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The Write Process

Someday's I just sit here staring at my computer screen trying to come up with something to talk about. When I draw a blank I usually do several things:

* Go read through my followers and see what they have on their minds.
* Find prompts to stimulate my creative juices.
* Hop on over to Travelin' Oma because she usually has 'homework' at the end of each post.
* Write about funny things my kids have said... if I've got a list made up, which I haven't today.
* Go through my recently taken pictures and try to find something to write about. (I don't have any recently taken photos since I don't have any batteries)

If all of those fail me I just sit here and stare at my screen. Hoping something will come to mind.

I seem to be doing this a lot lately. I'm in one of those funks and I wonder what you want to hear about. Do my readers like me to do popular blogging things like ''What I Wore Wednesday' or doling out awards?
What do my readers real…

Popping in on a Sunday

It's a rainy Sunday morning and I'm popping in to say "Hi!"

The Remewin was an absolute mess this morning so we opted for me to miss part of church and let her get her nap in. So the Irish Twins went on their merry way with their dad. The Mischievite and I are sitting here listening to the rain and feeling the cool breeze that has been non-existent for the last week.
I love it when it rains. I love the smell in the air and the sounds. I love the look of a washed, glistening leaves and grass.
Secretly I hope it will stay like this all day.

(image by: boopsie.daisy @flickr)

Slipping and Sliding

This morning Ralexwin informed me that there was no shampoo in the shower.

"I knew we were running low," I said, "but I'm sure we had some."

"There's none." He smirked. "Not even the kids shampoo. No conditioner either."

I tried to process. "I'm sorry, I didn't realize..."

"I think it was Vicbowin." He interrupted. "I'm pretty sure she poured it onto the tub floor to make it slippery."

Ah. That sounds right up her alley.

Ralexwin smiles, "If that's the worst thing she ever does, then she's a pretty good kid. Lets just make sure she knows it's not okay to do again."


Today is also the last day of school for the Irish Twins. Whew, thought that would never end.

Isn't it funny how at the beginning of a school year every one is so excited, but by the end it's all you can do to get homework done. Then summer is the same way. At the beginning you're so excited to g…


The blogging world is going to have to wait today, while this little lady:

gets some much needed attention. (and I find some breakfast.... man I'm hungry)
-If you are desperate to hear what I have to say hop on over to The Literary Soundtrack to see my post for today.

Waiting for the Flood

I can't keep up with Albowin's growth. He seems to sprout an inch every night. Leaving me in staring in dismay every morning when he put on his pants.

He is constantly in high-waters!

I don't have this problem with Vicbowin... since she seems to have stopped growing all together. Plus when she does grow out of something lengthwise I can always add lace or something to the bottom. You can't do that with boys. You can't have them going around in ankle pants like you can a girl.

My boys are killing me.

The Mischievite's growth is to be expected (being three years old and all) and he has enough hand-me-downs that it's not really an issue.

Albowin, however, is another story entirely and it scares me just a little. I have these images of playing clothing catch up with him for the next 10 years.

At least in the summers I can cut all the worn pants off and have him run around in home-made shorts. When it's mid-winter it's another story entirely.

What is a m…


Ralexwin and I have been going back and forth about where we want to go from here. He only has a year left of school so the topic has understandably come up.
He seems to think we're moving to St. George, Utah. I keep holding out that we will be staying here in South Dakota.

The thing is I've always loved St. George. It's where Ralexwin and I met and fell in love. Where he went to school and where I worked. It's where I was when he proposed to me and where I left from when I went to marry him. St. George is where we return to every year (or nearly) to visit family and laugh and grow. I love St. George, but it's changed in the last 10 years.

