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Concerning Contagious Headaches, Vomit and Real Estate

It's amazing that so many crazy things can happen to a single family in one week, or even one day. In fact, sometimes I go to bed wondering how we've survived.

This week has been like that.

Last Friday I took my little Remewin into the doctor because she had the nastiest, most horrible cough I had ever heard come from her. It was the sort that sends chills up a mothers spine and makes her want to scream at someone. I'm sure you know what I'm talking about.

Remewin's doctor wasn't in, so we saw a different one, whom I've decided I will never take my child to see again.

New worst doctor line--"It looks like it's viral, but I'll write you a prescription for some antibiotics."

Last time I checked Amoxicillin did not make nasty coughs go away.


So Friday through Tuesday was filled with long nights, sore throats, coughs and, surprisingly enough, what can only be described as a contagious headache.

Then Wednesday hit.

Wednesday, Wednesday,…

Repost: Noisy Night

The other day a friend of mine was talking about the sounds of summer here in the midwest. She was telling us how in Indiana it is even louder than here in South Dakota and I told her that I had actually written a poem about that very topic.
Right after we moved here from Montana I was sitting outside listening to the night and I came up with this little thing. So in anticipation of the warmth to come, I give you--
The Noisy Night
Oh noisy night so full of sound Why are there so many bugs around? The crickets sing, the other things click It's so much noise it makes me sick
Oh noisy night without the cars It would be nice to watch the stars... In silence, in quiet, in peaceful contemplation Instead I hear your insect nation!
Oh noisy night, should I complain If your little friends outside remain? I don't mind as long as I don't see Your creepy, crawly creatures anywhere near me.

Another Drama in the Life of Vicbowin

I swear she's turning hormonal. That's the only explanation for recent events like taking all of my makeup into her room so I have to hunt it down in the morning.

Anyway, yesterday she came home with an invitation to a birthday party... from a fifth grader! My girl is in 3rd grade.

The party is to run from 12:30P until 7:30P and will include a dance party.

Ralexwin and I both looked at it, then looked at each other and then had one of those non-vocal communication moments.

'No way.'

Vicbowin was livid. Screaming and crying and gnashing of teeth ensued. She wanted to know exactly why she couldn't go.

So, we told her. We also came up with about ten non-9 year old v. 11 year old issues like 'We need to pack on Saturday.'

She calmed down, finally went to bed and then woke this morning with a demand.

"If I can't go to the party then you need to make sure I do something fun during that time."

Oh, really? Thank you Ms. Entitlement for clarifying that…

So You Think You're Crafty: Week One

Today the crafts for week one at So You Think You're Crafty go up and I'm in there somewhere.

Sadly I can't tell you which one is mine. A lot of you have been giving me grief about this. "Come on, no one will know. It's just me." Sorry, rules are rules and I'm the one in the card game that closes my eyes and announces when I can see your hand.

My profile is up, though, and I love a good profile. I don't know if you guys have ever noticed this about me, but I'm terribly picky about how I write a bio. It's so common for a persons bio to say "I'm a mom of _____. I married my best friend. We live in _____." Etc, etc, etc.

So I do my darndest to not have any generic bio's of myself. So You Think You're Crafty was a little trickier because the readers are probably looking for something fairly specific. I tried to add a little Cannwin personality into it though. Tell me what you think!

As for everything else in my life... Remewi…

The Brother of Jared: A Journey Through Mental Illness

Roughly four years ago I had a nervous breakdown. It was a secret kept between my mother, Ralexwin's mother, Ralexwin and myself for all this time (although I'm pretty sure most of my in-laws knew about it).

It was a very dark period in my life and in my marriage and culminated in me being put on an anti-depressant called Lexapro.

Now, 4 years later, I have been working hard at slowly weaning myself off of the medication. Last week was my first week without an anti-depressant helping me control my emotions.

It didn't go so well and as I lay there on my bed, wrapped in my husbands arms and sobbing, I wondered aloud why God would give anyone such a trial. I have been taught my entire life that we were all sent to Earth with the gift of choice and yet depression hardly feels like a choice. Depression feels more like a vice wrapped around my neck and dragging me down into the deep black.

Ralexwin had no answers for me beyond his comfort and promise to help me not drown.


I Have a Secret

Can I just tell you a little something-something about myself? It's a secret I've been keeping from the blogging world for quite a while for fear of a general outcry and swift retribution.

BUT, never being one to be able to keep a secret for long, I'll tell you.

I hate aprons.

A few years ago we had a women's social at church in which we were all given aprons and told they were an example of service.

