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Tuesday Tell All

Can you feel it? Fall is in the air. What do like about fall and the changing seasons? Is there something you don't like about it?

Autumn is definitely my favorite season (well, okay I like spring too) because it has that feel of change in the air, of snow to come and warm nights with fire crackling. It means sweaters, sweatshirts, boots and coats.

It means pulling out the clothes you haven't worn in a while and closeting the ones your getting sick of.

It's cuddling in bed and enjoying the warmth of newly dried clothes and pulling out all the throws and quilts

It's a steaming hot shower then racing to get dressed (lest the cold overcome you).

It's sniffles and scarves and frost on the windows. But the sun still shines and the afternoons are still warm (ish). It's Thanksgiving (my favorite holiday) and Halloween (I get so sick of pumpkin smasher's).

It's oven baked goodies and thick soups and stews.

It's raking leaves of amazing colors! All around you o…

To Do

*Remember the kids don't have school today.
*You have class today at 10A.

1. Finish poor people paperwork.

2. Find babysitter for Wed., Mon., Wed.

3. Talk to neighbor about car pooling switches.

4. Talk to new boss about possibility of being a few minutes late... all the time.

5. Take back Nebulizer.

6. Go to grocery store.

7. Find presents for munchkins birthdays (dollar store?).

8. Dishes.

9. Bedroom.

10. Laundry.

11. Homework, (actually figure out what it is).

12. Print out weekends homework to take to class.

13. Find her church shoes (again).

14. Make or buy shoe box.

15. Avoid all above responsibilities and read my book.

*Sounds of Doom*

I have a job interview today. I'm nervous but at the same time I like to think, "All I need is an interview and I've got it in the bag." We'll see.

It's nothing much really, just a hotel in town, and if they don't me might strict requirements then I won't work for them, no matter how badly we need the money. Family is first.

But, we'll hold off on those thoughts till I deck myself out in my most businessy looking outfit and knock some socks off. lol, maybe I'll take a picture of myself for you all to see.

Wish me luck though!

I Locked Myself Out of the House Today

What an emotionally filled day I've had and it's only 11:40 AM! Oi! First off the girl child wouldn't go to sleep last night and at 11PM-ish my husband was in the family room with her trying to get her to stop screaming, "GIVE ME WATER!!!!!" at the top of her lungs.

Fast forward to this morning* I wanted her to sleep in and miss the first part of school, but no, she woke up with her brothers and began screeching about how she wanted the purple bowl. This of course built into a hollering match between her and her brother, and I was left feeling particularly grateful that they were off to school.

Tried to take a shower after waving goodbye, and the baby cried outside the shower curtain the entire time**. Tried to sit down and eat breakfast, and the baby threw himself on the ground and screamed.

For the love! I thought.

So I wrestled him into some clothes, dug out his shoes and opened the door. Out he bounds all smiles and happiness as we walked towards where the high …

Ten Guilty Pleasures

I never get tagged... okay, well, very rarely. I don't know if this bugs me or not but today I actually googled "topics to blog about." It's all this writing I've been doing I'm feeling the strain on my brain... lol, okay maybe not really. Anyway one of the topics I found was the above title, and now I'm tagging everyone who reads this, that means if you don't want to be a spoil sport then you have to blog what your ten guilty pleasures are. Okay, here's mine.

1. Guilty! I am addicted to reading. You might say, that's not really bad, but no, really it is bad. I consume books at unnatural rates. Leaving laundry, dishes, dinner, lunch, diapers, bedtimes, and anything else I have to deal with waiting while I disappear into a book. Sometimes, when I come out, I'm a real grouch and I often have a hard time reinserting myself into reality. I'd rather be in the book than deal with my dull, mundane life. So I really have to curb my reading habi…

Tuesday Tell All is Back!

Did you guys catch the little update on the tta blogsite? someone has decided to take the project on themselves, their site is the same name but with hyphens (if that's what they're called) (it's in my following list) Hooray!

Okay so here's her (his) topic for today (which happens to be my anniversary btw):

Write on natural disasters. Have you ever experienced one? Are you prepared to experience one? If you had to be in a natural disaster is there one you would prefer over another?

I've never been involved in one. Living in Idaho, we didn't have much in the way of tornado's, earth quakes, hurricanes, other maybe a forest fire or two. What I remember is being stuck out in a blizzard with my little sister.

Let's see we were about 10 and 6 (me the older) and we were on our way home from school. It was really bad out and everyone's parents had come to pick them up except, of course, ours. So the neighbor lady took us, but when …

Veterans Wife

I have a little announcement to make, one that might come off as a bit of a bombshell to some. My loving, wonderful husband has resigned his commission. He is no longer a member of the National Guard.

