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52 Photos #17

What are 31 year old girls made out of?
A strong desire for complete silliness any chance we get.... including in the bathroom.
This is one of my bestest friends in the whole wide world. Kaz (like Cage.... but with a zh). Waaaay back when we were seniors in High School together.
And as only the best of friends go, it really doesn't matter how long it's been since you've seen one another, you just settle back into your old familiarity.
PS.... Kaz and I have birthdays ten days apart.

Of Interest

This week has been a week of completely irrelevant posts... that tends to make me feel like a bad blogger. Like I'm just sure that you guys have better things to be doing than read my irrelevance. However, I'm practically chipper enough as to not want to blog.

::gasp:: That is an absolute first for me.

I need some topics. Does anyone want to suggest some things for me to write about? A topic perhaps? An essay (I haven't done one of those in a while).

Anything at all! :)

As for something of value for you guys. Listen to this fantastically chipper song that just fits my mood for the day.

Harder and Harder to Breathe

Good Morning my fine feathered friends. Today was supposed to be another blog swap with Evelyn but both of us are currently suffering from 'sick child-itis' and decided to postpone the swap. This is slightly ironic since the blog swap topic for today is/was/will be 'Semi-Single White Female.'

Yes... that's the life that me and Evelyn share together. Companions in abstinence.

Ooh, did I just say that!? Sorry.

I'm in a surprisingly chipper mood today, even considering the vomitting state of my youngest. And considering that I had the oddest thing happen to me last night.

At 1 AM I woke up gasping for breath... as if I had had the air completely knocked out of me or that I'd been suffocating. It took me several seconds to even wake up enough to not panic and just breathe and then my throat and lungs hurt bad for a good hour after.

So... anyone want to diagnose me? I can honestly say I've never had that happen before. It was very frightening.

What's the…


Today I was going to give you a cute little collage of my trip to Ogden and tell you all the finer details of my fantastic weekend... except I'm so tired I can barely keep my eyes open.

You'll have to wait until later this week.

And Evelyn... I'm working on it. :)

52 Photo's #16

Fantastic week here in my life. So far 31 has been #1 on my list of years. This weekend I'm headed up to Salt Lake to hang out with two of the best women in the world. Shopping, friends, fun and photos! Pst... today is Ralexwin and my 11th Anniversary.


I mentioned on Facebook recently that I had discovered how to make a gravatar (a moving photo). Then I sent it to a select few of my friends who had specifically asked to see it.
Yesterday my brother in law called me to tell  me how much he loved seeing it. The problem was that I had not sent it to anyone in the family so I was pretty darn flummoxed as to how he had seen it.
He was just teasing me and then tried to convince me to put it up on my blog.
I explained that although I was excited about what I'd learned. The gravatar was of my dancing and I wasn't sure I wanted the world to see me bustin' a move.
However, he convinced me. So now I'm here to present my first ever moving photo.

If you want to make your own moving photo. You'll need to take several photos in succession. My camera does this if prompted to (it's called high-speed burst), my old one did not .You can then follow the steps in this YouTube video (for GIMP):

Also, for all of those devastated N…

The Less Glamorous Aspects of Honorable Distinction

One of the hardest, least talked about, issues with being a soldiers wife is the fact that we deal with the possibility of being widows on a much more common level than perhaps the rest of society. Not that I'm bragging, because, believe me you, it's not a fun thing to deal with.

When a soldier leaves for a war zone, one of the first things they are required to do is put their will in order. Even when Ralexwin isn't running off to shoot at enemy combatants he is still expected to review his will (and other such things) perhaps once a year.

At 20 years old, I swore to myself that I would never remarry. I said, "I love him like I've never loved anyone. I'll never, ever, ever want to marry again if he dies."

It's all very poetic and romantic, but then he actually went to war.

