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Another Update

Well faithful followers of my sisters blog, I want you to know the lack of a recent update would be due to me, her little sis, Emarfar. She has been asking me to keep you all updated on her condition and the condition of the wonderful new member of the family. My main goal recently though has been to find a job so my sisterly obligations have fallen by the way side. I will do my best in the future to keep you all informed and up to date.
On to the important stuff, Cannwin was recently hospitalized over night and was required to get a blood transfusion. This was due to a complication with the placenta, and the fact that it was still inside of her (turns out that's not a good thing). She got sudden fever like symptoms along with severe blood loss. The worst is over now and she is fine and at home, though she does have someone else's blood inside of her and we fear she will never be the same again :).
In all seriousness though she is fine and Remewin is fine also. I will let you kn…

Story Tellers Part 2

Okay part 2... The tales of Princess Vicbowin and Prince Albowin.

These kids crack me up, she is all about being rescued and he is all about the battle. Forget, saving his sister, what about the vicious dragons where are they?

Then you add in the artwork and what you get is priceless. Let's take a peak shall we.

In this story the Princess has been captured and is being held in a dungeon while the monsters prepare a feast of 'People Stew.' Which our girl is to be the main ingredient.

Note: The Ianites are a race of small mischievous creatures whose King in the one and only Iyawin (hey who better than the mischief maker himself). They are also allied with our royal family.

Here's an excerpt:

The deepest darkest dungeon had a whole bunch of spiders. They (the monsters) were beginning the stew and Princess Vicbowin could smell it. It smelled like fire and ashes and so strong was the smell that the princess fainted.

Sir Albowin and the Ianites found the cave. It's entrance was…

Story Tellers Part 1

This summer I came up with this idea, call it a memory preservation/ attempt to keep them kids occupied activity. For years the munchkins have been hearing stories at bedtime about a brave prince and princess who go about fighting dragons and monsters and protecting their family and kingdom.

As you can guess these royal children have names similar to those of my Vicbowin's, my Albowin's and my Iyawin's and the kids find great pleasure in hearing each gripping adventure. So I thought it might be worthwhile to write some of these stories down... Or make them up with the kids.

In walks my great idea.

Okay, so an interruption for some background on me might be useful here.

I'm, as my husband lovingly calls it, a collector of half used journals. This is a slightly inaccurate description of me... I'm really just enamored with blank pieces of paper. I have a problem with resisting the call of possibility that one small white sheet can have. It's like the blank canvas t…


This is cannwins sister. A new beautiful little girl as arrived to the family she weighed 7 Lbs 1 oz and will be heretofore known online as remewin. We are all excited about the new arrival and will keep you posted on cannwins adventures with new little girl.


For Your Information

Here's the news... no baby yet, but there will be one by Wednesday (July 22). That's because the doctor has decided to induce me a week early. This is because I have a Group B Strep infection, which evidently is pretty common (1 in 3) and harmless to adults. It has, however, the possibility of being quite dangerous to babies (causing things like blindness).

The common practice is to give the mother a prescription of antibiotics when the infection is found. For me this was sometime during my 20th weeks and the dosage was incredible, like 1000mg's twice a day of Amoxocillin. The problem about this practice is that it doesn't destroy the strep, it just makes it go away for a while and so when the mother goes into labor the doctor commonly administers two more doses (via IV) of antibiotics.

That's where I come in, and where things get a little sticky. The two doses of IV have to be given four hours apart which is a bit of an issue for me. You see I have pretty fast labor…

Am I A Bird?

So I can tell I've entered the last bit of my pregnancy. It's a really simple indicator, one that Ralexwin finds incredibly odd (and I hope endearing). I've started nesting.

As I say that it makes me wonder if all of you know what nesting is. Well, a brief explanation would be a that it is a sudden uncontrollable urge to for a woman to prepare her house for the baby.

My particular form of this odd natural condition is fairly irrational. With baby #1 and 2 Ralexwin found me on my hands and knees scrubbing grout. Baby #3 I crocheted a mat for the baby to lay on (and received a very concerned look from my dear man).

Yesterday the urge to prepare hit me again and when Ralexwin walked through the door at 5:30 I felt a particular need to apologize. It had been my intention to vacuum, but when I couldn't find the vacuum bags in the closet I was overcome with a need to make sure I would be able to next time.

So when he got home the hallways and floors looked like this:

And the lin…

Oh My Clan

We've got new neighbors. Have I mentioned this? They bought the house next door, and when I say next door I'm talking over the hedge next door. I'm talking they stay up late or have a fight and you know it-over the hedge-next door neighbors. I'm always nervous of these sorts of neighbors (which anyone whose read this blog for an entire year would understand). So you can imagine my despondency when I found out that it was not one family moving in but the entire CLAN. We're talking at least nine people--grandma, daughters, cousins and offspring, half of all of these being teenage boys.

