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Who Says We’re Not Professionals?

The other night I found myself engaged in a hefty discussion about whether or not ballet was considered a sport. It was a rather frustrating conversation since the men in the group had all agreed not five minutes before that Ping Pong was a sport.

How!!?, the women argued, is ballet--which is a far more intensive activity than ping pong--not considered a sport!?

It seems like a common theme throughout womanhood. Frequently the things we perform, create, work at and enjoy are considered 'art.'

The art of homemaking.
The art of cooking.
The art of dancing, singing, laughing, mothering.

Rarely is art thought of as a professional activity. 

And what does it all come down to?


Profession:(of a person) Engaged in a specified activity as one's main paid occupation rather than as a pastime.

So... essentially, your babysitter or nanny is a professional, but you aren't.

This makes me think back to the Ping Pong player v. the Ballet Dancer.

An average Ping Pong game lasts 10 minutes. T…

Motherhood: An Essay 3 of 3

One of my best friends in the world suffered a severe blow to her morale several years ago when her husband filed for divorce. My friend 'T' lost everything she had save for two things... her faith and her son. In the subsequent years I have watched as my friends unwavering faith in Jesus Christ has molded the very fiber of who she is. During difficult times, 'T' attends the temple as frequently as she can. Sometimes even daily. When she is struggling she seeks out priesthood blessings. When she is sad or lonely she prays. She truly, and thoroughly relies on the Lord for everything in her life and by extension enables her son, now 9, to witness the daily miracles that are wrought in their lives.
Sheri Dew points out that: “Satan has declared war on motherhood. He knows that those who rock the cradle can rock his earthly empire. And he knows that without righteous mothers loving and leading the next generation, the kingdom of God will fail. When we understand the magnitu…

Motherhood: An Essay 2 of 3

Motherhood: An Essay 1 of 3

Just before I moved away from South Dakota I was asked to speak in church about motherhood. This is what I had to say (in 3 parts):

Several months ago there was an online article that made it's way through the blogging community regarding the fascination non-Mormon women have with what they dub 'Mormon Mommy Blogs.' As the article spread like wildfire through the very niche it talked about, Mormon Mommy bloggers around the world chuckled in unison.
[To] use a word that makes me cringe, these blogs are weirdly "uplifting." To read Mormon lifestyle blogs is to peer into a strange and fascinating world where the most fraught issues of modern living -- marriage and child rearing -- appear completely unproblematic. ...This seems practically subversive to someone like me, weaned on an endless media parade of fretful stories about "work-life balance" and soaring divorce rates and the perils of marrying too young/too old/too whatever. [But], Mormon bloggers mak…

All the Single Mommy's

I need to shift my thinking. I realized this last night.

My days have been spent trying to cope with kids in a way that still involved Ralexwin coming home every evening. Although I new he wasn't, my mind still had that mentality.

I need to change this. I need to start focusing my motherhood on him not being around.

From past experience I know that being a 'single' mom requires a complete change in my parental psyche. There's no waiting for someone else to fix it, there's no complaining when they don't. There just literally isn't someone else.

I have to remind myself again that this is where I am.

It seriously sucks, but it's a challenge and I like challenges... sometimes.

Remewin isn't handling this move well at all, neither is Albowin. Both are acting out in their own ways.

Yesterday I held Remewin almost all day, and not just on the hip with one arm--I mean full on wrapped in my arms, head buried in my shoulder, kind of holding. She won't let…

The Long Haul: A Moving Story

I've managed to wrangle some of my most loyal followers into posting for me. This dear girl is A Goddess In Progress and has honored me with 4 whole posts. Take the time to honor her by commenting and hopping on over to her blog afterward. -Cannwin

Our truck was loaded down with all the random things that didn’t make the boxes. Our dog, Koda, sat in the backseat, her tongue hanging out of her head, making a puddle on the back seat. August in Arizona is hot.
I was saying my last goodbyes to my family, and trying very hard not to cry. I knew that this day was going to come. I had known it for years. It’s what happens when you marry a man in uniform –and one from another state at that. There was no question in my mind that this is what was intended for me, and for us. We were beginning our first real adventure together. It was sad and excited and anxious and brave and nervous all rolled together and wrapped in anticipation.
Next thing I knew, we were on the road, and Arizona was dis…


{1} Whatmustyou do before you go to bed at night?