It's not the small college town it was when we lived there. It's not the quiet, sleepy little town.
Now it's a congested, street clogged, burgeoning town expanding beyond it's original limits. The last time we were there I was turned off by how big it had gotten. The memories and home-like feel were lost in the crowds…

Random Ramblings

Yesterday was, to say the least, an interesting Sunday. Albowin couldn't find his shoes and ended up going in socks to church, but not until I nearly left him at the house. (I thought Ralexwin had all the kids and Albowin had snuck into the family room to play on the computer. Only a quick head count of my husbands car saved him from being left).

Then the Mischievite out-did himself at church when he got in a fight with his brother over the sacrament bread. Which ended in my smacking the boy on the arm and threatening bodily injury if he didn't hand the tray over.

Very reverent.
Vicbowin was having some serious issues with the concept of an 'inside voice' and kept hollaring at me over the organist. So finally I hauled my two culprits into the foyer.

That didn't help so much. They just giggled out there.

So by the time church was over I was exhausted. I put the two little ones down for naps and fell asleep myself, only to be roused from my bliss by Ralexwin who infor…

Best Blog to Follow

The winner of my first ever blog award is..... (drum roll please)
Serene is my name, Not my life!

It's a tie!
Thanks everyone who voted. Now... since the award is called the 'best blog to follow' award. Why don't you all go over to these great blogs and click follow.
Think of the happiness you'd be injecting into their day by getting some more followers!
(You know you would love it, so would they)
I'm heading over right now.
I think we'll do another award sometime real soon.

Cannwin Prompt: Burnt Pockets

Today I decided to use one of my own prompts, how convenient for me.

I frivolously and repeatedly spend money on ...... pajamas.

I can't help myself! When I go to the mall with a little cash I inevitably end up with a pair of pajamas. I love pajamas.

And I'm indiscriminate, I have pajamas from Wal-Mart,Target, Old Navy, Fredrick's of Hollywood AND Victoria's Secret. I've even been known to wear them as regular apparel.

I'm sure some people are rational about things like sleep-wear, but I'm not. They are so cute, with all the color and lace, and they are sooooo comfortable. Who can pass them up!?

The real clincher though, is I rarely wear them to sleep in (I'm more of a tee-shirt sleeper). I know, I know. Why buy pajamas if you don't even use them properly?

The answer is... I don't have an answer. I just like them.

I use excuses to get them too. Like when we first accepted house-renters I told Ralexwin that the reason I bought a new pair of pajam…

Oh, The Places You'll Go

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Good morning my fine friends. Today is one of those happy-sad days where I need to keep myself busy to stay happy.

Today one of our dearest friends (and renters) left for summer vacation and won't be back until August. This makes me sad and until school gets out for the kiddo's it also makes me bored and lonely.

So today I need to stay busy... which shouldn't be to hard. I could choose from any of the following things to occupy myself:

- mow the lawn - paint some chairs - go to walmart for bread and other essentials - vaccuum the house - prune the raspberry bushes some more - give the Mischievite a much needed bath - play with my blogger background so I can make it how I want it - take some new pictures for the blog (since I'm recycling old ones) - purge the house of odd and unneeded items - put away the picture frames that are propped aga…

Cheeky Little Kids

I've been working on this little project called a 'Mom Book' recently (which I know is going to give my sisters heart-attacks... sorry) and one of the things I've added to it is a 'questionnaire' for each of the children to answer about me.
Albowin's answers were sweet answers like 'I like mom's smile.'
My precocious (and cheeky) Vicbowin was much more to the point with her answers:
What is your mom really good at?

What is your mom NOT very good at?
                                                  Controlling herself.

What makes your mom happy? Doing as you're told.

How does your mom make you laugh? By yelling.

Today she went to school in pig-tails and a bright pink dress. She looked so sweet and cute that no one would ever guess she had a knife-edged wit.

Re-Post: Fever! In the Morning, Fever all through the Night.

Fevers are one of those startlingly familiar relationships in our lives that can only be described as love/hate. When one has a fever one knows to expect certain things.
For instance:

1. I know that when I'm burning up the only thing that truly feels good is to curl up in my bed and sleep. There are only a few things (newborns, excessive exercise) other than fever that bring such blissful joy in my own bed.