The reason's behind this are several, but they are also simple, our marriage was beginning to feel the effects of his long absences. He had not been going, he was taking a leave of absence, if you will (don't worry it was approved) for the summer while we worked some things out. This last month he went to his first drill in South Dakota and we realized, even before the end of the weekend that this wasn't going to work for us anymore. I didn't ask him to get out, he just did and I appreciate his ability to see that it was needed.

Other, just as pressing reasons were because we are stretched to our time limits with everything in our lives right now. Drill weekends would require him to sacrifice those many significant hours of studying, and ask a great deal of me with the chil…

The Greatest of Life's Adventures... Parenting

For those of you who aren't acquainted with my son this story will help enlighten you to the brilliant and vivid hue that is his personality. If you have already seen his will in action, you'll no doubt get a real kick out of this and share it with everyone we've known.

My neighbor and I car pool to the elementary school. On certain days of the week she drops off and picks up the kids and on other days I do. Today was my day and is typical I drove over, parked, and waited for the bell to ring. When at exactly 3:12 PM that sound stirred me from draft 2 of my personal essay* I got out of the car, as I usually do, and walked over to the fence line to await the munchkins.

Typically this is incredibly monotonous in routine. The neighbor girl is first to get out, she runs over and we have a little vocal battle about going around the fence as opposed to over it. Then my daughter comes out, tries to sneak up on me and I must act surprised. Usually while this is going on my son is sl…

The Assignment Is...

Today in class my teacher had quite the list for us:

1) Create a sentence level corrections log for the first two essays you've done. After reading through my corrections, find more of the same in your work; then write the types of errors, the original sentences (with error) and the corrected sentences out on a seperate form from the now corrected essays. Due date: 9/29

2) Finish second draft of personal essay and upload to website. Following the book guidelines write three questions for your peer's to answer on how to improve your essay. Don't ask one sided questions (avoid yes and no questions), and don't ask about grammar and punctuation. Due date: 9/22

3) Peer Review 4 essays, follow worksheet provided (about 10 questions) be sure to be detailed in your responses. This does count towards your grade. Due date: 9/24

4) After reading the reviews for the second draft of your essay write a short essay about said reviews. Due date: 9/26

5) Write third draft of personal essay.…

The Mystery of the Wet Underwear

What is a woman to do when she finds a pair of little boy underwear lying wet on the floor one morning? Does she assume that the child wet their bed and wandered out to the living room before discarding them? Or does she ask the uncle, whose sleeping on the fold out in that very same living room, if his bed happens to be wet next to him? And if the fold out is wet, what do you do about the newly acquired memory foam pad you just bought for it? Does it get washed? Is it even washable?

Maybe the boy tried to go to the potty in the middle of the night and forgot to take off his undies. If so, why isn't the bathroom floor all wet and why did his mother find them in the living room? Is this child prone to wandering around in moistness? The mother knows this to be uncommon for him, because the boy has an aversion to water of any kind, which explains the wet underwear on the floor, but not where the puddle might be.

So, assuming that she hasn't yet discovered where the pee is, does she…


I'm sitting here in the dark, there are no lights on save one in the kitchen for the kids and the porch lights. My computer screen seems exceptionally bright as I plunk away trying to be quiet next to my sleeping sicko of a husband. The baby is crying, having finished his bottle and still not willing to succumb to the sheep that are flying over his crib. My middle child became angry that I turned off the hall light and is now curled up stubbornly on the couch, his usual place of rest, and the oldest, dearest girl child is quiet in her room waiting for the tooth fairy. That's why I'm up.

That blasted tooth fairy.

I'm tempted to write a note that says:

"You were up so late I couldn't wait any longer and had to continue on my rounds. Here's your money, I'll be back for the tooth tomorrow if you don't mind so much. Thanks! -T.F."

And leave it on the counter, but I'm afraid she'll recognize my chicken scratches. Oi!

That cursed tooth fairy.

The …

The Fruits of Someone Else's Labor

This is my fruit! I picked it myself and actually used it, or am using it. You are looking at grapes (that actually don't taste very good, and have rather large seeds in them), pears (very good), and crab-apples.

I don't know what to do what the grapes, I guess I'll wait and see what my mother-in-law has to say about them. The pears we've been eating, and I dried a bunch in the over- and was fairly surprised at how nicely they turned out-, and the crab apples are sitting in the freezer waiting for my M-I-L to help me deal with (aka make jelly out of). I'm so very excited, we even managed to find a few late ripening raspberries that were very nice. In the spring I will get to enjoy my strawberries as well. Oooh.

