age are not even married, some have families larger than mine. Am I old or young? I'm not really a young mother any more am I (I hope not since I'm fairly experienced... well up to 6 years old at least)

And it's a bit scary to realize that the professional athletes are your age (Kobe Bryant [spelling?] just turned 30) weren't they always older than me? And those college kids are now younger than you (let me specify... undergrads).

Then there is the whole body issue. I have gray hairs! Truly I do, I've found several (and immediately pull them out) but I've also got zits, more than I did when I was a teenager. I have a acne at 28! What is wrong with my body, my mind, everything. I'm in some so…

To The Noisy Night

Oh noisy night so full of sound
Why are there so many bugs around?
The crickets sing, the other things click
It's so much noise it makes me sick

Oh noisy night without the cars
It would be nice to watch the stars...
In silence, in quiet, in peaceful contemplation
Instead I hear your insect nation!

Oh noisy night should I complain
If your little friends outside remain?
I don't mind as long as I don't see
Your creepy, crawly creatures anywhere near me.

This One's for Ivy

So after finding all the exciting wonders of my backyard, the pears, the strawberries, the rhubarb, I'm surprised and a little chagrined to tell you of another discovery I have back there.

I think I have Marijuana growing in my back yard.

Well, really it's growing in my neighbors backyard and overgrowing into ours. So what do I do guys? I think I'd feel incredibly silly calling the police, but it's in their yard (partially in mine) and I can't exactly climb the fence and start pulling up their plants.

I've never seen a marijuana plant before and I probably wouldn't have even noticed but the neighbor on the other side said she'd found some in her garden.

What a strange strange place I live.

Family Gossip

So my brother calls me the other day (he'll kill me for blogging this) and says all casual like, "Heard any family rumors lately?"

Yeah, right, like my brother ever calls and asks that. I mean, sure, he's always the last one to know but that's not because he makes an effort to be the first one to know, so to have him ask that sent up red flags in every direction and I snatched at it.

"Why, what have you heard!?"


"Come on, I know you have."

"I can't tell you. If you don't know I can't say anything, I just wanted someone to talk about it with cause it's really disturbed me. If you don't know, you don't want to know."


"I'm sorry I brought it up, don't try to figure it out, okay."

So, I've not tried, in fact I hardly care if they want to tell me then fine, but I'm sick of being the 'gate-keeper' as my dear counselor called it. The one who all…

TTA- First School Memory

It says to tell about your first day of school but honestly does anyone remember that? That was over 20 years ago! I do have a kindergarten memory though (for all you foreigner's Kindergarten is where 5 year olds go in the US it's the first year of school)

There was this boy, Robbie Bybee and he was in the terms of a 5 year old 'cute' (my parents were a little worried at how early I started noticing boys, by the way). I remember being in class in a circle with all the other kids and talking to my neighbor/childhood/current/dear friend Rinda (well we were whispering) about how much we liked Robbie.

I got in trouble for talking (I always had talking marks on my report cards, it was a constant complaint of my teachers) and was sent to my table to put my head on the desk. I was so embarrassed and angry that I sat at the table thinking of all the horrible things that a 5 year old can wish on an adult. I finally came up with the idea that I would get my teacher, Mrs. Manning…


It's been along time since I had a quiet day. So long, in fact, that I've forgotten what it's like to hear a car drive past in the distance or the wind blow through the tree's, to hear bugs skittering across the lawn or squirrels scurrying along a branch.

Well, the two older kids are in school now (kindergarten and 1st grade) and the baby still takes naps. So for about two hours every day I get the glorious pleasure of uninterrupted quiet. The first few days I rushed to do all my chores, as I usually do when the baby naps, then I realized I had all day and one kid; I didn't need to do them in this nice quiet moment.

So I've started reading books during this magnificent period. It's been a week since the kids started school and I'm on my third book. I LOVE IT.

I've got to take some pictures for you guys, that's on my list of things to do today. Otherwise it's nap time so I think I'll go read some.

Gloating Time

Today is the big day and we're so excited! At 9:30 I do a final walk through and at 10:30 we close. Then the men from church will be over at 5PM to help us move in. So here's how spectacular my house is... ready?

We are almost the owners of a 3100 square foot 4 bedroom and an office home that sits on 1/2 an acre. It is within walking distance of the church, the University and the park is directly across the street.

In the back yard we have raspberries, strawberries, chokecherries, and mulberries (has anyone ever eaten those? I haven't). There is a swing hanging from a massive tree back there and a garage over in the corner. It's completely fenced with a nice uncultivated bit of land directly behind it.