Let's see... I'm trying to run through my daily routine, which isn't really much of a routine...and I can't really think of anything I MUST do. I can't really sleep without being on my belly so that's a definite must. I MUST be able to roll onto my stomach, and pull my leg up... otherwise I toss and turn. 
Seriously, every night.
{2} What is one thing youmustsnack on at the theater?
Maybe a soda, but then I'll have to go to the loo half way through the movie so I don't tend to actually buy anything.
{3} Before going on vacation whatmustyou do?
Clean the house! I can't stand coming home to a messy house. It's like walking into stress. So I clean before I leave. Including laundry if I can manage it.
{4} What is one thing youmustdo every day?
Blog and check my email.
Oh, and brush my teeth. :)
{5} Is there something you do thatmustbe done in a particular order?
Shampoo then condition then soap down while the c…

Close Quarters

The problem with having 2 rooms to call ones own (especially when downsizing from 3,000 square feet) is that you have to endure a LOT more crap from your kids.

Like right now the Mischievite is singing annoying loud renditions of Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star just to get at his older brother who has been grounded to the bed for being a little punk.

So me... who has the entire second room to myself, but must leave the door between the two open... can feel my frustration level climbing by the second.

Of course blogging about it makes it all a bit more humorous.

Like when Albowin shouts "BE QUIET!" at his brother. Who then says, "I'M SOOOO QUIET!!!!"

heh heh heh

Maybe it's just because Albowin has been an ornery little cuss for the last three days that I have zero sympathy for his current plight.

It's one of those quotable things "If Albowin ain't happy, ain't no one happy."

I swear... some days I'd like to go back to the time of whip…

Notes From the Underground

(written offline on May19th)
The first week of my new life in Utah has passed and I will admit a burning desire to jump in my car and race back “home” to South Dakota.
After a grueling few days of unpacking Ralexwin left me with a kiss and an “I love you,” and headed north to Salt Lake City.
Three hours later Remewin started throwing up.
Six hours later the Mischievite did the same.
Five days later and Remewin was still at it.
I have had very little sleep. I've stripped my bed three times and Remewin's crib four times.
Today when Ralexwin called I told him I was very angry at him for taking me away from my home and my doctors and my friends and my comfort zone, then I cried and told him that I just wanted to go back.
But the vomits are hardly the only issue with my cross country move.
Everyone here is so PRETTY. Seriously.... not kidding I think I've moved to a mini-Hollywood or something. And my mother-in-law has about 5 times as many mirrors in her house as I ever hav…

Improving a Thrift Store Find: A Tutorial

Here's a little tutorial I've had sitting in my laptop for about 6 months. I found this... whatever... at the thrift store and bought it thinking I'd use it on So You Think You're Crafty. I didn't, but I do use it to hold all of my fly away recipes, even though I'm not sure I like it's current career.

The varnish is what keeps the paint from sticking... that's what you want to sand off, unless you want an entirely new look without any hint of shabby, then sand it all down.

Try to avoid the cheap spray paint... it's a total waste of your .96 cents.

This thing sat on my counter for about a month before I decided to stamp it.

Then it sat for another month before I decided to cover it all in paper.

In the end I am quite happy with the results.

I Secretly Hate the Current Fashion Trend of:

Okay, let’s be honest here. I just can’t narrow it down to one.
Here’s my personal opinion. Shoulder pads, neon, and parachute pants are three things that died and should have stayed dead. Period. End of story.
Now that we’ve got that cleared up, I’ll say: I am not a fan of ankle boots.
Ironically, I owned a pair in 5th grade, and I thought I was pretty hot stuff. But back then I also thought that wearing spandex under short, shorts was cool, So I rest my case.
There, that’s finally off my chest.

While I'm away, I've managed to wrangle some of my most loyal followers into posting for me. This dear girl is A Goddess In Progress and has honored me with 4 whole posts. Take the time to honor her by commenting and hopping on over to her blog afterward. -Cannwin

Wives of Warriors

Hubby and I held hands as we walked into the church building. He was in the middle of a military training program on the East Coast, and I was there for the week visiting him.
Sitting down, it was clear we were in a military congregation. I counted four, maybe five men total. My own husband included. The whole ward was experiencing deployment. I was feeling extra lucky to have my Hubby next to me.
After Sacrament and Sunday school, I made my way to Relief Society. I sat down and was immediately swarmed by other women. I’ve been a member of this church all my life, I have lived in many, many wards, I had never experienced a welcome quite like this one.
“Oh. You’re new. Is your husband deployed too?” “Where’s your husband?” “What’s your name?” “Where are you from?” “Are you visiting, or do we get to keep you?”
They were so sweet, so sincere, so attentive. One, just assuming I was there to stay, began telling me who I could turn to for what: “Sister Speck over there can fix any plumbing pr…

Who Says We’re Not Professionals?