Nothing in this world will change your point of view quite as quickly as staring down the barrel of that very gun you've been talking about. At 23 years old... I saw before me …

Interview With Evelyn

So I got a hold of my dear friend Evelyn (from Hanging by a Silver Lining) and convinced her that we should do another blog swap this year. We'll call it our 2nd Annual Swap and see if there is a 3rd in store. I love swapping with Evelyn. She's funny, she's whitty, she's nice--what more could a person ask for! This year we decided to start out with a good old fashioned interview. Read on, and enjoy getting to know her a little better. :)

What was the spark that generated the idea that drove you to start your blog? It was actually my husband who pushed me to start a blog. (And never has a man regretted telling his wife to give something a try as Joe has.) He would often read others’ blogs and say “You should do this. You would be good at this.” I am pretty computer-stupid and had no idea how to even start one much less maintain it. He was the one that had to start it for me. Once he did I took it from there. And have been “taking it there” for about two and a half years now…

The Bars the Hold Us

Congratulations to my genius of a husband for passing the Bar Exam on the first try. Three and a half years of hard work has paid off!


Now, all we have to do is find a job.

52 Photos #15

Old Glory flying high on Sept. 11th.
-pst. It really bugs me that the flag is flying the wrong direction in this picture... like it's driving me nuts and I nearly went in and photo shopped it to go the other way.

Cannwin Timeline

Write one sentence that summarizes each year of your life so far:
Age 1--Moved to Idaho where I grew up.
Age 2--Perhaps this is the year of my first memory.
Age 3--I remember a neighborhood to-do at our barn where they kept trying to take pictures of me and I was absolutely terrified of  the camera.
Age 4--Possibly when the camera incident happened.
Age 5--Kindergarten and my first crush.
Age 6--During my mom's perm Cannwin's hair phase.
Age 7-- Shel Silverstein poems for 'writing exercise' in class.
Age 8-- Baptism, me and two boys were baptized at the same time and they made me go first.
Age 9-- 4th grade maybe? That would be the year I had my first 'boyfriend,' Brandon Sorenson.
Age 10-- The year I decided my favorite number was 10, because I'd never be a single digit again in my life.
Age 11-- No recollection of this year... it's actually quite odd, but I don't really remember it (I don't remember anything about 5th grade either).
Age 12-- This is the y…

It's My Birthday!

Today I am 31. I just really am having a hard time with this.

Part of me keeps saying 'I just became a full fledged adult. I'm grown up now.'

The other part of me says, 'Holy freaking cow woman you're old!'

I can't process it.

So, I've been thinking of all the ways I could share my birthday with you. I could list cool things that have happened on this day in history.

I could tell you about the things that my parents remember from then. (Mt. St. Helen's errupted 5 months earlier and only 90 miles from where I was born).

I thought it would be really fun to show you what I looked like during my three decades (alas, digital cameras weren't invented until much later on and I have very few--perhaps zero--digital childhood photos).

So.... what should I do?

Well, I've decided that it would be fun to celebrate by giving you 11 books to read, 10 songs to listen to, and 10 movies to watch--all from various stages of my life. We'll call it Cannwin&…


It turns out that the baby wasn't having an allergic reaction to her shots... she was just sick. How do I know? Trust me... I know.
Which is rotten since tomorrow is my birthday, but not altogether unexpected... rotten things always happen around my birthday.
I'm going back to bed now.

Never, Ever Forget

The military has been a part of my life for quite a while now. In fact, it was one of the things that attracted me to Ralexwin. I'd known soldiers (my brother mostly) and I deeply admired the honor such a commitment represented. I can still remember Ralexwin coming over to my apartment dressed to the nines in his Class A's. I don't recall where he was going, but I won't forget the masculine power that emanated from him and as soon as I saw him in that uniform I was a lost woman.

Not only did it appeal to my femininity, but also to my respect for those qualities of duty, courage, and honor. I saw it as being a part of something greater than self and I loved it in my future husband, but those were days of peace. My childish mind barely registered the true oaths of a soldier, and I honestly didn't really care. I was enamored with the romantic notions of being a soldier's wife.

When September 11, 2001 happened Ralexwin and I had been married for less than a year a…

52 Photos #14

Rosa took this picture. I love Rosa.

The Problems with Singling It

Once again the defining word in my life is exhaustion. When the Irish Twins headed off to school today (earlier then usual per my request) I crumbled back onto my soft, inviting bed and entered non-existance.

Remewin is sick with the vomits, Albowin was awake ALL NIGHT LONG, and the Mischievite tried a 'cling to her and she won't notice I'm in the bed' tactic last night.

See, that's the problem with singling it. There is no break time, no time to regain your balance. It's like one of those bad nightmares where you're trying to run as fast as you can but keep stumbling, even though you know that if you stop then bad things will happen.

