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The Nine Layers of Cannwin

– Name: Cannwin (hah!)
– Eye Color: greenish bluish
– Hair Color: dark brown
– Height: 5'10"
– Righty or Lefty: Righty
– Zodiac Sign: Virgo

– Your heritage: English, German and we don't know what else since my great-grandmother (is that right?) was left on a doorstep
– Religious preferences: I'm a firm believer in Jesus Christ my religion is 'The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints' (say that ten times fast)

– Your first waking thoughts: Depends on who I find next to me in bed... if it's my husband I'm thinking *sigh* "This is nice," if it's a child I'm grumbling and wanting to go back to sleep
– Your most missed memory: High School Football Games!

– Pepsi or Coke: Any of the above
– McDonald’s or Burger King: Burger King

– Cuss: only when I'm in pain or REALLY mad.
– Take a shower everyday: Is this a TMI question? No, I don't. It's hard on your skin and I just don't hav…

How Much Are You Worth?

My 7 year old teenager was at it again the other night. This time she was running around like a wild woman who had only recently discovered how to undo her straight jacket. It was the longest three hours we've had in a while. Family Home Evening took twice the usual time--as the kids kept stopping to giggle at the babies antics (which of course made the baby act out all the more). And when we tried to play a game the girl child spent the entire time overdoing it and ruining all the fun for everyone else.

Finally we sent her to her room.

"When you calm down you can come out." We said.

Five minutes later she came out... ten minutes after that she went back in.

"Alright!" I shouted in utter exhaustion, "Time for bed."

She was outraged, and wanted to make it clear to us that her clock said 6:54PM and bedtime was at 7PM. Plus! Where was her story?

We explained how wild children didn't get stories or 7PM bedtimes and that's when the real excitement start…

She's a Cutter

My daughter got a hold of the scissors the other day.
'nough said, end of blog have a good day.
Or I could show you some pictures.

I can't believe the amount of damage she did! And it's taken over a week to get the full report. This is what we've come up with so far.

1 blanket
2 pairs of pants
3 sets of Barbies feet

The pants made me livid.

The barbies made me chuckle... poor things.

And the blanket made me lose it.

This blanket was given to her by her namesake when she was born and even at seven my girl child must have it to sleep. And it's crocheted which means one string cut and the whole thing is going to unravel.

As you can see it's a very mediocre job (done by a very grumpy mom).

Needless to say the darling is no longer "responsible enough to use scissors without supervision."

Oi! children make life soooo interesting don't they?

What Number am I on?

Okay lets say this is my last 'Me, Myself and I' post and be happy with it. I've completely lost count of what number I'm on. So I'll start with 11 and go to 16.... enjoy!

11. My background on my computer is currently this picture. Not entirely sure where I got it but props to whomever took it because I love, love, love it. I also haven't sold it or anything so don't be a-feared.

12. I'm growing my hair out because I can't afford to get it cut (budget crunches and all) and I'm really surprised at how long it's gotten when I'm not paying attention to it.

13. I love to sleep. My mom says that when the scriptures speak of finding rest after you die she sure hopes that means we'll be able to catch up on our sleep... I agree.

*yucky picture coming brace yourself*

14. I have keloids on my back.... This is what I mean by scars that itch (in my profile). They itch constantly without reprieve and there is no cure for them because they are basical…

Funnies From the Family

My Daughter (7 y/o):
I just love love songs they make me feel soooo in love. Like I'm the one they are singing about and I get this warm feeling in my heart and just love.

6 year old son:
(pointing at my breasts)
Him: Mom, is that your special area?

Me: Well, it's one of them.

Him: Dad says that's where girls special area's are.

Me: It's not all but it's one.

Him: So some girls pee from there?

Me: Um... No *long detailed explanation of bodily function ensues* and you're special area isn't just for going potty. It has other purposes too that we'll tell you about when you're a little older.

Him: Hmm, but mom... they are so big and fat and round.

Me: Yes, honey they are.

Husband in phone conversation:

"Playing football has started feeling a lot like having to do wind sprints across the field."

6 year old son

"I only like ice cream cones on Sundays."

"I only have to comb my hair on Sundays."

Friday Discussion

What were you doing (or where were you) for the inauguration on Tuesday?

I was... asleep.

That's right, how patriotic of me, but the baby had gone down for his nap and since we don't have any TV channels my only option was to sit on my bed and hope to catch a internet connection. So I went in my room took one longing look at my pillows and was out before I'd fully hit down.

2 hours later I awoke to my husband creeping across the house--trying to surprise me (he does this and then wonders why I can hear him, I'm forever telling him if he was loud I'd probably sleep right through it but creeping around in the house that's supposed to be empty of anyone but me and el bambino tends to send alarms off in my subconscious and I wake rather quickly). Ralexwin informed me that I'd missed the whole thing.