I nearly didn't take one. I nearly skipped out on the whole thing... oh, wait--I think I did leave early.

You must be wondering what my miff is? What's got my bloomers in a bind? What's got my corset askew? What's the rock in my high heel?

To me aprons are the physical representation of everything women fought to free themselves of!

Forget bras, people... what about aprons?

Everybody seems so gung-ho to embrace aprons these days and every time I see one I just think to myself--"A woman's place is in the kitchen."

Wow, last time I checked my pla…

Vicbowin Grows Up

Monday at the library my darling girl picked up some 'growing into your self' sorts of books.

She grabbed one about eye shadow application (can I just say... I have learned so much in the last two days!) and one about personal beauty.

I guess I've always been of the mind that at some point in a girls life she discovers self-preparation. She discovers that her hair looks better brushed and her appearance looks better when she thinks about what she's wearing.

Vicbowin has been working up to this for awhile now. She's been experimenting with makeup, she's been trying daring new clothing combo's, and she's been asking lots of questions.

So then she grabs these books, almost like another rung in the growing up ladder, and the past few days have been mommy bliss for me.

"Mom, do we have any sunblock? I'm outside the most between 11AM and 2PM everday and you know that's when the suns rays are the strongest."

"Mom, I should be washing my …

Old is the New in our House

Per the request of many a friend here are before and after pictures of our living room.

As you can tell, there was some fantastically preserved hardwood under that carpet. My friend and I oiled it down today and this is the end result.

Who knew I would ever have such a fantastic house! Too bad I'm trying to sell it.

Wanna buy!?

To Wed

One of my dear, darling friends called me last night to announce that she was getting married.

After all the squealing was done I tried to come up with some marriage or wedding advice I could give her to help during this huge transition in her life.
I'm pretty sure at that point she didn't want to hear any 'advice' and really just wanted to glow for awhile. Well, today is the next day and she plans on having the wedding in August, so times a wasting.
Here are some of the pearls of wisdom I have for her.
On Weddings:
>No matter what anyone says it's your wedding so don't let them talk you into anything you don't want...and they will try.
>Find a photographer who will not only take the pictures but give you all the rights and copies to the pictures.
>Wear flats.
>When people try to talk you into renting your wedding dress remember two things, 1-You will NEVER wear it again (and probably not even fit into it in a year). 2- It's your day so buy it if yo…


I think it would be safe to say that my children see me in the buff as often as I do.

In the shower: "Mooom! I have to go to the bathroom!"

Changing clothes: "Mooom! I can't find any socks."

In the lavatory: "Moooom! Why did you close always the door?!"

I can't remember the last time I had a private moment to myself. Even on Tuesday nights, when Ralexwin has late classes.

I'll get really excited about having two whole hours of nothing but me.

No one to tend to, no one to worry about making happy, no socks to find, no bathroom to share.

I could take the most luxurious bath in human history (in a standard size, frequently used by children, sort of tub) and not be bothered by anyone!

Except... it never works that way.

Nope. Vicbowin has to take f-o-o-o-o-r-e-e-e-v-e-e-e-r putting on her pajamas. Then she remembers things like 'I need to take a shower, Mom' or 'Oh, I didn't do my homework, Mom.'

The Mischievite always has to gi…

Growing Up

There is a girl at Vibowin's school that has Leukemia. The girl's brother is in Vicbowin's class.

Cancer has become a major topic of conversation in our home and not for the first time in my parenting career, I've begun to wish that I could protect my children from the darker side of life.

I don't know if it's just my girl or if all kids go through the same thing, but Vicbowin and I have had more discussions about serious topics than I feel is entirely necessary for her age.

War. Divorce. Death. Cannibalism. Abortion. Theft. Sex. Abuse. Cancer.

At some point or another in her life she's had something arise that caused her to question each and every one of those topics. Some of the hardest things I've had to explain have come from questions or statements like:

"What kind's of animals do people eat? What kinds of people do people eat?" (2 1/2 years old)

"What's war and why does Daddy have to go there?" (3 years old)

"If yo…

Works of Art

Using the Imagination Prompt Generator I found this great idea, so without further... blabbing. I present to you

Cannwin's Top Ten Favorite Works of Art
In no particular order:

Okay, I gotta tell you. That was harder than I'd thought. There were a few photographs that I left out because I had a limit. Also, I love anything Ansel Adams, I just picked that one because it's an LDS Temple.
I also adore Monet and Degas, but I find 'The Tub' to be my favorite Degas piece (best seen in person).
The 'Experiment on a Bird' and 'Execution of Lady Jane Grey' are both fantastic works to see up close. They are both huge and the lighting in them is genius. 
'A Lion Hunt' and 'Rain, Steam & Speed' both create a feeling of more to come within me. A world of almost seens, and I admit finding myself drawn back to them over and over again.
Finally both the 'Pieta' and the 'David' are works that cannot be fully appreciated without standing …


My friend asked me the other day 'If you could be on any reality TV show which one would you choose?'