2. I know that a cold wet rag will bring me relief faster than a Tylenol.

3. I know how much I hate the feel of my hot breath against my pillow when I'm feverish. This comes in close second behind getting out from under my covers and being blasted by freezing cold air (that's really around 75*).

Furthermore, fevers contain within them a myriad of memories brought forward through our lives. I can remember taking a shower and shaking so violently afterwards that my husband had to bury me in three blankets and then wrap his arms around me just to help me brea…


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Have you ever notice how land that seems flat when you drive on it is visibly inclined when your riding a bike? Have you ever ridden a bike up such an incline with two small children in tow?

It kills!

I was getting pretty good at it until it rained for a week. Now I have to build myself back up. Today we rode to the school together and by the time I got home I was nearing charlie horse stages in my rear end.

Ugh. I am so out of shape it's embarrassing.

Ralexwin and I are beginning the aging process and the only thing positive I can think about it is that at least I have someone to decline with.

I remember my mom once telling me that her 30's were the prime of her life. She never felt more beautiful, more in shape, more happy than in those years. As a consequence I've waited all my life for my thirties so that I could feel the same things. Now I'm starting to wonder if I missed my prime by wai…

Ear Wax and Weekends

Odd little story for you on a fine Saturday afternoon. On Thursday I started having a problem hearing in my right ear. Everything was muffled behind a constant ringing noise... that would. not. stop.... All day I dealt with it and went to bed hoping that the ringing would bed gone when I woke up.

Friday morning dawned beautifully of the bread basket of the United States and perhaps birds were chirpping but I couldn't hear it. My ear was worse than the day before! I couldn't hear a thing. My friends were calling me an old lady and Ralexwin was telling me I needed to go to the doctor.

I acquiesed and plodded on over to the Dr.

The diagnosis?

Ear wax! Yuck!

So I got my ears cleaned out and the nurse gave me a nice look at the offending ball of waxiness. It was so huge, like the size of a Garbanzo Bean. Eeew.

Now I can hear better, but the ringing hasn't subsided. I'm told that's due to water still in my ear. I was also told to run warm water into my ear in the shower.…

30 Blogging Prompts (Part 4 of 4)

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Fill in the blank prompts:
1. If I had a super power it would be....... because....... 2. I have always secretly wanted to change my name to...... 3. When I was a kid I daydreamed about living ........ 4. My favorite TV show is..... 5. The worst haircut I've ever had was...... 6. When I was a child I stole..... from the store. (admit it, we all have at least once) 7. I CANNOT eat ....... because once I got sick off of it. 8. Having clutter on the surface of my ....... drives me nuts. 9. I don't understand why people think ...... is so much fun. 10. Secretly I wish I had a pet ........ 11. I'm ........-aphobic. It's a totally random fear, but hey it's me. 12. When I see people in the colors ....... and ....... I immediately think........ 13. My least favorite subject in school was....... 14. I thought having kids would be like .......…

30 Blog Posting Ideas (Part 3 of 4)

(don't forget to vote for your favorite blog in my sidebar!)  Ten tricks I use in blogging when I'm feel less than chipper:

1. Have a back up plan. Create ongoing themes to fall back on.
2. List funny things you hear during daily life. This is a very popular theme with various forms--overheardintheward, onesentence.
3. Create several posts on one 'happy' day. Save these as drafts for use later.
4. Use pictures!
5. Use a sentimental object as a prompt (the first book you ever read and still have that copy of or the scarf your grandma bequeathed you with her last dying breath).
6. Take time to skim the blogosphere before writing... it helps with kick-starting the creative juices.
7. Make lists of random things--'reasons why motherhood is good,' 'you know you've been married a long time when...,' 'top ten reasons why I hate cleaning the toilet,' '101 blogging tips and ideas.'
8. Do a product review.
9.Don't rant! I think people consi…

30 Prompts For Writer's Block (Part 2 of 4)

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Below is a list of key words or phrases that could be used to stimulate the mind to write.