A Day That Will Live in Infamy

As is only appropriate on a day such as this, I think I ought to take a moment and remember. I hold my baby in my lap as I type and feel his warm little body against mine and am amazed that it has been seven years. I wasn't even a mother yet.

I was the pregnant wife of a college student, I was the pregnant wife of a soldier as well. September 11th had a profound effect (affect? I always forget) on our lives. Like many of you, if not all, I can recite exactly what happened that morning as if it was yesterday... probably better.

I had gotten up late, around 10 AM, because I was just so worn out from not being able to turn over, or lay on my belly anymore. My first child lay heavy in my belly and I didn't have to go to work that day. But I finally shuffled down the stairs and began my morning routine when the phone rang. It was my brother in law, York, and I cheerfully answered.

"Good morning."

"So, have they activated Robert yet?"


"Has the Ar…

Focus. Focus. Focus!

Okay, I know that you know that I'm a internet junky, but really this is bad. I can't even remember to post my assignments to the designated assignment posting place because I'm to busy wandering around Blog World.

Whose idea was it to talk me into blogging!? Lisa, I'm blaming this on you. Today you can be my scapegoat, and then we'll hand it off to Ivy tomorrow since she took the time to make a user name just to post comments. That's pressure people!

Now November is gonna roll around and I'm gonna have to keep up a writing class, a journal, a blog and- AND- write a 50,000 word novel. Do you see the problems you create for me? From now on I'm going to, in no particular order, blame you, my faithful readers, for any slacking that might be occurring in my life.

I actually got a lecture from my 6 year old daughter today about not doing homework. But it's not my problem, I'm being forced into this all, I can attest to that!

I'm as innocent as the da…


First off the blogger's over there have gone and decided they aren't going to do anymore topics. Ugh, that's always my luck. But as it is, I've got plenty of older ones that I didn't participate in to dig from. So here's one of the older topics.

Finish these two sentences. I wish I would have.........
When I was 18 I went to Italy for 2 weeks. I absolutely loved it, every single itty part of it and I told myself that I was going to live there. I truly wanted to, but as many things in my life go, I didn't have the information to help me and I was to scared to find it (I'm all about comfort zones). So I never went back, I never lived there and it wasn't until this last year that I travelled out of the country again, 10 years later). I wish I would have taken the plunge and lived in Italy.

I'm so glad I....................
Easy one! I am so glad I have my children. There is a depth to life that comes only from adding little ones into a family. After yo…

What Time Is It?

I was laying there, stuck between a snoring husband and a daughter warm enough to negate the need for a heating system and wondering... How am I going to get the screaming baby without waking them up? So, I gently nudged my husband, asked him to watch our little heat wave, then shuffled sleepily into the kitchen to find a bottle.

I checked the clock, 3:79 AM... Well, I thought, at least it isn't two in the morning... then went to help the baby. He was wet (up to his chest) and dirty to boot. He was wheezing and coughing and crying. I handed him the bottle of milk, stripped him down; dug around for desitin, diapers, new clothes and blankets, and finally! Oh, Finally I layed back down on a bed (my son's).

Five minutes later it hit me.

There is no such thing as 3:79 in the morning, I must be really tired, I thought, I wonder what time it really was. 3:19? I cringed. 3:59? That didn't really look like a seven. I sighed, I guess I'll never know.

Then I made a personal note, one…

Revamp on Writing Exercise

Sorry if I'm boring you all. But here we go again. Try this one out.

It seems easier to believe that we are born to our place, that there is no reason to try for something more because we simply are not meant to do such things. Talent is wasted with such sentiments and true greatness is lost in the falacy of casteing. We are capable of anything that our minds can imagine. Whether to write a book or discover the stars, we can achieve anything through our tenacity to be better. Through our understanding of the potential of the humand mind it is possible to see the greatest and weakest of assumptions.

Believing we can do what we set our minds to is the most important of all wisdom. We must educate ourselves and desire to learn before our abilities can be truly unearthed. Galileo may have been born to discover the stars but without the motivation, confidence and self-assurity to do so he would have been nothing more than a man who watched the skies. He had to take his desire and hone it…

First Day of Class Went...

It wasn't so bad, beyond the part where we all had to log into our computers and I hadn't the foggiest idea what my username and password was. The teacher, of course, says 'If anyone needs any help just say so.'