So how on earth did we afford such a thing!? Well that's the best part of all, and why you should all move here. The house only cost us $149,900.

Yes, that's right. We sold our condo in Phoenix (1,090 square feet) for more than that.

I love this place.

Well have…

24 Hour Cannwin

5:40 AM- I'm typing one handed, I hate typing like this but I've got the baby asleep in my other arm. Today is Robert's first day of Law School and I'd like to see him get some good sleep before it, so here I am holding the littlest munchkin in a tiny hotel room with only the glow of the computer to light my way. I have a lot to do today and 3 kids to keep entertained while their dad is gone. I'm SO excited. :\

6:21- I wish I could go back to sleep but the baby has decided he can't sleep unless I hold him. I think my bums gone numb.

7:38- 6 year old is screeching about how I won't brush her hair, Why can't I do it for her? She wants to know. I'm wishing at this point in my morning that I could have a good solid breakfast instead of the donuts and apple juice I know they have out downstairs.

The baby thinks it's so funny to spit. I've never had a spitter before and at 18 months he's quite proficient, he can actually make little balls out of…

Note To Self

When moving (next time) remember to avoid Western South Dakota in early August.

Holy Moly! I know I said before that South Dakota was a hopping place but let me reiterate, this place is crazy. There is this little get together called the Sturgis Bike Rally that just happens to run the first part of August. It brings in around 50,000 bikers... and we had to drive through it.

Have you ever tried to drive when you knew a motorcycle was in the next lane? When you can't see them, but you know they are there?

Well, imagine it with the two wheeled monsters everywhere, you are in a huge 4-door Ford F-150, trailing behind an even bigger U-Haul (with attached Mazda). You look left, you look right, you look in your blind spot... three times... and still you hesitate. The roar of engines is all around you, you wait just a moment more and out of seemingly nowhere a Harley passes you on the right. How did you miss him?

You've counted six cops so far. You're literally going 10 miles under t…

Tuesday Tell All: Olympics

This topic is supposed to be about what sport you would participate in, but I'm not a competitive person (okay, in sports I hate to be competitive) so I'm going to change the topic a little. My favorite Olympic memory:

Gymnastics the American Women's Team is on the brink of taking the Gold and a small little thing goes up to the spring board. She runs, she jumps, she breaks (or twists) her ankle on the landing and crumples to the ground. It seems all hopes are lost, how can she jump again (as she's given two chances). She's crying, time passes, the news is on a feeding frenzy.

The girl gets up, limps over to the runway and everything goes silent. (I remember breathlessly watching) She runs, she jumps and twists through the air turning around and around until WHAM she lands perfectly on the mat. Her arms fly into the air and the crowd erupts into glorious cheers. Almost instantly her hurt foot retracts into her body and her coach is right there to carry her over to a …

As you may know...

I'm moving to another state this week, with new laws to learn and new tax codes to decipher. I'm going to be in and out for a bit (if you haven't already noticed) because we have very little time on our hands and very little that isn't packed or covered in boxes. Okay, maybe the new Stephenie Meyer book is to blame as well.

Anyhow, since this month's topic is poetry and I had the distinct pleasure of driving four hours over the weekend (thereby listening to a lot of music) I have a new poem/song that I wanted to share. This is one of my all time favorite songs, if you've seen Joe Vs. the Volcano, you've heard it. My favorite line is:

If you see me comin' better step aside
A lot of men didn't and a lot of men died
With one fist of iron and the other of steel
If the right one don't get ya, the left one will

It's a great song. But don't take my word for it listen for yourself...

Sixteen tons

Sorry guys, that's the best I can do... a link, I …

Recession, who said anything about a Recession?

When I was in England in April the lady who drove me to the airport talked about the American Recession. I said, "Actually I haven't heard the word recession used yet."

"What, so you guys aren't admitting you're in a recession?"

"Well we aren't."

"Then you're in denial."

Then today my sister and I had a conversation about recession and my husband chimes in, "We're not in a recession."

So I kindly remind him that when professionals start getting layed off I start thinking the economy isn't doing so well.

"What professionals do you know that have been layed off?" He counters.

"How about Trent, or that guy from your office? Both Engineer's with at least a Bachelor's degree."

What's the definition of a recession I began to wonder. Well I'll tell you as far as I've been informed it means that there is no economic growth for two or more quarters.

"Last quarter we grew …