I immediately answered, "The Biggest Loser."

To which she announced that I wouldn't qualify. Aww.

But then, in all seriousness I thought about it and since I'm sure I don't know half of the reality TV shows out there, I decided on my dream.

Extreme Makeover: Home Editionand not because I think he is hot.

 Because he's not that hot.

No, I love EMHE because this is hot:

And this:

And this:

Oh, yes. That's the kind of eye candy I'm talking about, and I'd loooove to have it in my house.

What's your favorite reality TV show? Which one do you wish you could be on? (If you secretly want to be on the Bachlorette, you can comment anonymously if you want.) ::wink::

For Sale

Are you interested in investing one of the greatest deals you'll ever come across?
Do you know someone who just happens to be starting school at the University of South Dakota?
Has there been a need in your life, recently, to find a safer, quieter, community to raise your children?
If you answered yes to any of these questions, then I have just the thing for you.
My house. Built in 1954, this beauty sits on a half-acre fenced lot.
She has just over 3,000 square feet of living space with three family rooms, 4 bedrooms, 1 1/2 baths and an office. All just waiting for the sounds of laughing children.
Not enough for you?
Well, Prairie Ranch (as I lovingly just decided to call it) sits across the street from both the park and the city swimming pool. 
It is also within close walking distance to the high school, elementary school, university, and hospital.
Did I mention the hardwood floors?
The piano?
The fire place and the wood burning stove?
What about the massive amounts of storage?
The swing in th…

Repost: Warning: Do Not Mix

At approximately 3 PM Central Standard Time on October 29, 2009 was the crowning moment of my emotional life. If there were a throne for patience I would be the queen.
Why? Because yesterday was the flu vaccine clinic and I alone was responsible for the vaccination of three children.
It wasn't pretty.
It was like mixing gasoline with matches. Bleach with other chemicals. Baking soda with water. Salt with wounds. Tongues with frozen flag poles. Children with shots.
More appropriately eight year olds with shots. Eight year olds who were under the impression they wouldn't have to get another shot until they were twelve. Eight year olds with little brothers to scare the pee out of.
I can't even begin to tell you how horrible that hour was. If there was a place in Hell for mom's it would involve vaccine clinics.
When the Vicbowin figured out what was going on she started to cry. That's never a good sign when you have another ten minutes to go. Albowin kept looking at her with…

So You Think You're Crafty: Audition Results

NOTE: There is now a full tutorial for how to make these. Just go here.

I've been waiting to post this blog today for Missy at So You Think You're Crafty to post hers.

I gotta tell you guys.... YOU WERE ALL WRONG! I couldn't believe my eyes when that book lamp starting getting all these votes and you guys kept telling me how you were just soooo sure it was mine.

Even my own sister's!

I know, I know, it was all done out of love.

So now that you realize the book lamp wasn't mine, I suppose I'll have to tell you which one was.

These little shiny's are all mine. Each of my kids has a set... with my actual phone number on it.

Not 867-5309.

Did anyone catch that little wittiness of mine?

Hahaha, I'm so funny.

I really wasn't expecting my craft to do so well. I mean I spent a lot of time considering changing which craft I submitted and then, there I was at the top of the rankings. I couldn't believe it! All I wanted out of this was to not fail miserabl…

True Me Tuesday: Hair

Yesterday I saw this tutorial on how to do your hair in a bun using a sock. It looked pretty easy, so I thought "Hey, I want to try that!"

Well, it didn't go so well--which shouldn't surprise me.

I once had this piano teacher that told me I had a natural ability. I think he was wrong, because my fingers are like fat, frozen sausages... all numb and chubby.

Or maybe it's just my stupid hair. Stubborn and straight and too thick for it's own good.

Here's some pathetic attempts at making myself look incredible.

I just can't do it! I am a 30 year old woman with no knack for doing my own hair.

It's too bad I can't just stick with doing little girls hair... I seem to be able to manage that.

Pick Your Topic

1) I've been waiting for Missy at So You Think You're Crafty to announce the whose who of the crafts before I announced it over here... sadly, that won't be until Wednesday. So you will all have to survive a little longer.