Yeah right. So I whispered to the girl next to me and she told me it's my university email name and password. I had to fiddle around a bit to remember what password of the usual ones that I'd used for my new email but I finally got it.

Then it turns out our in class assignment I'd already done! Woo Hoo, I am so good at this stuff. Anyhow not much else to say. I've got homework to do now guys!

Writing Exercise

I've gotten into the class I wanted, phew! Tomorrow is my REAL first day (okay, it's really the second day of class, I know) and I've got homework that needs to be done. So I'm plugging away and reading till my eyes are drooping and I've still got another chapter to go. It's invigorating.

So, I will give you a moment to read my first writing exercise. Out of a list of things I had to pick the one I agreed with the most and the one I completely disagreed with and explain why. Here it is, it's a bit rough so forgive me.

(drum roll please)

Agree: The most important thing is that a writer believes they can learn to write well.

I thought at first that I'd say a writer needs to write more to get better, but then I thought, 'well, no, because a bad writer can write till their fingers turn blue and still be bad if they haven't learned.'

Learning and expanding ones mind is the key to becoming bett at anything in life. You must learn and broaden your mind.…

House Photo's

So here's my house...

Front (that's my Ralexwin at the door):

Back... we live on a half acre remember?

No pot pictures yet... please wait.

The School Saga Continues...

Today Robert went to a class that I needed to go to (I want to add it and drop the one I'm in since it's a much better time). I should have known better, really, but we were busy and I was nervous and he offered to sit in the back and then get the teacher to add me.

Yeah, right, like that's how it worked out. First off Robert was late to the class (his got out late) then the Professor asked him who he was and he had to explain in front of everyone that he was there for me. Which the Professor said she'd never seen before (so I'm going to be remembered).

Second, they all had to stand and tell about themselves, to which Robert was told to tell about me. UGH! It gets worse. He told them where I grew up, what my name was and that I'd written a book that wasn't published yet. Which totally piqued her interest. I can't believe he did that! I'm so shy about that I hardly mention it to people and he's always bringing it up. (I know... I just mentioned it …

It's Official... I'm An Idiot

I am horrified! Mortified! It was so embarrassing. I got up to go to school today, I did my hair, I put on nice clothes (second choice outfit since first choice was dirty). I ate my breakfast at lightning speed. I even managed to leave my husband with the crying kids and a only few shouts of 'don't forget this' and 'be sure they wear their coats.'

I walked to school, nervous and a bit cold (it's been raining today) and I got to my class and it was all dark. Crap, I thought, they've moved the class and I don't know where to. I called Robert on the phone but he didn't answer as he was, I'm sure, wrestling children into the car. So I was brave and went over to the Advisory Office to ask them if they knew. And that's when it happened. The horriblest, worst nightmare, besides falling on my face or forgetting to wear pants.

School starts tomorrow.

I didn't know! None of my friends who are students knew (okay, well maybe that's cause they are …

Please Confirm Your Registration

I'm starting school tomorrow, just one class but boy am I terrified! I feel like a 5 year old on their first day of kindergarten, except with a heck of a lot more knowledge of how embarrasing school can be. I can't even think about it for more than a few minutes at a time before my heart starts racing and my breathing grows rapid. I near full blown panic attack before five minutes has passed and have to force myself to think of other things.

Tomorrow at 8 AM. Holy freaking cow what am I thinking?! I'm nuts! Who am I going to talk to? They're all a bunch of freshman, like 19 year olds!

And I'm supposed to buy a book, but I haven't even gone to the bookstore. And I'm supposed to confirm my registration online but I can't get into the stupid website, every time I try it crashes and freezes up and I get so frustrated I want to scream. That means I'll have to go down to the school and actually talk to someone.

I know you all think I'm this talkative out…

Kids Say the Darndest Things

Son (5 year old) before school one day:

Mom: "You love Dad, huh?"

Son: "Yeah, except he makes me do chores, then I don't."

Mom: "But he plays Starcraft with you sometimes, then do you love him."

Son: "Well, yeah, but Starcraft is so hard."

Daughter at the doctor's office:

"Dr. K is a nice doctor and he's really good at his job. I bet he's a good painter too."

My daughter, after she started a topic on politics (she's 6):

Mom: "Well, I don't know about Obama, because I just don't feel right voting for someone who is okay with abortion."

Child: "What's abortion."

Awkward silence.

Dad: "It's when someone kills the baby inside the mommy's tummy."

Child: *Gasp* "Auntie is going to vote for Obama!"

Mom (and auntie's sarcastic older sister): "Why don't you call her and tell her how you feel about that?"

Child: "I will."

Mom and Dad the…