A Stay at Home Mom wears all kinds of hats. Caretaker, Babysitter, Teacher, Financial Advisor, Chef, Baker, Cook, Server, Artist, Chauffeur, Mediator, Judge, Maid, Hostess, Engineer, Photographer, Scientist, Child Psychologist, Accountant, Nurse, and I think you get the idea.
If you catch me in the middle of the day, I might not look like a professional. But don’t let the messy hair, and spit up on my shirt fool you. I am so professional.

While I'm away, I've managed to wrangle some of my most loyal followers into posting for me. This dear girl is A Goddess In Progress and has honored me with 4 whole posts. Take the time to honor her by commenting and hopping on over to her blog afterward. -Cannwin
So... over at Dandelion Wishes they have this monthly Vlog thing that they do. Vlog being a video log. I watched a bunch of them from April and thought it would be fun to participate this time.

However, since I am in the middle of a move I will not be able to link myself up to her's. (if anyone wants to be nice and do it for me. ::wink::)

The basic idea is that I answer a bunch of questions about myself and then I show you something.

May's questions are:

Ocean or Mountains?
Sweet or Salty?
Early Bird or Night Owl?
Edward or Jacob?
Book or Kindle?
Manicure or Pedicure?
MAC or PC?

And the show and tell is that I must let you examine the contents of my purse.

Now... before you watch this video, I want you to understand that I look TERRIBLE. I seriously don't know what I was thinking when I clicked the record button. Next time I will be sure to do my hair and make-up first. (not that I actually did it after the video either, but still)

So, enjoy and I will see you on the other…


I've spent the morning glorying in not doing anything for just a little while. But now it's time to get down to work.

Yesterday I took the Irish Twins on a bike ride. We made our way through our small South Dakota town and enjoyed the fantastic Spring day.

We laughed and giggled and Vicbowin biffed it twice.

Then when we got home both of them were notably reserved.

"Mom," they both confided in me later on, "I don't want to move."

Of course of them are really looking forward to being closer to their cousins and for, Vicbowin at least, the opportunity to have a social circle that holds the same values.

But we'll be leaving a part of our heart here in this fantastic, mesmerizing place. When I moved here I never thought for one second that I would love it this much. I imagined a barren grassland with tumble weeds floating across the roads, yet what I found was rolling corn fields as far as the eye can see; friendly neighbors the likes of which I've …

Funny Things the Kids Say

Albowin: "See that blue sign with the chair on it... that's where damaged people can park."


Albowin: "In Canada a fire can start in 80seconds."


Mischievite: "Are there mirrors in Utah?"


Me to Mischievite: "The way your week is playing out you're going to be black and blue when we get to Utah."
Mischievite an hour later: "Mommy says I going to be black and white when I live in Utah." 


Mischievite upon meeting a new acquaintance: "Hi, I had a birfday and now I'm four."
New acquaintance: "Oh, when was your birthday?"
Mischievite: "Febwuary."


Mischievite: "Mom, when me burp it makes me unfat."


Me: "So, what is the first thing you want to do when we get to Utah?"
Mischievite: "Look in a mirror to see myself black and blue."


I was going to do another post about quilt making today, but my stress level combined with my ridiculously slow computer that's seriously on it's last leg have made it an impossibility.

Instead I will tell you all that I feel like I'm about to have a panic attack. Everyone seems to be so casual about the entire moving thing and I'm a boiling kettle of nerves. I can't sleep, I'm not eating well, and I most definitely am not functioning at a healthy level of productivity.

So, I'm going to vent to you, my dear readers about all the things I need to do in the next 6 days. No need to tell me to hang in there... I know... but you can feel free to tell me funny stories of stressful situations you've been in. :)

Okay, here's my list

-Get the kids medical records from the ornery lady at the doctors office who told me she filed the requests for at least a month ago.

-Write a 15 minute talk about motherhood when I'm, right now, feeling like the most terrib…

Speaking of Royal Weddings

This weekend I got an email from a friend of mine who is studying abroad in Wales this year. Evidently he had the distinct pleasure of actually being in London during all the hulabaloo. I emailed him back and asked if I could share his experience with all of you. He graciously said yes.

So, here's Drew's excellent experience watching the wedding of Catherine and William.

"I'm a bit tired today on account of being at the royal wedding yesterday in London, but I'll do my best to write with enthusiasm. 

When I say I was at the royal wedding, I unfortunately don't mean inside Westminster Abbey Church, or crashing the Buckingham Palace reception. That's how people get shot. I do however mean standing just outside the Palace gates during the whole event, which is still a wonderful opportunity. 

The journey started that morning (April 29th) at 5:00am in Cardiff with a friend from a history class, and almost ended there on account of a mix up with the buses! To sum u…