2) Also in my world, it is Spring Break for the University kids. This bugs me to no end. In fact it grates on all perfectionist tendencies I might possess within me. Spring Break? Last time I checked it was still Winter--literally and physically.

And, since Murphy's Law always seems to be accurate... what happens every Spring Break around here? It snows.

Like I said... totally annoys me.

3) I spotted this fun 'tag' the other day (thanks Melissa) and decided I'd crash the party. It's a handwriting tag. I don't know why I've suddenly become interested in letting you all see my handwriting, because it's rather dreadful, but it's sort of fun.

So I had to answer several questions (I missed a few because I ran out of space) …

Truth Game

One of the many Facebook apps out there is called the 'Truth Game.' Well, I got a prompt on my private facebook page about someone answering a question about me so I clicked on over and discovered that lots of people have answered questions about me.

Super fun, in my opinion. So I screen shot them and thought I'd share them with you. Cuz I just love you so much. (please ignore my real last name and just pretend it says Win. Also, please ignore any typographical errors)

Did I Shave My Legs For This?

Last night, after watching my new favorite TV-via internet crush--Law and Order UK-- I got to thinking about accents.

I've always felt that I had a rather poor showing when it comes to accents. I mean, in Britain everyone crosses (crawssez) their t's (thair tee's) and rounds their r's quite (rowndz thair arr's qwIte) nicely. Their speech has character (kairecht'r).

Where in America we-seem-to-just-talk-in-a-flat-montone-and-as-if-we-are-all-running-late-for-work. So I got to wondering, last night, what my accent really is. Do I have one? How would someone from Britain describe it? Do they think that their speech is melodic or monotonous?

Once, in a store just outside of London the sales lady asked me if she was correct in hearing a little "twang" in my speech.


That makes me feel like I'm a li'l lady from Texas. Except that in Texas they take pride in size... so I'd probably be a big lady from Texas.

Here in South Dakota they all say…

Something To Blog About

I can't come up with anything to blog about today. It's been a long week and my creative mind has been momentarily stymied by sick kids, messy houses, broke down cars and grouchy family members

We had a real estate agent come over yesterday... which I wasn't informed of before she showed up. The house was in utter chaos. Cereal and dishes were strewn across my kitchen counters. Bits of paper and whatnot were pointedly not vacuumed on my carpet. Remewin even had the audacity to have a phenomenally stinky diaper at just the right moment. Oh, and did I mention I was unbathed and in my pajamas (sans bra) at the time--which was 1PM.

It was a mortifying experience that I imagine some people will think was my own just reward for not getting ready. These are the people who don't stay at home with kids, yet love to have opinions about what should occur during those obscure mothering hours of day.

Yes, well... I suppose it's time to admit it.

I watch soap operas and eat bon-…

Mischievites Say The Darndest Things

Mischievite: Mom is that your diarrhea?
Me: What?
 Mischievite pointing to computer: Your diarrhea.
Me: You mean my diary?
Mischievite: Yeah, diarrhea.

Mischievite: Mom, how did those people get turned into statues?

Mischievite: Pretend you a big giant mountain.
Me: Okay.
Mischievite: Hello, big giant mountain, what's your name?
Me: ::silence::
Mischievite whispering: Mom, you're a GOOD big, giant mountain.
Me whispering: Okay.
Mischievite: Big giant mountain what your name?
Me: ::silence::
Mischievite: Mom! Talk!!!!
Me: But I'm a mountain.
Mischievite: A TALKING mountain, Mom.

Mischievite: Mom, do you like fresh fingers?
Me: Fresh fingers?
Mischievite: Yep.
Me: Sure, they are the tastiest.

Mischievite after being walloped by his little sister: That's why we shouldn't have a baby.

--- And a little extra ---

Vicbowin: What's the fastest animal in the world?
Me: I think it's the Cheetah.
Vicbowin: No, that's the fastest mamm…


I think it's one of those small injustices in life that my little baby Remewin can love yogurt so much and not be able to eat it. She frequently tries to force herself into the refrigerator and towards the yogurt stored there. When she can't have it she bursts into tears and crumbles to the floor. Every once in a while I will give her a little bit and she consumes it with zeal.

I also think it's sad to see her run for her shoes whenever the kids go off to school. She hasn't come to terms with their leaving everyday the way the Mischievite has. Tears always follow this as well.

Finally, I find it a terrible injustice that she can't seem to sleep through the night.

I am so tired. My body is sludge, my brain is mud. I think I will take a nap with Remewin--who despite waking up multiple times last night, seems to be in a fantastic mood.