1. Pioneer Heritage
2. Extermination Order
3. Daughters of the American Revolution
4. World War 2
5. Berlin Wall
6. Iron Curtain
7. Nelson Mandela
8. The Trail of Tears
9. Prisoners of War
10. Henry VIII

1. My favorite poem is....
2. The first story I ever wrote was....
3. When I first heard about the book....
4. I think of this book..... when I hear this song......
5. The fairytale of..... completely gives me the creeps.
6. As a child I dreamed of being a character from....
7. My name is.... and I'm a bibliophile.
8. I cried when I realized my favorite book had been destroyed.
9. My earliest memory of literature is...
10. I read this book once but now can't remember what it's called, maybe you know it.

Home and Hearth
1. My earliest memory is...
2. The first funeral I ever attended made a l…

30 Blog Post Ideas (Part 1 of 4)

Can't think of anything to blog about? Try one of these:

1. Write a list of funny things your kids have said.
2. Do a series of short stories about your relationship with your significant other. How did you meet? How did you feel about him/her when you laid eyes on them? Were you attracted to them or wished they'd drop off the planet--what changed your mind?
3. Make a list of your favorite sites and why.
4. Personify an object or situation.
5. Keep a 24 hour journal... post it the next day.
6. Make a happy/sad list.
7. List things that you find strange.... like pink flamingos in front yards.
8. Write an essay from the theme- 'the written word is my drug of choice.'
9. Create a photo series theme. Such as 'The Understated.'
10. Write a story in 50 words.
11. Make a to-do list.
12. Write a love-letter to your favorite object. (your computer)
13. List 15 books that have stuck with you.
14. Create a photographic alphabet. Use poladroid or picnik to alter the pictu…


Last month Vicbowin came home with a note from school (I might have mentioned all this) regarding a reading challenge they were going to be having for 'I Love to Read Month.'

Challenge: If the student body (2-5th grade) could read an accumulated 50k minutes in one month, then the top reader in each grade would get to throw a pie in the principals face.

This caught my precocious little girls attention and she was determined to win the top reader in the 2nd grade.

Her class was determined to beat her.

Well, being who she is--as stubborn as a mule and as determined as a tiger--Vicbowin set out to achieve her goal.

Every night she read (admittedly she already reads every night, but we did give her a little lee-way with our 9PM lights out rule) and every morning we figured out how many minutes and wrote it down.

The time came to add up the monthly total. . .

3,595 Minutes

Proud as a peacock she took her paper in to the school.

We waited a week and then half of the next before Vicbow…



I was a little girl alone in my little world who dreamed of a little home for me. I played pretend between the trees, and fed my house-guests bark and leaves, and laughed in my pretty bed of green.

I had a dream That I could fly from the highest swing. I had a dream.

Long walks in the dark through woods grown behind the park, I asked God who I'm supposed to be. The stars smiled down on me, God answered in silent reverie. I said a prayer and fell asleep.
I had a dream
That I could fly from the highest tree.
I had a dream.
 (Emarfar & Cannwin)
 Now I'm old and feeling grey. I don't know what's left to say about this life I'm willing to leave. I lived it full and I lived it well, there's many tales I've lived to tell. I'm ready now, I'm ready now, I'm ready now to fly from the highest wing.
Happy Mother's Day.
Words from the song "Dream" by Priscilla Ahn

Common Misconceptions

Mischievite in Ralexwin's shoes: "Hi, me Daddy. Me have big feet!"

Albowin: Everyone has electricity... except for Indians. They don't, they just live in tents.

Vicbowin to her brothers: You do know Kung Fu Panda isn't real, right? Because ninja's only live in Japan.

Vicbowin: When you get cooties what happens to you... is it like a fever or something?

Mischievite: Me not a pirate, me have two eyes.