Teenage boys with cars with bass. Heaven above! Why me?! I've had exactly one set of amiable neighbors in my entire married life (these being the previous tenants of over the hedge house).

There is a silver lining to this cloud however. It comes in the form of the next-next door neighbor, or rather the clan moving between me and him.

You see we've been tending this dog for a few m…

The Bad Relationship

Pregnancy and I are ready to part company. I just wish there was a way to pass this information to the baby in there. We've had a falling out, pregnancy and I. Well okay we HAVEN'T had a falling out... We haven't had an anything out... We're in fact still bound together, still forced to bear one anothers company for the sake of the child. At some point the child will be old enough that we can part company, but that hasn't happened yet and we've started losing sleep over it. We can barely share the same bed. Nightly arguments have begun, I want to know why I have to be the one to get up three times when Prego is the one who got us into this. Prego of course disagrees and argues that it's very much my fault and I'm going to have to deal with it.

I get no sympathy at all and perhaps that's why I think it's time to move on from this relationship. But Prego has sworn that this won't end pretty and I'm inclined to believe that. What does one d…

The Grass Is Always Greener...

I've pretty much been forbidden from mowing the lawn. By Ralexwin, who insists that having his pregnant wife out mowing reflects badly upon him. Also by our local missionaries, who showed up one day to mow after they caught me doing just that.

So that's nice and all, but its been two weeks now and the lawn is looking a little needy. This is only compounded by the fact that the neighbors on either side have mowed their lawns again effectively creating a line of tall grass marking my property.

I have a problem with this. I have a 'bad lawn disorder' that borders on OCD. It comes from my childhood and the distinct lack of lawn care at my house growing up. I'm not even sure we owned a lawn mower. Well okay that's not entirely fair... I think we owned one for a summer or two.

Imagine if you will a jungle of tangled grass and weeds rising to the height of perhaps a four year old child. Now imagine that various attempts had been made (mostly by my older siblings) to gai…

Candy, Candy, Candy

In our house we reserve our Monday nights for what is referred to in my religion as Family Home Evening. You can probably guess the general idea of what this entails by the name, but for us of the clan of the 6th son of Win we like to shake things up a bit.

Every Monday we take a few moments to vocalize what we are feeling. These tidbits into our lives are called the 'minutes' and are written into a little notebook I bought for this particular reason.

During the minutes you can say anything you want without worry of repercussions from siblings or generally parents (we have yet to have a child try to push this). Indeed I have graciously told my husband that such and such a behavior of his was driving me nuts (he's allowed himself the same freedom of speech).

Usually we get sweet little gems like from Iyawin--

Me: Do you want to say anything?

Him: NO!

This last Monday however my little girl cracked me up.

"We went to a parade and they threw lots and lots of candy and I got th…

Kids Funnies Part 2837

Watching Robotech:
Me: She's only part human? I didn't know that.

7 y/o girl: What do you mean?

Me: Well what else is she then?

7 y/o: She's part soldier. Part human - part soldier.

At church during sermon to 6 y/o animated artist:

Me: Baby, if your army can't be quieter then you can't draw battles.

Sesquicentennial parade in nearby town:

Me: I really like parades. I think they're one of my favorite things.

Ralexwin: Yeah? So did Hitler.

Me: Umm, thanks love.

Neighbor girl after entering my home: Did you get a new house?

My daughter: No, we just cleaned.

My neice prank calling her dad (my brother):

E: Is your refrigerator running?

Her dad (trying not to laugh): Why, yes it is.

E: Umm .... ..... Good.

Little 7 year old (not mine) at church:

Teacher: So what are some things that can happen to us that we might need to forgive someone about?

Random child: When someone hurts us.

Teacher: And what is hurt? What is a way we can be hurt?

7 y/o: When someone kicks you …


It may seem a bit odd to some of you but I have a lullaby for each of my children. I kind of got the idea from this book I once read. It was a fantasy book which is rather irrelevant, but one of the mini concepts of the book was that a certain race of elves-- whose power was wrought through music-- would choose a song for each of their children. The mother would sing this song to them throughout her pregnancy and during the childs early years. Almost along the lines of the Earthsea Trilogy's use of true names, these songs held great power for or against the person to whom they were connected.

So each child had their own song, their own lullaby. I liked this idea so I, perhaps unintentionally, stole it. Although I don't usually have a song picked out until just before my kids are born I still make a clear and conscious effort to stick to that song when they are babies. It's fun, and they seem to fit with each childs temperament.

My daughter, Vicbowin, was lulled to sleep to …