I still haven't gotten around to reading the speech but my sister says it was good. So what were you doing? And what did you think of the whole thing?

Water! Cool, Clear Water.

We had a little hiccup at work over the weekend. I wasn't there when it happened but since I typically work Saturday's and Monday's I have had a front row seat to some great excitement (and great expense for the poor owner of our little establishment).

On Friday at around 2:16 PM the girls working the front desk heard a large crashing sound above them. They said it sounded like someone had dropped something like a TV or housekeeping cart in the room above them. They all instinctively looked up and to their utter shock and surprise water began pouring from the light fixtures above their heads.

They scrambled to put buckets under the leaks and to cover the exposed computer's. Water was everywhere and the buckets were filling rapidly when, on top of everything, the fire alarm went off.

At this point you can imagine that they all raced out of the hotel not sure what the heck was going on and watching in horror as water destroyed everything at the desk.

About an hour after this…

Me, Myself and I: Parts 5-10

5. I've always secretly wanted to be a jet fighter pilot. I think it would be alot of fun.

6. I love spy movies, especially the ones with nifty gadgets. I grew up on James Bond movies (which actually surprises me now... what were my parents thinking letting a child watch that?)

7. I have a phone calling phobia. I'm constantly worrying that I'm bothering whomever it is that I'm calling. This lends itself to lots of excuses for not making cold calls to various businesses or church associates.

8. When I was a Sophomore in High School my then worst enemy in the world (we're actually friends now) and I wore the same dress to prom. It was a horrible experience for the both of us.

9. I've never broken a bone. I've cracked some and sprained more but I've never had a full cast.

10. I can't stand most condiments and sauces. I always order my burgers with cheese plain (meaning they only have cheese on them) and I eat my salads without dressing. I eat my spaghetti w…


It's been about 6 months since I had a good shopping excursion. These things, of course, happen to the best of us at times but I've decided I might have a problem.

I like to shop. I'm not the sort of person that throws money away on pricey jeans or frivolous purses but I love finding a good deal.

Way back when, when Ralexwin was in Iraq and we were making upwards of $70k a year (one of the perks of him being in a war zone you get things like combat pay and hardship duty pay and hazard pay and it's all tax free)... anyway, way back when my friend Sarah and I used to exercise by walking the mall. It was a very large mall (Arizona Mills) in a ring shape so that if you walked it like a track (I believe about 4 times) you had gone a mile. We quite enjoyed this form of exercise as we could strap the kids in the strollers and chat our heads off. There was of course one glaring flaw to our plan it was quite an expensive form of exercise. So much so that when Ralexwin got home …

Enough with the Email Forwards!

I'm sure you all get them. Those forwards from friends and family that you never read (wait, or are you a sender of these?).

I find that these emails can be classified into four very simple categories:
Rude, Crass, Inaccurate, or Absurd (variations of each groups title may be needed... Rude might be defamatory, absurd can be exchanged for absolutely ridiculous, etc).

So yesterday I got this email that made my blood boil. I'll bold my least favorite of my part.

As most of you know, Obama made a public announcement
> > that he is going to sign the Freedom Of Choice Act, which
> > will allow all types of abortions including partial birth
> > abortions, also allowing babies who are born alive due to
> > botched up late term abortions, to be set aside without any
> > medical care or nourishment and left to die (most of these
> > babies have no medical problems and most of the ones that
> > do, have things like clef pallets, club feet, things that

Me, Myself and I: Formerly Known as Tagged Part ___

I had rheumatic fever as a child which according to my new doctor is a bigger deal than any doctor has ever made it before. She was absolutely shocked that I'd never had an echo cardiogram. Furthermore she informs me that it's probably one of the reasons that I have a hard time carrying babies (this was after I informed her that I could just feel the toll being pregnant had on my body) she says that pregnancy is hard on the heart in general and that for people who have had rheumatic fever it is even worse.

I was also told that this was something I needed to take into consideration when planning on having further kids (if I did) because the more stress I put on my heart the higher the risk I run of seriously damaging an already weakened organ.

Hmm, glad someone told me that in the last 20 years.

So there you go, when I was in elementary school I had strep throat ALOT (2-3 times a year) one time it got bad fast and I ended up with Rheumatic Fever... if you don't know what that…

Here's a Funny

I spotted this in the "Help Wanted" section of my local penny saver. Now remember that the town I live in has about 10k people and I've lived in cities of 3+million and haven't ever come across something this... interesting.

Needed/USA & Overseas
$119-$220K year. Bodyguards $250-$750/day;
18 older... call today"Hmm, think I should sign up guys? I'm sure I'm exactly what they're looking for. Lol. It's an odd little tidbit that I don't think I've seen the likes of before.