Albowin: Mom, how can he be the pirate captain without a patch?


And (embarrassingly) a conversation between me and Vicbowin this morning:

Me: Is it Horton hears a who or Whoton hears a Hore. ::Gasp:: I mean...

Vicbowin: ...Whoton hears a hore... that's funny mom.

Me kicking myself: No... it's not. It's a bad word.

Vicbowin quietly: Hore is a swear word?

Me frantic: Yes, well kinda. It's about the meanest thing you can call a woman.

Vicbowin, processing faster than I can react: But when the women were protesting about not being able to vote the police cal…

The Wicked Witch of the Mid-West

I keep meaning to write about the most exciting happening in my recent life. I got a new bike!
I can't even begin to tell you how long I've been wanting one, but I tend to be one of those people who can brush aside the things I want because I know that there is something someone else needs more. i.e. I have co-dependent tendencies.
Well Ralexwin said to me recently that he was really surprised at how much I'd used my old bike so he thought when we got our tax return money that I could buy a new one.
The 'old' bike:  This little lady was a garage sale find last fall. It cost me $5... and is to small for me. It is rusty and creaky and the tires look as if they'll blow out at any minute. But I rode it as much as I could.

The new bike: Pinky here was bought at Wal-Mart for $99 (on sale). Isn't she a beauty!? I had planned on buying a different one but then I saw her and I knew we were meant for each other.
Especially because of the carry along thingy at the back that I …

Two Down One to Go

Ralexwin finished up his second year of Law School yesterday.

That was one of the fastest years I have been through in my adult life. It seemed to go by in the blink of an eye... in half a blink, but I am still glad it's over.

So one more year left. One more year and we can be human again!

That sounds dramatic, I'm sure, but sometimes that's what it feels like.

-Scraping and saving every penny (not joking... we don't have a change jar). 
-Making every scrap of fabric last a little longer. 
-Not getting regular hair cuts.
-Spending $10 once a week to fill up a $100 gas tank.
It's almost over.

Almost over and we have no idea what we're going to do after. We could move to Utah to be closer to family. We could stay here and hope to find a job in a nearby town. We could move back to Arizona, or up to Idaho (I already tried talking him into Hawaii, but that was a no-go).

What do we do? Where do we go? We're on the brink of one of those grand adventures of life and w…

Re-Post: Packing Updates

Originally posted July 28, 2008. One year before Remewin's birth. It's strange to think that she wasn't even thought of at this point. I was convinced I would never have another girl and I was desperately sad about that. I have always felt that every girl needs a sister, every boy--a brother. It was hard for me to think that Vicbowin might never get that chance. BUT our Remewin came to us and made our family full and wonderful.

None of that was even on my mind when I wrote this post. We were on the brink of a grand adventure and my mind was fully occupied with the events that would soon follow. This post was written only a few weeks (or days) before we moved to South Dakota.

Enjoy. ♥

I am sitting on a fold out chair with my bum barely in it (actually I think my tailbone is the only thing holding me here), I have a big box marked 'BOX 25 BAKING PANS' that my feet are propped up on and the laptop is sitting neatly in my lap. I am facing an open window and I'm …


As always... I've come up with a great idea. :)
Actually this one has been said and done before, but I thought I'd hop on the bandwagon and have some fun. In truth my real motivation is quite selfish. I'm looking for a new blog to read, something good. I have a lot that I do read but what happens is that I get bored or they don't post frequently enough for my taste.
So I'm going to make my own blog award... with your help of course.
I'll figure out how to put a Mr. Linky up, but if you don't want (or know how to use him) you can post a link to one of your favorite blogs in the comments. At the end of the week I'll put a poll up and you, my beloved readers, can vote on which blog you think deserves my little award:

That way I get a little link love (which I know you all want me to have, since you care so much about me) and get a new blog to read.
Now...what kind of blog am I looking for? I want it to be:
Humorous Easy to read Frequent postings Relatively fam…