Sometimes when things get really rough I find myself begging God not to make me go through it.

I'll make promises I can't keep.

"Please, if You just let this pass I promise I'll never ask for anything ever again." Yeah right.

"I swear I'll pray everyday if You just make this stomach flu go away.…

Tutorial: How To Make Backpack Tags

Alright... I finally made the tutorial, so... no more hassling me about it. Okay? Whew. ::wink::

Voila! Enjoy the praise of your genius... and be sure to tell them all it's really my genius that you're just borrowing. 

Angry Faces

I love this fantastic little boy.

Have I mentioned that? Well, I do.

Every night he crawls into bed with me and sleeps, but he doesn't just sleep in the bed, he has to be near enough to me that he can touch my hair and have my arms around him. I have a King sized bed and with the Mischievite in it I only get about 1/4 of that space.

I love how he always has a ready smile and his eyes twinkle when he's happy. I love the way he covers his mouth to giggle... but only when it's especially funny.

And the way he adores his brother is enough to make the heart break from just watching. Love doesn't cover it. If Albowin deigns to acknowledge his brother's existence it's as if the sun has decided to shine just for him.

When I had Vicbowin, I remember thinking that I couldn't possibly give anymore love to another soul. Then I was pregnant with Albowin and worried that I would not be able to love him enough... but love doesn't work that way. The more you give of t…


This little lady is the newest addition to my ever growing pile of mini-tech toys... She (shall I call her Rosa?) was purchased last week because Remewin ate my other one. Well, really the other camera was already dying and Remewin just helped it on it's way, but the point is that if it hadn't been for Remewin getting a hold of it when I was on the phone with Ralexwin (see, he can't suggest I was guilty of speeding the camera's demise) I would still be dealing with an overzealous use of lighting.

But now I have Rosa and Rosa makes me happy. Rosa, also cost me a pretty penny (or 24,400 pretty pennies-- I think I did the math right on that). Rosa and I will be together for many years to come... and many photographs as well.

Including these ones that use my fantastic new 'fish bowl' feature.
(Photos compliments of Mischievites Anonymous):

Ask and Recieve

I've been playing around with the layout of my other not so well known blog.


I think this will be a really fun blog if it ever gets off the ground. It's sort of like a 'Dear Abby' but, you know, better (because it's me).

Think of it as a fun, interactive blog where all my posts are a direct result of a question that was asked of me.

ANY QUESTION! (well most any question... for heaven sakes go scrub your brain!)

And that's all I have to say about that.

52 Photos #13

One of the things on my miniscule 'Bucket List,' is to grow out my hair at least once more in my life. To this end have I been headed for the last four months.

My hair is now down to the tops of my shoulder blades (not quite long enough to reach my hand up my back and grab).

The other day, as I was shifting lanes in traffic, I felt my tresses brush across the skin of my upper arm for the first time in perhaps a decade and a half. It was quite startling.

Fun doesn't even come close to describing how I feel about this endeavor. Joyous would be better. I can't believe how many different ways I have to do my hair that were never ever an option with short cuts and still, on lazy days, I can just pull it into a pony tail and forget about it.

The only real issue I have is that it's thick and gives me headaches sometimes... but whats one more headache a month? Besides, everyone knows that beauty is pain.

P.S. Curiously, I was able to get a better picture of my head when m…

Kids Say the Darndest Things

Mischievite during a commercial for a theme park: "Mom, I would want to go there, but those dinosaurs might eat me."

Me: "Honey, those dinosaurs are just robots."

Mischievite: "Do the dinosaurs know that?"


Conversation with a 3 year old I was babysitting:

Me: "How old are you?"

Her: "Fwee."

Me: "Oh my goodness, you are so old! When is your birthday?"

Her: "Umm."

Me: "Do you know? It's okay if you don't."

Her: "It had yellow frosting!"


Vicbowin during a tantrum: "I'm a religious girl and I don't believe in hitting you Mom!"


Me to Ralexwin in our nightly phone conversation:

Me: "I know you're tired, so why don't we hang up and then you can relax and go use that Bullet I got you."

Him: "Okay. I love you."

Me: "Except, when I say Bullet I mean blender... you realize that, right?"

Him: **chuckles**


Grandmother to Vicbowin…