Another thing I spotted in the phone book the other day was this:

Outdoor Sporting
*New or used bows
*Custom arrows
*Interactive targetsInteractive targets? Does that mean they shoot back? No wonder they have used bows to sell.

Does it seem like I have to much time on my hands?

Tag part 3

This is like a double tag I saw it on a blog and liked the idea so I thought I'd use it for my third (of sixteen) bits about my life for my dear niece--and anyone else whose interested, as I know you all are.

Okay so the tag I read was that you had to post your fourth picture from the fourth folder in your pictures file and explain... this isn't so cut and dry for me since I have many folders, sub-folder's, and random pictures floating around in my picture containment. See:
But if I organize them by date taken I get some more semblence of order and find that this is my 4th of 4:

This is Regent's Park in London. I went to London with my mother in April of '08. On our first day there she wanted to rest and I wanted to wander so I left our hotel took a couple of turns and promptly (and delightfully) got myself lost. That's how I found this park.... which is a very large area that you can't really miss and is nothing like our parks in the US and I enjoyed it very …

A Gardening We Go.

So my Ralexwin and I have decided that we want to plant a vegetable garden in our awesome backyard this year. We know we can grow things back there because we already have a plethora of fruiting plants already. If you hadn't been a reader when we bought this place I'll recap for you. In my yard I have:

A Pear Tree
A Mulberry Tree
A Walnut Tree
A Crab-Apple Tree

And apparently some Marijuana... well I guess it's not really Marijuana it's Hemp which isn't the same and for any FDA workers who might be reading this I didn't plant it and I've been trying to get rid of it as it's a rather obnoxious weed.

Anyway back to our vegetable garden.

We know nothing about planting things. We have never ever done this before and although we have a friend who is going to help us she's not much more advanced (she says) than we are.

So here's our map we made last night:
Tell me what you think and if you garden tell me if I've done any…

Tagged Part 2

I didn't get my driver's license until I was 18 years old. It's kind of a complicated story as to why but basically the law was against me the whole way (they kept changing as I got closer to the age allowed) and I guess I wasn't really that interested either since my friends all drove me everywhere anyway (it's probably different for guys). Then when I was 17 I moved in with my older brother and although I took the driver's ed classes he couldn't sign the paper work as my legal guardian (since he wasn't court appointed) so I had to wait till I could sign the papers myself.

Hence no license till I was an adult. I also have never had a ticket and although I've been pulled over twice one was for a broken license plate light (did you even know they had those?) and the other was because I blew a stop sign that they had just put in my neighborhood and I got off with a warning (and never did it again).

Food! Glorious Food!

I've been making this list in my head lately it's the kind of list that one makes when they are obsessing over something. Sometimes I wonder if I'm like a wanderer lost in the desert hallucinating about water except for me it's food.

So my list (I like lists have you ever noticed).

Food that I miss:

Bacci Chocolates from Italy (I ate these 10 years ago)

Minestrone Soup from Riazzi's in Tempe, Arizona

Tamales with beans and rice from the Mexican restaurant in Livingston, Montana (we could never remember the name of that place)

Burrito's from that little Mexican restaurant in Ogden, Utah that me and my friends would go to... the one across the street from the dog food factory that was about the best kept secret in the whole city.

Panini's from that little shop in Stratford-upon-Avon

Fish and Chips from the tinier shop in Braemar, Scotland

Ravioli's from The Pasta Factory in St. George, Utah

Italian Sausage and Green Pepper Pizza from Pier 49 (sourdough pizza) in Po…

The Ol' Job

I'm at work right now and do you want to know how many cars are in the hotel's parking lot?

One. Mine.

Do you want to know how many people are inside the hotel right now?

One. Me.

And to top that off I'm getting payed time and a half today.

I don't know why they don't just close the whole place down till tomorrow morning it'd probably save them money. But I can't really complain cause I'm on holiday pay.

If only my holiday pay would buy me this car.... *sigh.*

Happy New Years Everyone!


My dear niece tagged me with the reason that she wanted to get to know me better. She wants me to write 16 random facts about myself. So I got to thinking... I've done this one before and I'm sure my readers get bored of me always talking about myself (wait, is that the point of a blog?) so how do I incorporate my tag without being tedious? My sister seems to do a good job of this when she gets tagged.

So I've decided that I'm going to be dropping these little insights into my life throughout January. This isn't my theme for January, but it'll add to that what I can talk about, maybe I'll even tell you a story about each tidbit. Hope you enjoy.

Here's #1
I have a scar on my upper lip from a fist fight I got into when I was a sophomore in High School. It was a sucker punch that did it, caused when my friends had pulled me off the other girl and had my arms secured behind me. My enemy was still free and took the opportunity to wallop me right in the kisser..…